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Years of Tory cuts led to the collapse of this Derbyshire dam

Skwawkbox has it right: The Toddbrook Reservoir dam only collapsed because Conservative governments of the past nine years have starved flood defence spending.

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A Derbyshire town is undergoing emergency evacuation after parts of the wall of a nearby reservoir collapsed in floods.

Toddbrook Reservoir dam was damaged after heavy rains and police have told 6,500 Whaley Bridge residents to gather at a local school ready for evacuation after a severe flood warning was issued, meaning there is a threat to life:

The collapse comes after years of a Tory austerity programme that saw significant cuts to spending on flood defences in almost all parts of the country:

Source: Breaking; Derbyshire town evacuated as dam wall collapses in floods following years of Tory flood-defence cuts | The SKWAWKBOX