Is #BorisJohnson thinking of another #lockdown so people can die – alone and uncounted – at home? Will #KeirStarmer support this?

It seems Boris Johnson is considering a new tightening of restrictions on the public, in an effort to turn back what he has now acknowledged as a second wave of Covid-19. But is there an ulterior motive? The first national lockdown he imposed, back in March, meant many people died alone at home – unnoticed by the authorities who were struggling to cope with hospital admissions or by neighbours, friends and relatives who were under what amounted to house arrest. Here’s one such example: My friend buries her sister today.…

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Elderly man’s health failed and he died after council sent his wife to a care home

In these days of Covid-19, one might be forgiven for thinking this gentleman was worrying himself sick that his wife would catch the virus and die. But it is also a recognised phenomenon that if a couple who have been together for many years are split up, most commonly because one of them dies, then the remaining partner’s health often suffers – possibly to death. So This Writer is led to question why the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead didn’t take this into account when it split up the…

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Did ‘activist lawyers’ tell Home Office its Windrush compensation scheme was a disaster, too?

How unfortunate for the Home Office that it should fall foul of the lawyers twice in one day. Or is it perhaps a sign of the Johnson government’s disregard for the law? The Tory government’s much-maligned Windrush Compensation Scheme has been trashed by – one would expect – activist lawyers from no fewer than nine separate firms. They say it is failing to provide access to justice – a claim that can only have gained validity after it was revealed that the HO tried to rush-deport 23 people illegally, because…

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This man will die of cancer because the Tories weakened the NHS. They might as well have killed him themselves

Back in March, This Site quoted oncologist Karol Sikora, writing in Mail Online, of all places, about fears that the diversion of NHS resources to Covid-19 would lead to the preventable death of cancer patients. The expert wrote: “Capacity within the healthcare system – in both the public and independent sectors – is going to be tested to the limit and perhaps beyond. “We are already seeing decisions in place to stop or reduce chemotherapy treatments. “It would be sad if young men with fully curable testicular cancer or adolescents with…

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Refugee woman found dead by malnourished baby after UK asylum system left her to starve

  Would people be so keen to cross the channel to the UK in dinghies if they knew the Tory government is likely to leave them to starve? It seems our asylum system’s problems are twofold: getting into the UK is one part and the other is the way people are treated once they are here. Mercy Baguma, originally from Uganda, was discovered by police in a Glasgow flat on August 22, after friends said she had not been seen since the previous Tuesday. Her malnourished baby boy was found…

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Prejudiced Tories are unfairly denying benefits to people whose relatives die of Covid-19

Using an ad-blocker? PLEASE SWITCH IT OFF My ads don’t cost you anything but they do provide me the money I need to live. Using an ad-blocker on this site is as bad as stealing. Doesn’t this show how sly, sneaky and underhanded Boris Johnson and his Tory friends are? If any low-paid frontline NHS and social care workers die of Covid-19, their relatives are entitled to claim a £60,000 lump sum under a Tory compensation scheme. But if they are already claiming benefits and they do this, they will…

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A teenager DIED on the Channel and racists are revelling in it. Is this how we want the world to see us?

Yes, people in other countries see us as xenophobes and racists. A Sudanese 16-year-old was apparently trying to cross from France in an inflatable dinghy when he accidentally punctured it with a shovel he was using as an oar. His body was found on the shore at Calais. Home Secretary Priti Patel said the death of the young migrant was a “brutal reminder” that people smugglers exploit the vulnerable. But there is no evidence that people smugglers were involved. The Home Office has refused to comment on the death. Oh, and…

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Tory corruption: why hide results of inquiry into NHS Covid-19 deaths?

Who will benefit from the decision to keep secret the findings of a government review of Covid-19 related deaths of NHS staff? The deceased won’t; they are beyond worrying about these things. Their families won’t; it’s in their interests to have any mistakes made public, to get justice for the deaths of their relatives. Other NHS staff won’t; it’s in their interests to have any mistakes made public, to ensure that they are not repeated, possibly harming them. No, the only people who will benefit from this decision are the decision-makers…

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Ministers demand investigation of Covid-19 NHS and care worker deaths. What result are they after?

When you read that Tory ministers have asked medical examiners to investigate whether the Covid-19 that killed NHS and care home staff was contracted as a consequence of their work, what do you think? Call me superstitious but it makes This Writer think Boris Johnson is trying to find an excuse to say his government’s failures aren’t responsible. Bear in mind that Johnson has been heavily criticised for failing to order the personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to protect NHS staff. And the Tory government’s decision to ship care home…

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Covid-19 fatalities: Are the Tories trying to confuse us to death?

Perhaps readers of Vox Political can help me with this: According to an article in the Mirror on July 31, the number of Covid-19 deaths in hospitals rose by 13, bringing the total to 33,945. This is just deaths in hospital, I’m assuming, as the most recent figures I had seen were nearly double as many. Right? But the article does not provide any UK-wide figure at all. Why not? I turned to the National Audit Office for help. Its most recent figures ran only as far as July 17 – and…

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