Loach heads campaigners calling for benefit assessment ban after job centre death

A campaign to ban benefit assessment interviews has been launched after a 65-year-old man with diabetes collapsed and died after being found ‘fit for work’. Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) has called on the DWP to halt assessments for Personal Independence Payment and Employment and Support Allowance after the man died while waiting for an interview to discuss his future benefit options. Discussing the death, This Site stated: “He would have been old enough to retire if the Conservatives had not decided to raise the retirement age for both men…

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Elderly man – with long-term illness – dies at Job Centre after being found ‘fit for work’

If this does say everything about why we need a change of government, I don’t know what does. A man collapsed and died while he was waiting for an appointment to claim unemployment benefit at a Job Centre in Llanelli. We are told he was diabetic, and must have been receiving some form of sickness or disability benefit until recently because his appointment was a consequence of being found “fit for work” after an assessment interview. We are also told he was 65 years old, which means that he would…

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The brutal difference between what Tories say and what they do

What Tories say: Today – November 11 – is Remembrance Day. To mark the occasion, the Conservative Party announced a series of policies for ex-servicepeople. Here’s one of them: We are introducing a new Veterans' Railcard, giving those who've served our country a third off their travel. We will continue to support veterans and recognise their service to our country.https://t.co/ZA7e8wTYcz — Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) November 10, 2019 They have also announced extra childcare for military families and a law to protect veterans from “vexatious” legal action connected with their activities…

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The ‘diabetes tax’: Some patients must pay £1,200 a year for tool Theresa May said was freely available on the NHS

An apparently innocent interlude in Prime Minister’s Questions has opened up a potentially-huge controversy for the Conservative government. Labour MP Steve McCabe noted that Theresa May uses a FreeStyleLibre diabetes tool, which monitors her condition and warns her when she needs medication. He asked when it would be freely available on the National Health Service. Here’s the dialogue, from the official record of Parliamentary affairs, Hansard: “Steve McCabe (Birmingham, Selly Oak) (Lab) “Even the Prime Minister’s fiercest critics—I believe she has a few—must be full of admiration for the way…

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Diabetic woman who died after benefit sanction ‘was literally killed by the government’

The current focus on Tory benefit cuts harming the mental health of claimants – leading to suicide – should not obscure the fact that government cuts can kill in other ways. Amy Driver’s case is all-too-common; the Department for Work and Pensions sanctioned her out of Employment and Support Allowance, meaning she could not afford to manage her condition properly. She was given useless advice and her medical condition worsened until she died. Note also that her benefit was sanctioned because she had been summoned to a hospital appointment at…

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Victory for Hazel Macrae – DWP u-turns on decision that blind disabled woman is fit for work

Well done, everyone who kicked up a fuss about the unfair and farcical decision to find Hazel MacRae fit for work. The DWP has reversed its decision in an unusually hasty about-face. Was the publicity getting a bit rough, guys? The joy of it is that people still aren’t letting this go. Check out some of the comments on the Chronicle story detailing the happy news: Here’s Longsufferingfan: “This is not an unusual occurrence, about 60% + of people who are rejected win on appeal. the System is set up to reject people…

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The tide is turning as blind benefit claimant’s tale provokes backlash against DWP

The Tories are going to have to find a new narrative, as it seems the “workshy” angle has stopped working. Readers of at least one local newspaper reacted angrily to the Department for Work and Pensions’ decision to make a blind woman, who has diabetes, epilepsy and osteoarthritis, look for work. This Site’s own Facebook page has received a few pertinent comments after I put the story up on Vox Political. Susan Fairweather wrote: “In a decent society not only would this lady get all benefits she is entitled to but…

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While the Tories tinker with benefits, this is the reality for claimants

The future will be bleak for Hazel MacRae. While the Tories vow they are doing everything to make their murderous ‘benefit’ system fair, they are taking money away from her and trying to force her to find a job she can’t do. Will she be able to survive on the reduced amount now available to her? The Tories don’t care. Will she be able to find a job? Absolutely not, because firms simply would not spend money on adaptations for a disabled person who is unlikely to last very long…

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Formal demand for further investigation into ‘unnatural’ death of former soldier after benefit sanction

Vox Political welcomes the formal request for an inquest into the death of ex-soldier David Clapson. His is a story This Blog has followed since his death was first reported, back in July 2013. Mr Clapson, a former Lance Corporal in the Royal Signals, died of fatal diabetic ketoacidosis caused by a severe lack of insulin. He had been unable to keep his insulin at the correct temperature because he was on benefits and these had been sanctioned – meaning he had no money to buy electricity for his fridge.…

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DWP hounded diabetic, mentally ill mother to her death after ‘fit for work’ verdict

Your caring government will say there is no evidence to connect its policies with the deaths of benefit claimants. Does anybody – at all – believe that any more? This was posted on Facebook today. Peter Urbacz My mother Ruby Urbacz age 59 was found dead at her home on the 6th September as a result of a heart attack. She had been admitted to hospital a 01/08/15 for chest pains where they found she had had three minor heart attacks. Even though my mother had poor mobility , type…

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