Continuation of Tory business by other means: disabled people make up six in 10 Covid-19 deaths

It’s a sickening thought but it just might be possible that Boris Johnson and his Tories have been allowing Covid-19 to go unchecked – in certain places – because it is fulfilling their goals. We all know that the Conservatives hate – I mean they absolutely hate – people with disabilities, for no reason other than that they have disabilities. It’s a classic prejudice that, if it were drawn along racial line, would demand prosecutions. That’s why Tory policy since 2010 has been so brutal towards people with disabilities and has…

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David Cameron regularly broke international law when he was prime minister. Why the change of heart now?

  He’s saying the right thing – but for the wrong reasons, and it is still a grotesque act of hypocrisy. I refer, of course, to former prime minister David Cameron, who regularly, during his time as prime minister of the UK, broke international law but is expressing concern at Boris Johnson doing the same now. You don’t remember? Allow me to remind you that the United Nations ruled that Cameron’s government broke the law to deliberately harm people with disabilities. And he broke international law to attack Libya too.…

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Court brands ‘no benefits’ rule by landlords illegal in disabled dad’s landmark case

A disabled dad suffered unfair discrimination when he was made homeless because a landlord did not accept people who receive state benefits. The ‘no benefits’ rule meant Stephen Tyler was banned from viewing properties advertised by a Birmingham estate agent, purely on the grounds of receiving housing benefit. Mr Tyler, 29, had been involved in a road accident in 2016. He was made homeless because of the estate agent’s “no benefits” rule. Birmingham County Court ruled that the estate agent had breached the Equality Act because the rule disproportionally affects disabled…

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Crowdfunder by wheelchair user who was attacked in Hull hits target straight away

A wheelchair-user who was tipped out of his chair in a disablist attack by a thug has launched a crowdfunding appeal to replace equipment that was damaged – and it has already hit its target. Karl Dean asked for £3,000 to replace the talker machine he uses to communicate, along with his head switch. He also wants to put CCTV cameras on his wheelchair. This Writer can only conclude that this is to ensure that anyone carrying out attacks in future may be identified easily afterwards. The appeal has passed…

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Man thrown out of wheelchair and knocked unconscious in vile disablist attack

This is what happens when you have a government that promotes prejudice against disabled people in the media and on the streets. Karl Dean was minding his own business, making his way back from the pub in his wheelchair on Sunday, when he was attacked from behind by another man. This person threw his wheelchair over. Mr Dean, who has cerebral palsy, fell out and hit his head on the ground, the impact knocking him unconscious. It will be interesting to see if the police exert themselves There was no…

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Are bookies targeting disabled people?

If bookmakers allowed one severely disabled man, feeding his gambling addiction until they had taken everything he had, how many others are getting the same treatment? The Guardian is reporting that Ladbrokes Coral and Paddy Power are accused of fuelling Liam McCarron’s gambling addiction until he had squandered his compensation from a botched operation that left him severely disabled. It is alleged that they helped him fill out betting slips as he frittered away his payout. By the time he was eventually barred from gambling, his losses amounted to half…

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Is this Tory scheme ‘to help disabled people work from home’ actually any good?

The Department for Work and Pensions is offering people with disabilities – who are able to work – financial help so they can do it at home. This Writer hates to say it about the Tory DWP but it actually seems to be a good idea! Please let me know if it doesn’t behave in the best interests of the people it is supposed to be helping (I can’t find out myself because I’m not disabled and Mrs Mike – who is – doesn’t work). The blurb on – sorry,…

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Now the Covid crisis is being used to lever working disabled people out of their jobs

Was there an underlying prejudice against people with disabilities all along, or did the Tories put it on the national agenda? Until 2010, This Writer thought the UK was moving in the right direction, discarding discrimination against ethnic minorities and people with physical impediments. But racism and disablism have skyrocketed since the Tories came back into office and I don’t know whether they have instigated it or merely allowed bigots across the UK to express what they felt all along. Covid-19 seems to have brought this ugliness into its own.…

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Sunak’s online sales tax really is just another way to attack people with disabilities

Rishi Sunak isn’t making any sense at all. He says his plan for an online sales tax is intended to push people back onto the High Street, to physically go out and buy products in order to save businesses that are in danger after the lockdown forced us to stay indoors. We’ve been buying products online while Covid-19 remains a threat. And we’ll go back to the High Street, but only once we are convinced the danger is over. So if High Street shops are in danger, it’ll be because we can’t…

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MP of the Year award attacked over harmful corporate sponsor. Time for a campaign to remove it?

It seems the only element likely to stop Jeremy Corbyn from winning the Patchwork Foundation’s MP of the Year award is the fact that it is sponsored by corporations that have contributed to the oppression of the poor and vulnerable. Mr Corbyn is on the shortlist of MPs for whom the public is asked to vote. But some supporters of the former Labour leader – including his own former Shadow Chancellor – are having nothing to do with it because it is sponsored by firms including KPMG. The controversy sprang…

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