Terminally ill woman forced to fight for benefits as it’s uncertain if she’ll die in six months

A woman from Derrylin, in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, has challenged the legal definition of a terminal illness after she was refused access to benefits due to uncertainty over her lifespan. Lorraine Cox has Motor Neurone Disease. Lorraine was required to still look for work months after she medically retired because of her condition. The 40-year-old then underwent a medical assessment for both ‘Universal Credit’ and ‘Personal Independence Payment’ (PIP) due to a rule which states that those who qualify for payment are expected to die within a period of six…

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Civil disobedience: would parents be irresponsible to send their children back to school now?

If English parents send their children back to school on Monday (June 1), they will carry responsibility if their child catches Covid-19 as a result. It seems the Tory government isn’t telling anybody about that part of the law on parental responsibility. This Writer is grateful to one such parent, who writes: You have a legal obligation to not send your child anywhere you believe to be unsafe. If you suspect your child is going to be harmed and you send them anyway and they get harmed, you are legally…

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Teenager DIES from new coronavirus-linked disease. Does Johnson still want schools reopened?

A boy aged 14 has died of a new “hyper-inflammatory” disease after he tested positive for coronavirus. The youngster had no underlying health conditions but tested positive for coronavirus. Note that nobody knew the pandemic had affected him until he was brought in to be treated for the new infection. He died in Evelina London Children’s Hospital, where more than 40 children have been treated for the disease, which resembles “Kawasaki disease”. It is believed that 120 youngsters are being treated for the new disease across the UK. 120 Children now…

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Pregnant mum with jaw-eating bug nearly lost unborn child because of Tory benefit cruelty

Can you believe the Tory-run Department for Work and Pensions denied Personal Independence Payments to a woman for two years, even though she obviously deserved it? Sara Pollard-Dambach nearly lost an unborn child because of the stress of being reassessed for PIP – after which the benefit was denied her again. She had a haemorrhage and thought she had miscarried. Luckily a hospital scan showed a heartbeat. She has been wheelchair-bound for two years, in extreme pain, after contracting severe conditions. She fell and fractured her coccyx at a play…

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The Tories are doing nothing to halt preventable illnesses. Why would THAT happen?

Here’s a thought: If the Conservative government really was planning to sell off the National Health Service as part of a trade deal with a foreign power – Trump’s USA or anyone else – wouldn’t it make sense to ensure that there were plenty of sick people in the United Kingdom who the buyers could use to make a profit? I know. That kind of behaviour would indicate mental illness on the part of our leaders. Or it would suggest a strong profit motive. Just saying. A new report from the think…

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Universal Credit is increasing ‘Victorian’ diseases while worsening the nurse shortage

This is the reality of Conservative politics – they simultaneously make serious problems worse while deliberately reducing the nation’s ability to combat them. So once again we are hearing that the so-called “Victorian” diseases are on the rise. More than 800 people in the northeast of England were admitted to hospital with diseases including gout, tuberculosis, malnutrition, whooping cough, measles, scurvy, typhoid, scarlet fever, diphtheria, mumps, rickets, cholera, and vitamin D deficiency during the 2017-18 financial year. Many are linked with malnutrition and they are called “Victorian” diseases because they…

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We all thought this kind of ignorance from disability benefit assessors had disappeared but here it is again

As recently as Tuesday (September 12), This Writer was talking about the bad old days of disability benefit assessment to an acquaintance. I referred to the infamous incident in which a claimant who happened to be an amputee was asked how long it would be until their limb grew back. I said: “Thank goodness that doesn’t happen any more!” How wrong I was. The following happened to – of all people – a TV producer. Now, you might think somebody working in television would have all the money they need…

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Malnutrition and ‘Victorian’ disease return – because of rising poverty driven by the Tories

The numbers aren’t huge at the moment, but they are significant – between 2010 and 2014, malnutrition in Salford rose from 43 cases to 85. The longer we have a Conservative government, the worse it is going to get. This Blog predicted the problem all the way back in December 2012, when I wrote: “In the UK, there are currently 13 million people living below the poverty line [including] working people, whose income does not cover their costs; the unemployed, who are finding they do not have enough money to…

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Will the Tories ever admit their ‘welfare reforms’ are reviving Victorian diseases?

Social security researcher and commenter Samuel Miller thinks they are. He wants health authorities in the UK to investigate whether the return of diseases linked to poverty – and to the Victorian era – such as gout, TB, measles, scurvy, rickets and whooping cough. This Writer flagged up the possibility as long ago as October 2013, after the UK’s chief medical officer formally announced the return of rickets. I wrote: “Can there be any doubt that this rise in cases has been brought about, not just by children sitting at…

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Tories might lose the country’s support over fox hunting, Macca? When did they have it?

It’s funny, the way even high-profile figures can get the wrong end of the stick. Paul McCartney, for example, has warned the Conservative Party that it could lose the support of the UK electorate if a free vote next week results in the re-legalisation of fox hunting. Perhaps someone should remind him that the Conservatives have a wafer-thin majority of just 12 MPs; six by-elections and they’re impotent. In fact, even with this vote they are playing dirty. Knowing that a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act will not…

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