Is this Boris Johnson’s latest plan to kill the NHS – make doctors so sick of it that they quit?

A survey of NHS doctors has shown two-thirds want to quit within three years due to Covid-19 burnout and low pay. Is this what Boris Johnson wants? He would be able to speed privatisation, claiming that the NHS has failed due to lack of staff – while (obviously) neglecting to admit that this is due to his own underfunding of the service. However: it seems this is the worst possible time for it to happen as Johnson’s daft-headed response to the Covid crisis appears to have triggered a massive increase…

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Ministers demand investigation of Covid-19 NHS and care worker deaths. What result are they after?

When you read that Tory ministers have asked medical examiners to investigate whether the Covid-19 that killed NHS and care home staff was contracted as a consequence of their work, what do you think? Call me superstitious but it makes This Writer think Boris Johnson is trying to find an excuse to say his government’s failures aren’t responsible. Bear in mind that Johnson has been heavily criticised for failing to order the personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to protect NHS staff. And the Tory government’s decision to ship care home…

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‘Our plan is working’ says Hancock as thousands of NHS doctors plan to quit

Almost one in seven NHS doctors are planning to quit the service or retire when the current wave of Covid-19 is seen to have subsided, leaving a huge gap in care when the second wave rises. Many more are planning to cut back the hours they work – and almost one-third are saying the four months of constant struggle to contain the virus has left them with mental health problems. Meanwhile, the result of Brexit is that the UK will not be able to import medical help from abroad. “Our…

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How many of the Bournemouth beach idiots are already giving Covid-19 to their family and friends?

Half a million halfwits sitting on a beach. Half a million halfwits sitting on a beach, And if one of those halfwits should have Covid-19, There’ll be half a million halfwits sitting in hospital. It doesn’t rhyme but it gets the point across, I hope. The worst part of it is that everybody who went to Bournemouth beach on the hottest day of the year had every right to be there because Boris Johnson has been permitting visits to English beaches since the end of May. The English have been told…

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Coronavirus discrimination: surgery asks chronically sick and disabled patients to refuse treatment

People with serious health conditions and disabilities who are registered with a GP surgery in Wales had a nasty surprise in the post. The surgery sent them a letter saying if they caught the coronavirus, the best thing for them to do would be to reject treatment and wait for death – and it asked them to sign a form confirming it. Llynfi Surgery, in Llynfi Road, Maesteg, sent the letter to patients with serious health conditions such as incurable cancer, motor neurone disease, and untreatable heart and lung conditions,…

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Firms that falsified thousands of benefit assessments set to get contracts to falsify thousands more

Can anyone think of a single rational explanation for the plan to renew the contracts for Atos and Capita to carry out assessments of sickness and disability benefit claims? Between them, over the last two years, these firms deliberately falsified around 7,300 claims in order to deny disabled people vital payments, forcing them towards poverty and the worsening of their conditions. Who knows how many of these people have been induced to end their own lives as a result of this discrimination? But instead of penalising the perpetrators by removing…

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DWP caught LYING: it has tampered with thousands more benefit applications than it admitted

Remember when This Site reported that the DWP had admitted tampering with thousands of benefit claims in order to deny the claimants the cash they were due? It turns out the DWP lied about the extent of its interference: it didn’t just mess with 2,300 claims in 2019 – the true figure was 3,490. And in 2018, assessors marked down or rejected 3,360. That makes a total of 6,850 claims that the Department for Work and Pensions deliberately altered – for no reason other than to deprive genuine benefit claimants of…

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How many people died because the DWP tampered with their benefit applications?

We’ve made the claim before; now Scotland’s Daily Record says it has proof. The Tories have tampered with benefit claims to starve us of cash. Think about that. Think about all the people who have died after being denied benefits – either after being driven to despair and suicide, or by the worsening of their illnesses and disabilities, or by starvation. How many of those happened because the Tories changed their benefit claims – lied about them? See for yourself: We lifted the lid on the practice over a year ago…

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The new Tory government has imposed Nazi-style persecution of disabled people – on its very first day

This is how it’s going to be. The Conservative government has started as it means to go on – by smashing the right of sick and disabled people to have sick notes signed by their doctors. Claimants of sickness and disability benefits are now no longer permitted to decide for themselves whether the outcome of Work Capability Assessments should be shared with their doctor. The DWP can now send letters to doctors, telling them not to sign patients’ sick notes if they have been found “fit for work”. The new…

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General election 2019: Tory pledge to boost GP numbers is baloney

Jeremy Corbyn is right on this – as he is on most aspects of politics. Let’s all remember that Matt Hancock tweeted a claim that 1,000 new doctors had joined the NHS – and then quietly deleted it after the UK Statistics Authority pointed out that it was a lie. In fact, according to The Independent, the situation is actually worse than when the Tories pledged to add 5,000 extra doctors, including trainees, to the GP workforce in 2015. The newspaper has said that the September workforce figures show 5,460 places to be…

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