Brexiteers’ justification for breaking international law on Brexit is illiterate. Why hasn’t Braverman resigned?

In trying to humiliate a leading Remainer – and justify its own contempt for international law – Boris Johnson and his government have made the UK a laughing-stock once again. And our Attorney General, Suella Braverman, should be offering up her resignation. Rather than uphold the rule of law, she has sided with a government that intends to break it, turning the UK into nothing better than a rogue state. Almost as bad, she offered as justification for this lawbreaking a Supreme Court ruling that Parliament is sovereign in domestic…

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If Tories don’t support abusers, why does Universal Credit push people to stay in abusive relationships?

Twisted Tory rules mean that people are financially encouraged to stay in abusive relationships rather than claim Universal Credit. The Conservative government has deliberately weighted the conditions under which the so-called benefit is paid to make it more difficult for people to survive by claiming it than by living with an abuser – even if this means endangering their own lives. People with disabilities are particularly at risk. But then, those of us who are familiar with the Tory record on disability have come to expect that. Unite the Union has…

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Coronavirus: where’s the help for domestic abuse victims during lockdown?

Labour’s new Shadow Home Secretary is right on this. But let’s not be too praising just yet; there has been a lot of concern about domestic abuse victims in the media, after the lockdown was announced. And for a very good reason. After all, it was – potentially, at least – locking victims in with their abusers for periods of weeks at a time. The “pressure cooker” effect has created increased demand for charity aid, with helplines and online advice sites raising concern. Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, has said…

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This leading Tory just made a mockery of his party’s claims about the climate crisis

So much for green Conservatism. Matt Hancock has said he’s happy for the entire planet to burn, as long as businesspeople get to their meetings a bit quicker. Oh, and he’s the Health Secretary, by the way. Do you think that might be the reason the Tories have helped save the airline Flybe, when they couldn’t give a damn about retail firms like Mothercare (for example)? This Conservative government is a sick joke – and the laugh is on everybody who voted for it. The Tory Health Secretary has declared…

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Government fails to properly fund domestic abuse refuges: a war on the vulnerable

A Conservative mouthpiece was on the BBC’s Politics Live this morning, saying that Brexit must be pushed through because it was stopping MPs from dealing with poverty that affects £14 million people in the UK today. But the foul funding of refuges shows that Tories are lying – or at least being frugal with the truth – about any intention to tackle poverty or help vulnerable people. In fact, Tory behaviour is more like a war on the vulnerable. Oh, they announce huge amounts of funding – like the £15m raised…

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Tory rules try to push victims of domestic violence back into the hands of their abusers

We always knew Theresa May’s “hostile environment” extended to more people than immigrants and EU nationals. She doesn’t like people from broken homes either. Perhaps it’s her puritanical, daughter-of-a-vicar blood. Mrs May would prefer it if people – mostly women, of course – who suffer domestic abuse would suffer in silence, rather than burdening the Department for Work and Pensions with annoying claims for benefits. Annoyingly – for her – the morals of the age require her government to present the appearance of one that cares when people come to…

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Funding for women’s refuges should be mandatory, says Starmer

It’s good to see MPs of the calibre of Keir Starmer fighting the Tory project to support domestic (and other) abuse. This site demonstrated how the Tories are supporting abusers in a recent article. The Tory government says it is providing £100m of dedicated funding for tackling violence against women and girls, lasting until 2020. This includes a £20m fund to support refuges and other accommodation-based services, which ministers say will provide 2,200 additional bed spaces. According to whom? Is there any independent information on the cost of keeping refuges open…

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Yes, Nusrat Ghani, let’s have that debate about MPs abusing power – we can look at your fellow Tories [STRONG LANGUAGE]

Tory MP Nusrat Ghani reckons she will demand an urgent debate in the House of Commons about the incident in which Clive Lewis used the word “bitch” during a social event connected to the Labour Party, a month ago. Some of us may find it worth comment that she wants an “urgent” debate about an incident that is a month old and is only being discussed now in order to distract the public from the growing list of the minority Conservative government’s failures. Where’s her demand for an urgent debate on…

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Reports of sex crimes and domestic abuse are rocketing

It is encouraging that more victims are coming forward in search of justice. It seems likely that this is because of media coverage of high-profile sex crime investigations, such as those involving former prime minister Edward Heath and the late Liberal MP Cyril Smith. Perhaps people are starting to believe that privilege no longer puts a person above suspicion. It would be nice to believe that is true. But the success rates for such prosecutions remain disappointingly low. Investigators need to buck up their ideas and methods, to make sure…

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Let’s give these Kippers a chance to come clean

Back in 2006, UKIP’s then-Members of the European Parliament voted against a resolution calling on member states to legislate against violence on women, including marital rape. According to at least one UKIP supporter, this was done “simply because of their opposition to the EU and all its works”. How unfortunate for UKIP, to be seen to support the continuation of domestic violence – including marital rape – simply because the idea of making laws against it was put forward by the wrong people. That isn’t statesmanlike – it’s childish. Now…

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