Tory Britain: Homeless children are born on the street – while privileged pensioners have helicopter rides from hospital

This is the truth of Boris Johnson’s brave new Britain: the public purse can pay for the privileged to have helicopter rides home from hospital, while a homeless woman didn’t qualify for hospital treatment until after she had given birth on a cold Cambridge street. The woman, aged around 30, gave birth to twins who were around 11 weeks premature on Sidney Street, outside Trinity College, Cambridge on Monday. Is this the kind of medical care the fifth-largest economy in the world provides to its people? How did this woman become…

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I, Daniel Blake screenwriter stunned by wall of notes left by movie-goers

This is the film that Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green describes as “monstrously unfair”. Clearly, the people of Edinburgh disagree – strongly. Told by a panel of MSPs at Holyrood that the Work Capability Assessment “is sending people to go and commit suicide”, Mr Green said: “There is no evidence, and I think bringing people who committed suicide into political debate is always unfortunate.” Here’s some evidence – read the story on the right: Confront Damian Green with that and he’d probably try to tell you that person was…

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