UPDATE: Guardian journalists to host lecture by Canary editor whether they like it or not

Despite protests by journalists at the Guardian/Observer, the Claudia Jones memorial lecture will be hosted by that paper’s chapel (branch) of the National Union of Journalists, and the speaker will be Canary editor in chief Kerry-Anne Mendoza. For further information, see my previous article. Visit our JustGiving page to help Vox Political’s Mike Sivier fight anti-Semitism libels in court Vox Political needs your help! If you want to support this site (but don’t want to give your money to advertisers) you can make a one-off donation here: Here are four ways…

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Journalists’ outrage at Canary editor’s speech invitation boosts ‘Boycott the Guardian’ campaign

This is a story about treacherous people getting their just desserts. The editor-in-chief of The Canary – This Site’s friend Kerry-Anne Mendoza – has been honoured with an invitation to give the Claudia Jones Memorial Lecture, as part of the series held in memory of the pioneering black female journalist. The lecture is organised by the National Union of Journalists’ Black Members Council and the choice of speaker is nothing to do with the Guardian-Observer chapel (that’s their word for a branch) of the NUJ – but it seems these reporters…

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Accidental anti-Semitism of Jewish Chronicle editor shows the lie at the heart of recent accusations

The desperation at the heart of the anti-Semitism accusations against Jeremy Corbyn is getting embarrassing now. The latest anti-Corbyn campaigner to humiliate himself is Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle. Mr Pollard, it seems, was infuriated after Labour Party leader (and constant victim of anti-Semitism accusations) Jeremy Corbyn tweeted the following: Ten years ago today the financial crash began. The people who caused it now call me a threat. They’re right. Labour is a threat to a damaging and failed system rigged for the few. pic.twitter.com/ez2Ms8yKE2 — Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn)…

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Did a shocking conflict of interest push Margaret Hodge’s attack on Corbyn up the BBC news agenda?

Look at the state of this: When Margaret Hodge launched her vile attack on Jeremy Corbyn, claiming against all the evidence that he was a “f***ing anti-Semite”, she knew she could be sure of good news coverage – because it seems her daughter is Lizzi Watson, deputy editor of BBC News at 6 and 10. It follows that other news stories such as the Daily Mail smear alleging Mr Corbyn went to a cemetery and laid a wreath for terrorists (in fact, none of the terror suspects named by that hack-rag…

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Watch Paul Mason put down the banks

Dear Paul Mason (@paulmasonnews, if any of you want to Tweet him your support), Thanks for this: (And thanks to Pride’s Purge for bringing it to our attention.) Follow me on Twitter: @MidWalesMike Join the Vox Political Facebook page. Vox Political needs your help! If you want to support this site (but don’t want to give your money to advertisers) you can make a one-off donation here: Buy Vox Political books so we can continue bringing you the best of the mainstream media! Health Warning: Government! is now available in…

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