Who will Labour choose to follow Gordon Brown?

It seems Gordon Brown is to retire from his career¬†as a member of Parliament at the 2015 general election. This presents a challenging dilemma for the current Labour leadership, which has announced that it wants to take over the selection process for replacement Parliamentary candidates if MPs stand down late. You see, Mr Brown is MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath – in Scotland. Labour is extremely unpopular in Scotland at the moment, where the SNP has whipped up a belief (rightly or wrongly) that the party betrayed the people by…

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Expenses row ‘devastated’ Miller – so what? Miller devastated the disabled

According to the BBC, Maria Miller reckons she is “‘devastated’ that she has let her constituents down”. Oh really? Is that why her apology to Parliament – which was for behaving badly towards the inquiry into her fraudulent expenses claims, not for making the claims themselves – was so short and contemptuous? She trying to cope with the shame of letting everybody down? I should bleedin’ cocoa. Miller should try to bear in mind that we weren’t all born yesterday and most of us have a decent IQ; we don’t…

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