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Cameron is deluded to think the Scots would miss a chance to kick the ‘effing Tories’

Foot in mouth moment: David Cameron asks Scotland if it is "fed up with the effing Tories". Of course it is.

Foot in mouth moment: David Cameron asks Scotland if it is “fed up with the effing Tories”. Of course it is.

It’s a miracle the number of people ready to vote ‘Yes’ for Scottish independence doesn’t multiply exponentially every time David Cameron opens his mouth.

Today he probably thought he was being daring when he said, “People can feel it’s a bit like a general election, that you make a decision and, five years later, you can make another decision, if you’re fed up with the effing Tories, give them a kick and maybe we’ll think again.”

His aim was to belittle the idea that kicking the “effing Tories” is a good idea in this context. The trouble is, he was saying it to Scotland – a country that the “effing Tories” have been kicking since at least Margaret Thatcher’s premiership, if not before.

These good people have been victimised time and time again – used as the testing-ground for heartless policies like the Poll Tax, or forgotten when investment opportunities came around.

They aren’t to blame for this – they didn’t bring it on themselves as Scotland has habitually rejected Conservatism for decades. A Conservative government in Westminster is completely unrepresentative of the Scottish people.

That is why Cameron’s next words were so disastrous. He said: “This is a decision about not the next five years, it’s a decision about the next century.”

If ever there was an incentive for Scots to vote ‘Yes’, that was it.

Vox Political does not want Scotland to vote ‘Yes’.

Not because the rest of the UK will be stuck with the Tories for decades to come Рthe Telegraph might want to spout this claim as fact but Tony Blair proved it was false three times in a row.

Not because the financial implications are complicated, either – although it would be interesting to know how much of the UK’s national debt would go across to a newly-independent Scotland.

Vox Political wants Scotland to remain in the Union because the Union is stronger with Scotland than without. The United Kingdom, including Scotland, has spent years clawing its way out of a financial tragedy that was the fault of only a few overprivileged nitwits but affected millions, and we’ve been doing it despite the worst efforts of the Conservative-led government in Westminster.

How much longer will we all have to struggle – in both a newly-independent Scotland and a ‘rump’ UK – if we are separated and diminished?

The arguments for separation don’t make sense. We should stay together, kick the Conservatives out – forever – next year and move forward from there. Any other choice could ruin both countries.

But it is up to Scotland to decide all our fates.

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