The Tories are attacking the Electoral Commission. What are they trying to hide?

Boris Johnson’s onslaught against the rule of law is building up speed. His Conservative government wants to either abolish or significantly reform the Electoral Commission – the independent organisation that regulates political donations, spending and other areas, and has the power to undertake its own investigations, and fine parties and officials for breaches of the rules, although more serious matters are passed to police. The Liberal Democrats reckon this is an attempt to prevent the exposure of “embarrassing funding connections to Russian oligarchs” – and This Writer finds it a more convincing…

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Should Labour and the Lib Dems go into an electoral pact?

Simon Wren-Lewis on his Mainly Macro blog raises an interesting question: with the Brexit Party making overtures to the Tories about an electoral pact, should Labour and the Liberal Democrats do the same? He makes some good points in favour of it – there are many seats where it would make sense for either party to stand aside, allowing the other a greater opportunity for victory, and it makes no sense for the Liberal Democrats to try to block Labour, only to let the “no deal Brexit” parties have a majority…

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Lib Dems drift further to the political right in possible deal with Tory rebels

If this is true (and it’s a Sunday Times report, so that’s debatable), then it confirms the Liberal Democrats’ rightward drift since Jo Swinson took over as leader. Remember last week, when former Tory Phillip Lee crossed the floor of the House of Commons to sit with the Liberal Democrats – prompted the party’s LGBT representative, Jenny Rigg, to quit? She tweeted her anger at what she saw as her party’s capitulation to Toryism. And it seems she was right: Rebel Tories expelled from the party are in talks with the…

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Tory corruption: They’re planning a law to allow MPs to break electoral spending limits

MPs, election candidates and party officials will be able to break election spending limits with impunity if the Tories pass a new proposed law. The intention is to create a new “test of authorisation” – a buffer between candidates and the current law that would stop them being accountable for funds donated by outside bodies such as national parties. This would, of course, also let Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party off the hook over the funds it may be receiving from foreign organisations intent on perverting the course of UK elections.…

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Anti-Semite claims ‘The Jews’ are funding Carole Cadwalladr’s Brexit investigations

It seems to be this month’s ‘thing’: If you can’t disprove the message, smear the messenger. So with several ‘Leave’-supporting campaign groups undergoing serious investigation for varying breaches of electoral law – much of it due to the investigative journalism of Carole Cadwalladr, at least one ‘Leave’-supporting media organisation has decided to attack her, rather than her findings. Unfortunately for Raheem Kassam and his Patreon site, the article‘s claims have no substances and seem to be a vehicle for dog-whistle anti-Semitism rather than serious journalism. If you want to read a…

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Arron Banks and Leave.EU referred to National Crime Agency – but will it investigate? [POLL]

As I type these words, there is much celebration on the social media at the news that Arron Banks and Leave.EU have been referred to the National Crime Agency for investigation over suspected offences related to the EU referendum of 2016. Sorry to pour cold water on all this heat, but: Aren’t the police refusing to investigate EU referendum offences because they are “politically sensitive”? Here‘s the latest development, as reported by BBC News: “The National Crime Agency is investigating Arron Banks and his Leave.EU campaign for alleged offences committed at…

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The Leave campaign committed multiple criminal offences. Why aren’t we seeing prosecutions NOW?

I’ll tell you why: Because the establishment that allowed the crimes to be committed is so unutterably corrupt that it is quite happy to let the criminals off. We know the names of everybody involved. We know they broke electoral law in order to corruptly influence voters in the EU referendum. We also know that major players in the offending campaign groups are now government ministers who will do everything in their power to prevent the logical actions from being taken. Those logical actions? The EU referendum should be declared…

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Time to ‘out’ nationalist harassment – this intimidation of voters must stop

Yet again, reports are being made of Scottish nationalists who seem to want the letters ‘SNP’ to be synonymous with ‘intimidation’. It’s electoral fraud, folks – and also, obviously, a crime of harassment. The perpetrator in the current case appears to be serial accoster Piers Doughty-Brown, whose misbehaviours have been chronicled in a Torygraph article, and whose tactics can be verified on a YouTube video, attributed to him. The video was shot by the perpetrator, so there is no way of knowing whether this is mild behaviour for this person.…

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Are zero-hours employers committing electoral fraud?

It seems there are rumours doing the rounds that employers who use zero-hours contracts are threatening their workforce with the loss of their jobs if they don’t vote Conservative. Whether or not there is any truth in the claim, employees everywhere should be reminded that intimidation of this kind is electoral fraud – and that is a criminal offence. This writer has also been told that, historically, tenants who rented housing here in Mid Wales used to be threatened with eviction if they did not vote for the landlords’ choice of candidate. This is…

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71 reasons to end Tory and Lib Dem government

It seems some people still don’t understand the threat posed to them by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats who are currently running the UK into the ground. Yesterday (Saturday) a commenter suggested that it might be a good idea to put up with another four years of the current catastrophe, in the hope that voters will be so sick of the situation by the end of it that they’ll support a properly Socialist government. That is an attitude born from naivete and a failure to understand the changes wrought by…

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