How the Tories used Motability to attack more than 100,000 disabled people

It was supposed to be an aid to help disabled people live normal, productive lives – but the trouble with giving people schemes like Motability is they can all-too-easily be taken away. And that is what the Conservative government has been doing. The latest figure from the Motability Scheme itself shows that 102,000 people have lost their entitlement to a specially-adapted vehicle. The method the Tories are using to take away this vital lifeline is simple: transfer their benefit claim from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payment. And I’ve…

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After Universal Credit pushes women into survival sex, the Tories say ‘other work may be on offer’

Esther McVey’s harsh verdict on women who were forced into sex work after the Tory government’s cruel Universal Credit left them struggling to survive should tell you everything you need to know about her. The fact that she was parachuted into her current constituency – Tatton – after the people of Wirral West kicked her out in 2015 tells you everything you need to know about the Conservative government; Theresa May – and now Boris Johnson – considered her brand of heartlessness exactly what they wanted. Words that she spoke as…

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If Esther McVey becomes PM, will most of the UK’s budget be devoted to making her look good?

On the basis of this revelation, if Esther McVey drops out of the Tory leadership contest it won’t be because of any sexism on the party of her fellow MPs. It will be because they are concerned about the drain on the national budget caused by her attempts to make herself look attractive. Who would have thought she would want to spend so much public money trying to make herself seem pretty? Still, the facts don’t lie: She claimed £8,750 on expenses, over two years, for the services of a photographer…

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Now Esther McVey wants to be the next Tory leader. They’re going from bad to worse

Esther McVey, the Tory MP whose behaviour at the Department for Work and Pensions led to her being branded “McVile”, has said she will campaign to become the next Conservative Party leader (and prime minister), after Theresa May finally gives up squatting in 10 Downing Street. Ms McVey – currently the MP for Tatton, in Cheshire, after being ejected from the Wirral West seat in 2015 – told Talk Radio: “I’ve always said quite clearly that if I got enough support from colleagues then, yes, I would, and now people…

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Companies House finally removes Esther McVey’s name from political campaign group’s details

It turns out Esther McVey wasn’t involved with political campaigning organisation Loyal Scots Company after all. Companies House has removed her name from that organisation’s listing, so we now have no reason to believe that she has been its secretary, as had been previously stated (by the Companies House listing). I had reported on the matter here… And here. Now Evolve Politics, which broke the story after it was uncovered by Alex Tiffin, has reported: UPDATE: Last year we published an article reporting that Esther McVey was listed as Company Secretary…

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McVey v May? Former Cabinet minister threatens to run for Tory leadership

Esther McVey has become the second leading Tory to stab PM Theresa May in the back – with an offer to stand for the Conservative Party leadership. The claim came just one day before Theresa May postponed (or maybe cancelled) the “meaningful vote” in Parliament on her Brexit agreement with the European Union, amid claims that she was heading for a crushing defeat. The former Work and Pensions Secretary who quit, possibly to avoid answering difficult questions on the deaths of disabled benefit claimants, made her on the Sophy Ridge show…

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Labour’s Laura tackles Tory liars over ‘kill yourself’ scandal that is STILL happening after FOUR YEARS

It is nearly four years to the day since I published evidence that private contractors carrying out the Work Capability Assessment for the Conservative government were asking ESA claimants why they had not killed themselves. But Labour MP Laura Pidcock has raised concerns that it is still happening. It should be plain to everybody that one does not ask why a person who has confessed to suicidal thoughts has not acted on those thoughts. But that is clearly what happened to Abi Fallows, as described in my December 2014 article.…

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Did McVey quit the government to avoid questions on disability deaths cover-up?

Remember when Esther McVey quit the government last week, claiming it was because of Brexit, and I suggested she was running to avoid having to answer the criticisms of the Department for Work and Pensions raised by UN inspector Philip Alston? It turned out that she had already exchanged words with the special rapporteur on poverty – but now it seems I was not wrong after all, as Ms McVey’s departure allowed her to avoid answering questions on a possible link between the hated Work Capability Assessment carried out by…

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Did McVey resign to avoid dealing with UN report on poverty?

Let’s get this right: UN special rapporteur Professor Philip Alston is set to issue a preliminary statement on the connection between Conservative government policy and the increase in poverty, homelessness and benefit-related suicide, on November 16 – and Esther McVey resigned as Work and Pensions Secretary the day before. She quit to get out of having to answer his charges, didn’t she? I mean, it’s more believable than her claim that she couldn’t look her constituents in the eye and defend Theresa May’s Brexit deal, isn’t it? But Esther –…

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Raab resigns, McVey quits: May’s Brexit ‘deal’ throws her government over a cliff

It should have been a moment of triumph – the announcement of an agreement with the 27 nations remaining in the EU over the manner of the UK’s departure from that bloc. Instead, Theresa May’s government is on the point of collapse. Dominic Raab – the man who, as Brexit Secretary, admitted he had no idea how important the Dover-Calais crossing was to the UK’s trade – resigned this morning (November 15), saying the deal agreed by Mrs May – not by him – could lead to the break-up of…

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