#ToryLawBreakers launch membership drive based on their lie about a fake threat from the EU. Isn’t this fraud?

Boris Johnson is swiping whole chapters from the Goebbels playbook with his new Conservative Party membership drive. Just take a gander at the following nonsense, from a genuine recruitment campaign started in Johnson’s name on Tuesday (September 15): “Last night I voted to protect the United Kingdom, as any prime minister would do.” Any PM ought to vote to protect the UK; this is true. Boris Johnson did not. He voted to support his Internal Market Bill which endangers the union by undermining the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern…

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David Cameron regularly broke international law when he was prime minister. Why the change of heart now?

  He’s saying the right thing – but for the wrong reasons, and it is still a grotesque act of hypocrisy. I refer, of course, to former prime minister David Cameron, who regularly, during his time as prime minister of the UK, broke international law but is expressing concern at Boris Johnson doing the same now. You don’t remember? Allow me to remind you that the United Nations ruled that Cameron’s government broke the law to deliberately harm people with disabilities. And he broke international law to attack Libya too.…

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Johnson’s first Attorney General condemns his plan to betray EU withdrawal agreement

That’s scuppered the claims that the row over Boris Johnson’s plan to break international law is a last gasp of the so-called ‘Remainers’, then. Geoffrey Cox – a devout Brexiter – was Attorney General when Boris Johnson signed his EU withdrawal agreement in January. His announcement that he will not support Johnson’s Internal Markets Bill is proof that the controversy extends much further than the established battle lines. The story broke in The Times, which is behind a paywall. However, the East Fife Times has this: Boris Johnson’s former attorney general, Geoffrey…

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The Bar Council has laid into Suella Braverman so let’s all join in

The UK’s professional organisation representing barristers has accused Brextremist Attorney General Suella Braverman of sacrificing the UK’s reputation, sidelining legal advisers and bypassing the ministerial code. At its annual general meeting, members of the Bar Council asked Braverman how she thought the UK’s Tory government could retain “a shred of credibility” in imploring other countries to follow international law after revealing its own willingness to breach agreements. Here’s The Guardian with details of the festivities: Five QCs confronted the attorney general during Saturday’s meeting, telling her that a crime which broke…

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Going, going, Gove: the Tory hypocrite who’ll break international law but demands we obey his ‘Rule of Six’

Michael Gove appeared on breakfast TV, to demand that we all – including our children, obey his government’s new prohibition of social gatherings of more than six people. Why should we obey this, when he went on to admit that the government itself will break international law and turn the UK into a rogue state that no other country will trust? I don’t have a clip of him calling on us to obey the ‘Rule of Six’ – which is a stupid demand that won’t stop the now-uncontrollable spread of…

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Brexiteers’ justification for breaking international law on Brexit is illiterate. Why hasn’t Braverman resigned?

In trying to humiliate a leading Remainer – and justify its own contempt for international law – Boris Johnson and his government have made the UK a laughing-stock once again. And our Attorney General, Suella Braverman, should be offering up her resignation. Rather than uphold the rule of law, she has sided with a government that intends to break it, turning the UK into nothing better than a rogue state. Almost as bad, she offered as justification for this lawbreaking a Supreme Court ruling that Parliament is sovereign in domestic…

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When was Boris Johnson lying about the EU withdrawal agreement? Now, or in January?

Boris Johnson is a fundamentally dishonest animal; we can all agree on that. He has already been criticised for false behaviour over his new Internal Markets Bill, with which he intends to trample all over the EU Withdrawal Agreement that he himself signed in January. At the time, he was full of optimism for it, saying it paved the way for his “oven ready” trade deal (among other things). But it seems the oven wasn’t heated to the right temperature, the trade deal seems likely to fall apart – and…

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Andrew Bridgen destroys his government’s credibility on EU trade talks

Everyone with any political nous in the UK has been laughing at eurosceptic Andrew Bridgen after he swallowed both feet (metaphorically) in a Channel 4 News interview. Discussing his Fuhrer Boris Johnson’s plan to renege on the EU withdrawal agreement that he signed in January, Bridgen said – well, see for yourself: The reaction on Twitter has been universal: The preposterous Andrew Bridgen on #c4news telling us all that the EU are crumbling under the pressure. Also purports to know about the Irish border issues. Remember this was the man…

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If Johnson is ready to renege on EU withdrawal agreement, what’s the point in a trade deal?

Boris Johnson seems to think that negotiations are proceeding too slowly – and is pushing the EU to give him the ‘no deal’ Brexit he wants. That’s the only interpretation that can be put on the revelation that he is planning to break the withdrawal agreement that he merrily signed in January. EU negotiators will see that no deal struck with the UK under his leadership will carry any weight. This Writer would not be surprised if they walk away from the negotiating table in disgust. On the eve of…

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‘No deal’ Brexit looking more likely as UK negotiator rattles his sabre at the EU

If the UK government is not “scared” of leaving the EU without a trade deal, then it is because the interests of UK government ministers will not be harmed. Reading between the lines of the BBC’s story, perhaps they expect the taxpayer to fund any businesses in which they have an interest? The downside is that UK negotiator David Frost is saying your Tory government couldn’t care less if your business crashes to dust as a result of high tariffs that will be imposed by the EU nations in January. Both…

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