Here’s the shocking reason your Tory government is more guilty of attacking press freedom than Extinction Rebellion

So much for Boris Johnson’s (and Priti Patel’s) comments about the Extinction Rebellion blockade for Rupert Murdoch’s print works being an attack on the ‘free press’. On the day before they were making these attacks, the Council of Europe – that the UK founded – issued a formal warning that the Conservative government is a threat to the freedom of the press: The Council of Europe issued the Level 2 “media freedom alert” after Ministry of Defence press officers refused to deal with Declassified UK, a website focusing on foreign and…

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Why can’t the Tories admit they made UK a Covid-19 deathtrap for the sake of a bit of cash?

Conservative self-justifications for stupid behaviour get increasingly more ridiculous by the day. Tory housing minister Simon Clarke has admitted that the UK has a “unique vulnerability” to Covid-19 infection because it is a “global travel hub”. And this is true: it is believed there was no single “patient zero” who brought the virus into the UK. Instead, as many as 1,300 separate individuals carried it here with them, according to major research by an organisation calling itself the Covid-19 Genomics UK consortium (Cog-UK). Those initial cases came mostly from European countries;…

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His policies gave the UK the worst death toll in Europe but Hancock wants critics to modify THEIR tone

If anybody needs to modify their tone, it is Health Secretary Matt Hancock. He was challenged in the House of Commons to acknowledge that the government’s lack of testing for the coronavirus had led to unnecessary deaths – and he responded by saying the questioner should modify their tone. That was a big mistake – because the person asking the question was Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, who has been working as a doctor in an Accident & Emergency unit, treating coronavirus patients, while Hancock has been sitting in Downing Street with…

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The ultimate insult: Tory privatisation means European state-owned rail firms profit – not you

We’ve established that the citizens of the UK – whether we use trains or not – are subsidising rail companies by nearly £4 billion a year. We’ve also established that £3.5 billion of that money is used as profit by the railway operating companies. Now you have proof that most of the £3.5 billion goes to German, Dutch and French nationalised railway services. It makes their services better while we are given trash. This is the ultimate result of Conservative privatisations. They LOVE it! Tories don’t care where your money goes,…

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A Conservative victory: Now our suffering begins in earnest

If you thought you had it bad under the Coalition then, as someone once said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” The Conservative victory in last night’s election has left many of us reeling – not just because of its disastrous implications for the future of the UK and its citizens, but because nobody saw it coming. Some have blamed ‘shy’ Tory voters. These are selfish little liars who skew the polls by denying any intention to vote for the Nasty Party. In the case of yesterday’s vote, many will have…

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Cameron’s cowardice should not cancel leader debates

What’s the current situation on the political parties’ ‘leader debates’? Is Cameron still playing chicken and using the Green Party as a human shield? The last this writer heard was that he was saying he wouldn’t turn up if Ofcom didn’t let the Greens take part, as the Green Party is now the fourth largest in terms of membership (behind Labour, the Conservatives – who could be lying about theirs, and the SNP, having overtaken UKIP and the Liberal Democrats). Ofcom seems to be saying the Greens don’t qualify because they don’t…

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Auschwitz photo-op visit reveals Cameron at his cynical worst

Is this writer the only person who finds it more than a little sick that David Cameron visited Auschwitz on the International Day of Human Rights? What was he doing – taking notes in order to ensure that he can do a better job? The parallels between what the Nazi regime did there, to anybody it considered subhuman, and what Cameron’s government has been doing to anybody it regards similarly are becoming so obvious that you would need to be a deaf-blind animal to miss them. It is physically sickening to…

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Nailed! Czech minister’s immigration tweet belongs on #CameronMustGo

He’s had a rotten week but that’s no reason to sympathise with David Cameron. It is the result of years of bad decisions and many hope that he continues to have similar rotten weeks in the future. The last nail in the coffin came – appropriately – from Europe. Cameron’s had one disappointment after another from the continent this week, ranging from the revelation that his Home Secretary has been hiding the facts about immigration to the revelation that the number of foreigners coming to the UK has increased since…

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The promises of Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats – what are they worth?

Not a lot, if this cartoon from the Telegraph is worth anything: Of course, Torygraph reporters are probably aware that Nick Clegg secretly agreed to go into coalition with the Conservatives back in March 2010 – two months before the last general election (the so-called negotiations after the poll resulted in a hung Parliament were a sham) – and it was at this time, not in May, that the Liberal Democrat promise to abolish further education tuition fees was dropped. Clegg went on to run a relatively successful campaign (as…

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Do YOU feel as prosperous as you were before the crisis?

Britain has returned to prosperity, with the economy finally nudging beyond its pre-crisis peak, according to official figures. Well, that’s a relief, isn’t it? Next time you’re in the supermarket looking for bargains or mark-downs because you can’t afford the kind of groceries you had in 2008, you can at least console yourself that we’re all doing better than we were back then. The hundreds of thousands of poor souls who have to scrape by on handouts from food banks will, no doubt, be bolstered by the knowledge that Britain…

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