By-election candidate supports tax avoidance for the rich – but hammered the vulnerable with the bedroom tax

If you were reading This Site yesterday (July 30), you’ll be aware that a friend on Facebook has been looking at the Parliamentary voting record of Chris Davies, the former MP and current Conservative candidate in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election – and it makes grim reading. The same friend has now finished researching Mr Davies’s record on taxation and the results speak for themselves. Amongst other decisions… • Davies voted against a series of proposals intended to reduce tax avoidance and evasion. • Davies voted against an investigation into…

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POLL: Are John McDonnell’s plans to revolutionise the economy feasible?

Take a look at the video in John McDonnell’s tweet, below: Brilliant speech by the People's Chancellor, @johnmcdonnellMP, including reference to a financial transaction tax, and transplanting the 'magic money tree' from the Cayman Islands.#ChangeIsComing — Chris Williamson (@DerbyChrisW) September 15, 2018 Mr McDonnell rightly states that the finance sector should be the servant of the nation’s economy, not its master – that its responsibility is to generate the wealth we need to pay for the advances we want – and I hope nobody reading this would disagree. He…

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No prosecutions: Were Tory tax evasion laws to protect their friends rather than prosecute OUR enemies?

Draw your own conclusions from this report by Left Foot Forward: Not a single person has been jailed or even prosecuted for tax evasion since the Tories brought in what they claimed were “tough” new measures against tax dodgers, it was shown today. Two new laws criminalising corporate tax evasion came into force last September, but not a single person has faced prosecution, it’s been revealed, despite tax dodging amounting to at least £7bn last year alone. Responding to a written question, Mel Stride, Secretary to the Treasury admitted: “To date no prosecutions have been…

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Welfare is perfectly sustainable, Gideon – it’s the TAX GAP that’s the problem!

George Gideon Osborne. Was there ever a more foolish fellow running the Exchequer? Probably not. Did you hear him in Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, trying to tell us that the UK’s social security bill makes up seven per cent of welfare in the whole world, and that this is “unsustainable”? What a berk. The first question this raises is, can he prove his “seven per cent” claim? No – he’s wrong. The claim is based on a comment by German Chancellor Angela Merkel about EU social security being 50 per cent of…

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Osborne’s last budget says more in its omissions than in its announcements

Did we just have the worst-ever Budget from Britain’s weakest-ever Chancellor? All the indications suggest it. George Osborne stole his best ideas from the Labour Party and claimed he was trimming his planned austerity back – raising mockery from those who said he was running like a rabbit from Labour’s “back to the 1930s” attack. “George Osborne blinked,” said Paul Mason on Channel 4 News. “He looked at the scale of austerity he promised in December and realised it wasn’t going to be that popular.” Did he, though? An alternative view might…

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Osborne’s ‘no gimmicks’ budget: How much can we trust?

George Osborne will deliver his final budget of the current Parliament on Wednesday and – if it proves to be the last he ever gives – it won’t be a moment too soon. Ever since his ’emergency’ budget of 2010, which ended the economic growth created by Labour’s Alistair Darling and ushered in three years of economic flatlining, we have had to endure an unending stream of nonsense from this chancer-among-chancellors, this most mini-among-ministers, this least-treasured Treasurer. Today we heard that he is again attempting to bribe pensioners into voting…

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Chancellor of the Exchequer says tax is ‘not my job’

Slippery as an eel, the submarine Chancellor has surfaced from whatever hiding-place he has been using for the last week or so, insisted that the pursuit of people who evaded tax on advice from the HSBC Bank is nothing to do with him, and re-submerged before anybody could point out that this isn’t entirely true. As Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne doesn’t have a hand in individual prosecutions – but he does set the conditions under which such investigations are undertaken. Alex Little is therefore correct in pointing out that Osborne…

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A message for rich tax-avoiders from The Last Leg

This is preaching to the converted (obviously) because Vox Political readers all pay their taxes, even those few of you who are actually rich, as currently defined in our society. Right? It is therefore with a sense of sharing that VP is posting the “Rich people – pay your tax!” rant by Adam Hills (with Alex Brooker, Josh Widdicombe and Jonathan Ross) from last night’s Last Leg. Please – if you know a rich person and suspect they are avoiding paying their full whack of tax – share this article with…

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It’s time to stand up for the whistleblowers

We owe a great debt to the whistleblowers – people who alert us to the misdeeds of the major corporations and public organisations whose decisions affect our everday lives. Acting entirely altruistically – with no thought for personal gain – these people warn us about the cheats who squat at the top of the economic food chain, doing everything they can to screw the system. The whistleblowers deserve congratulation and promotion, while the cheats should be removed from their positions, prosecuted, and ordered to pay substantial sums of money as…

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Labour soars ahead with plan to tackle tax avoidance

In a clear response to the HSBC tax avoidance revelations, Labour is setting out its plans to tackle the issue if elected into office after May’s general election. With campaigners and non-government organisations calling for a “Tax Dodging Bill”, Labour has announced that its first Finance Bill will act to tackle tax avoidance – and was due to set out the measures in an Opposition Day Debate today (Wednesday, February 11). Labour’s motion notes that just one out of 1,100 people who have avoided or evaded tax have been prosecuted following the…

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