The Conservatives are using Facebook to recruit racists

Can there be any other interpretation of this Tory campaign to build support in constituencies where the Labour MP has only a small majority? They have been using Facebook’s facility to provide targeted – and therefore under-the-radar – advertising to attract voters in 19 Labour marginals. And the line they have taken is hatred of foreigners. We should not be surprised. It comes from the party that gave us racist vans telling people of foreign descent to “go home” in 2013, and followed it up with the Windrush scandal that…

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After the report, the backlash: Facebook bans posts on Vox Political page due to vexatious complaint

This is utterly despicable. After This Site’s article on the Labour Party’s 851-page report into the way anti-Semitism complaints weren’t investigated by a right-wing team – whose factional opoposition of Jeremy Corbyn led them to do nothing in a bid to make him look incompetent, Facebook has banned This Writer from posting on the Vox Political page hosted by that platform. But get this – it isn’t because of the link to my article about the Labour report. No, it’s because someone complained about an article I published nearly four years ago. I…

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Trump trade war threat over tax shows the drawbacks of globalisation

This is awkward, with Boris Johnson desperate to get a trade deal between the UK and the USA. Donald Trump is threatening reprisals if Johnson goes ahead with a plan to tax US tech corporations like Google and Facebook on profits they make from UK customers. This Writer understands that it is possible to prevent foreign tech companies from operating in the UK – don’t China and North Korea do this? But if the UK did this, then the US government could impose crippling sanctions on this country. The simple…

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Want to know why the media – and the Tories – are lying so hard about Labour and Corbyn? Watch this

Have you wondered why the Establishment – the mass media in step with the Conservative government and the suits behind them both – is so desperate to smear Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite (or whatever they’re saying today) and Labour as unfit for government? It’s because they have a lot to lose if a government is elected that will end the exploitation of the wider public and the domination of industry and the economy by a tiny few billionaires. All of this is laid out in a very short film.…

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Facebook cancels Tory advert that faked a news story

Remember the advert for the Conservative Party on Facebook, mentioned on This Site, that included a ‘doctored’ BBC News headline? Facebook has removed it from circulation. But the advert is to remain ‘on file’ as an example of how the platform is “misused”. Before being deactivated the adverts received between 222,000 and 510,000 views – part of the £250,000 of advertising the party has run on the site across the last year. A spokesperson told the BBC the advert would be kept as an example in their ad library so…

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Tories accused of changing BBC headline to mislead the public. Quelle surprise!

It is remarkable that the Conservative government felt the need to ‘doctor’ a BBC News article, apparently because it wasn’t complimentary enough. The BBC, as we all know, might as well changes its name to “Conservative Party Propaganda Unit”. You only have to look at Fiona Bruce’s sickening fawning towards Brandon Lewis on Question Time to see that. But altering a news story to present a false impression to the public is unforgivable. This is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public. But then, the Conservatives are led by a known…

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Law to block “no deal” Brexit has Royal Assent. Did BoJob just splurge thousands on a duff ad campaign?

The Queen has given Royal Assent to a backbench law barring the government from taking the UK out of the European Union without a withdrawal agreement that has been approved by Parliament. This means that, if Boris Johnson fails to negotiate such a deal before October 19, he will have to beg the EU for an extension in which an agreement can be hammered out. The law even provides the text of the letter, to ensure that Mr Johnson sticks to the intention – as well as the letter –…

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Tory ‘chicken’ image breaks Facebook rules. Where’s the slapdown?

An insulting visual comparison between Jeremy Corbyn and a chicken has not only led to the Conservative Party being “owned” by Kentucky Fried Chicken – it broke Facebook rules when the party posted it there. Read the following, from a post on the Political Provocateur Plus Facebook page: They demand their rights, and in that right is the desire to post images of Mr Corbyn in a chicken suit which they super imposed to create a meme, and in doing that they couldn’t even tag it to say it was…

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This social media monopoly is censoring what you see

I was wondering why Vox Political isn’t getting the hits it should be. There’s no difference in the quality of the articles, and I was posting them to the same places on the social media, so I couldn’t see a fault at this end. I noticed that the number of shares on Facebook had plummeted, though, and thought this might be the reason for the fall. Viral popularity is a huge part of social media success. So I decided to ask readers of the Vox Political Facebook group why they weren’t bothering.…

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How can we trust politicians’ vows to fight fake news if the culprits are their friends?

Boris Johnson’s forerunner Theresa May told us her government would fight ‘fake news’ – but did little or nothing about it. Now we see one of Mr Johnson’s friends is behind a propaganda network. Will he do anything to stop it? Doubtful. And this network, run by former Tory election advisor Lynton Crosby, is on Facebook. The person in charge of identifying and removing ‘fake news’ from Facebook is former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. Why hasn’t he done anything about it? Is he too busy blocking access to innocent left-wing…

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