U-turn and u-turn again as Boris Johnson first agrees, then refuses to meet bereaved Covid campaigners

How galling for the 14 million who voted for him to realise that Boris Johnson is such a craven coward. He can’t even bear to meet people who have lost family members due to his mistakes – so he has made up a succession of reasons not to. Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK may not have a snappy name but they do have a good reason for existence – they want an inquiry into the Johnson government’s decisions on the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK. The organisation wisely distrusts…

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Former Work & Pensions Secretary wants Universal Credit raise for families? Tough.

Did Stephen Crabb not read the memos when he was running the department responsible for benefits? The Tories aren’t interested in keeping families out of poverty! They’re all about putting families in poverty – so they spend the rest of their lives working their fingers to the bone to get back out again (something they’ll never do, because they are more profitable for employers if they’re in debt). A Conservative MP has called on the UK government to increase benefits for families for a year. Stephen Crabb said increasing the child…

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Huge surge in poverty – and that’s BEFORE the Tory coronavirus response kicks us when we’re down

  The Conservatives have put another 100,000 children into poverty – meaning 4.2 million are now living under the breadline. That’s a surge of 600,000 since the Tories came back into office in 2010. Now almost one-third of UK children are living in poverty due to Tory starvation-austerity policies. And the affected children are among a staggering 14.5 million UK citizens found to be in poverty in 2018-19 – the highest total since the statistics were first collected in 2002 and an increase of half a million in a single year. Bear…

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Food bank use has soared by 3,800% and child poverty is up 38% under Conservative rule

As Boris Johnson tried to woo business leaders, the Mirror has revealed shocking figures condemning the way the Conservatives have attacked working families. Figures quoted by the paper show that child poverty in working families – that’s families where one or more parent has a job, remember – rose to 2.9 million cases last year. That’s an increase of 38 per cent since 2010. Research by the TUC shows the number of children in poverty-hit homes has risen by 800,000 in that time. Bear in mind that this increase involved children…

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Unaffordable rents – arranged by Tories – are pushing low-income families towards homelessness

Nine out of every 10 homes for rent are too expensive for families on housing benefit or the equivalent, Local Housing Allowance – according to the National Housing Federation. The report finds that 94 per cent of private rental properties are unaffordable for families on Housing Benefit, or the equivalent Local Housing Allowance (LHA). It also found that 65 per cent of the families affected are in work – proving once again that the Tory mantra that “work is the best way out of poverty” is utter claptrap while they…

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Immigration and drug addiction caused huge rise in homelessness, according to Tory minister’s LIES

Is James Brokenshire an imbecile, or does he think we are? The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government said the increase in homelessness since the Conservatives slithered into office in 2010 is not the result of government policy but is being driven by factors including the spread of psychoactive drugs such as spice, growth in non-UK nationals on the streets and family breakdown. Oh, really? Personally, I would have said it was due to income changes that made it impossible for renters to pay their landlords or for…

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The Tories are delaying Universal Credit rollout – but they won’t stop its burning injustices

Yes, I used the words “burning injustices” in my headline to remind you that Theresa May said she would end them. Universal Credit is clear evidence that she intends to make them worse. In a previous article, I explained why the planned changes to alleviate the hardships of the change from the so-called “legacy” benefits to Universal Credit are no good. The Labour Party has created a video clip showing why Universal Credit – as administrated by the Conservatives – is a force for harm. You need to see it,…

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Biased news: There ARE more families with people in work – but poverty is at an all-time high

We are entitled to expect a better quality of reporting than this from the BBC: The proportion of households in the UK where no-one is working is at its lowest point for over 20 years, the Office for National Statistics says. The figures show 14.3% of households containing working-age adults are “workless” – down 0.2% compared with the same point last year. Fewer children were living in families where no-one was currently working. The employment figures show a picture of rising levels of work in the 21 million households with…

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The great Universal Credit rip-off: Tories are using it to impoverish WORKERS

What was that about the Tories being the “Party of the Workers” again? They have set the regulations for Universal Credit to ensure that if a household has two people at work, the taper rate – the amount of Universal Credit withdrawn as earnings increase – is greater than under the current system of tax credits. It means the minority Conservative government is intentionally making sure that working families take home less money under the new system. “Party of the Workers”? Party of screwing the workers, more like! And guess what?…

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Hillsborough families denied access to justice because trial will be too far away

What a great dodge for those who aren’t interested in justice: Hold controversial trials many miles away from the families of the victims and say the rules forbid funding their attendance. That is what has happened to the families of the 96 people who died in the Hillsborough disaster, it seems. Here’s the report in The Canary: On Tuesday 15 August, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) reportedly told The Liverpool Echo that: “Under the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime, we are not permitted to fund any other expenses, including…

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