As ministers distance themselves from Johnson, he’s not even denying he’s as racist as Sabisky

Senior Tories have been working hard to repair the damage Andrew Sabisky has done to their credibility – but it’s hard when their own prime minister is refusing to deny that he holds the same racist opinions. Grant Shapps was the first to claim that Sabisky did not speak for the Conservative government. He said over the weekend that Sabisky’s reported opinions were views that “neither I or the government share in any shape or form”. But when a Downing Street spokesperson was asked whether Mr Shapps was speaking on behalf…

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Labour: the party of bigotry and intolerance?

This is ugly and Labour’s leadership candidates need to own it. You will all be aware, already, of the illegal behaviour of Labour’s leadership in “tackling” (their word) anti-Semitism, whereby the party faked evidence to make it appear that I was an anti-Semite, broadcast the lies to the newspapers in order to induce people to believe them, and then used them as an excuse to expel me from the party. I believe the current plan is to change the rules so even an accusation will be enough to justify expulsion.…

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Johnson’s coup: Now we must fight to prevent the end of the UK as a democracy

Boris Johnson’s demand that the Queen prorogue Parliament in order to ensure that his “no deal” Brexit cannot be stopped – and her meek submission to it – has shown that the UK’s democracy is at risk of collapsing: We are threatened with dictatorship. Some of us have been watching it coming for years. The first move was the economic crisis of 2008 onwards, leading to the collusion of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in order to form a Coalition government that imposed austerity on the majority of people in…

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‘Terrible collaboration’ speech: Johnson flashes his fascist credentials

One of the 14 warning signs of fascism is the identification of enemies as a unifying cause. It’s third on the list in this article, if you need to refresh your memory. Now watch the first minute or so of Boris Johnson’s “People’s PMQs”: “There’s a terrible kind of collaboration as it were going on between people who think they can block Brexit in Parliament and our European friends, and our European friends are not moving. “We need our European friends to compromise and the more they think that there’s…

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Milkshakes are the least of the Brexit Party’s woes

Yes, Nigel Farage was hit with a milkshake, while he was on the campaign trail. The alleged perpetrator has been charged with a criminal offence, but that’s not the big deal here. More damaging than the splat of shake on suit is the fact that people are equating Mr Farage and his Brexit Party with far-right-wingers like Carl ‘Sargon of Akkad’ Benjamin and Stephen ‘Tommy Robinson’ Yaxley Lennon. The mood is clear from the memes that are appearing, like this one: And this: Add that to the latest satirical hit…

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Words of caution for ‘leftie’ voters: Stop sh*tting down European democracy!

Here’s a message for left-wing readers of This Site, from a social media colleague. I reproduce it without comment as I believe the message may be clear enough: If you are a leftie and advocating voting Lib Dem or Brexit party you are SO WRONG! This has been getting me more and more angry over the last few weeks…. This is NOT A SECOND REFERENDUM!!!!! If you are a remainer, presumably that means you want to be part of the EU….. If you’re a leaver, surely you want to leave…

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BBC defends decision to put Islamophobic white-nationalists on discussion of Christchurch massacre

Who can keep up with the proliferation of racist, far-right political organisations since the Conservatives slithered back into office in 2010 and started spreading divisive propaganda everywhere? Political austerity tends to give fascism an opportunity to take root in a society and the UK may well become a textbook example of the phenomenon for historians of the future. The Tories themselves have encouraged this rise, with their acts of hate against people who are sick and/or disabled, job seekers, immigrants – and descendants of immigrants, and foreigners in general. Now…

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Winston Churchill was not a paragon of humanity. Why are Tories pretending to be shocked?

Here’s more fake outrage from Conservatives – this time at John McDonnell’s, entirely accurate, assertion that Sir Winston Churchill was a wrong ‘un. I’m glad my brother, Doctor of History David Sivier (also known as Beastrabban), is around to give a learned historical perspective on this matter. Mr McDonnell was answering quick-fire questions on the Politico website, including: “Winston Churchill. Hero or villain?” McDonnell replied: “Tonypandy – villain.” Here’s the Beast: This referred to the Tonypandy riots of 1910, when striking miners were shot down by the army after clashing…

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Police admit reporting disabled anti-fracking protesters to DWP – to have their benefits cancelled?

Is this fascism? People with disabilities who exercised their right to protest against fracking (in accordance with the United Nations convention) are being reported to the Department for Work and Pensions by Lancashire police, apparently in the hope that their benefits will be cancelled as punishment for daring to leave their homes. According to Disability News Service, police forces have been accused of targeting disabled people involved in anti-fracking protests with violence [see the image above for a possible example] – and now protesters in Lancashire have accused their local police…

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Netanyahu echoes Hitler. Will his followers call ‘anti-Semitism!’ on those who point this out?

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lowered himself to baiting his critics – trying to lure them into apparent displays of anti-Semitism – by paraphrasing Nazi tyrant Adolf Hitler in a comment on Twitter. He stated, in a sabre-rattling speech aimed at Iran: “The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong.” The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are…

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