Now the Tories have stopped publishing Covid-19 death figures – with a flimsy excuse

The Conservative government has stopped telling us how many people are dying of Covid-19 every day because it contradicts the plan to lift lockdown. I mean: because Health Secretary Matt Hancock has demanded a review of the way the figures are calculated. But here’s a suggestion: why can’t the figures be published using the current system, until this review is completed and a new method put into practice if necessary? ITV’s news story says researchers have claimed the way deaths are reported across England has led to an “over-exaggeration” of…

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Coronavirus: ONS says almost twice as many people have died as official statistics say

This is absolutely damning. The Office For National Statistics, which last week reported that the government had been under-reporting coronavirus-related deaths by 23.5 per cent, has now suggested the difference has increased to 78 per cent. The government’s official death tally on March 27 was 926 – but the ONS said NHS England alone reported 1,650 deaths related to the virus by that date. It also means that the true death toll by today’s date is likely to be far higher than the government’s current figure of 5,373. Let’s be…

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Coronavirus: the Tories have LIED about the daily death toll – INCREASING fears. Why?

Take a look at this headline: Is it working? UK records 43 coronavirus deaths in past 24 hours compared to 87 yesterday You can see it in situ by following the link at the bottom of the article. It was a Daily Mail headline on March 25. It’s a lie, of course – but this time the Mail doesn’t seem to be to blame. No, this time it’s the Tory government who seem to be at fault. It wasn’t realistic for the government to claim that the number of deaths had halved,…

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We don’t know how many people were wrongly declared ‘fit for work’ – DWP figures are meaningless

Here’s another example of how the Department for Work and Pensions distorts the facts. This organisation is saying the number of cases brought to appeal was only a small proportion of the overall caseload – but we know that the DWP has measures in place to ensure that many wronged claimants are unable to get as far as making an appeal. The DWP’s claims – about the number of successful appeals – are meaningless. Has everybody forgotten about ‘mandatory reconsideration’ – the “delaying tactic” aimed at reducing the number of…

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Lie after lie over sanctions and FoI: Duncan Smith’s head should roll

Iain Duncan Smith must resign after he disgraced himself yet again, with a leaflet containing fabricated comments from non-existent DWP benefit claimants, according to a leading Opposition MP. Debbie Abrahams, who has been a leading light in the fight to force the Conservative Government to reveal the true number of people who have died following Duncan Smith’s “welfare reforms”, said the Work and Pensions secretary’s behaviour was a “disgrace” and his position was untenable. But don’t take This Writer’s word for it – here’s Ms Abrahams herself (all boldings mine):…

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How the DWP plans to hoodwink you over benefit deaths

  News stories are proliferating about the increasing clamour for the Department for Work and Pensions to publish ESA death figures, so you are increasingly likely to read a comment similar to – or the same as – this: “The Department for Work and Pensions insists it is irresponsible to suggest deaths which follow an assessment that claimants are fit to work were caused by the assessment. “A spokeswoman said: ‘We have been clear that we intended to publish these statistics – but we need to make sure they meet…

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Newcastle MP joins call for DWP to publish death statistics

Thanks are due to Newcastle Labour MP Chi Onwurah, who has supported the petition for the DWP to honour Vox Political‘s Freedom of Information request on ESA deaths. Mrs Onwurah, who led a Commons debate on the benefits system earlier this year, said: “One of the most powerful and distressing examples in my debate was of a man who had committed suicide. “If someone dies after being fit to work it doesn’t necessarily mean that being found fit to work had an impact in their death, so I can understand…

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Vox Political vindicated on unemployment figures

How pleasant to see Vox Political‘s concerns about the massaging of UK unemployment figures being taken up by the kind of people the mass media actually respect. A report on the BBC News website states that Conservative Party claims that unemployment has dropped by around 60 per cent in some areas is based on “wrong data” – in other words, the Tories are lying. This blog has been saying that for a very long time! The story says Tories have been using Jobseekers Allowance figures – the so-called Claimant Count…

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DWP is still refusing to reveal how many people its policies have KILLED

What does Iain Duncan Smith have to hide? That is the obvious question. With a general election coming up in May, it seems clear that the Conservatives intend to guard any figures that reveal the failure of their policies jealously. In this instance, it seems likely they are also perverting the course of justice. Failure to act in order to prevent deaths caused by the actions of an organisation like the Department for Work and Pensions is a crime. So what is the DWP really saying? “We’re going to keep…

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Risible PMQs performance is no win for Cameron

Was anybody else dismayed to see media commentator after media commentator blithely commenting that this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions was, for example, an “easy win” for David Cameron (George Eaton, New Statesman), with Guardian political correspondent Andrew Sparrow tweeting, “Verdict from the Twitter commentariat – Unanimous for Cameron”? It offends this writer’s sense of Britishness and fair play. If Cameron won, he did so by evasion, false argument, and perverting the facts. Let’s go through the leaders’ exchange together, using the BBC live blog and Hansard for reference. The first…

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