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Would Lee Anderson have told Jewish refugees to ‘f*** off’ back to Germany in WW2?

Floating concentration camp: Bibby Stockholm (pictured) is a floating mirror of the camps built by Nazis for groups they considered undesirable. How many Jewish asylum-seekers and refugees have been forced to board it?

Here’s a sad reminder of the lengths by which the Conservatives have regressed UK society:

Professor Roberts is only slightly inaccurate; while the Bibby Stockholm and any other converted prison barges are reminiscent of those ships from centuries ago, they are more accurately described as concentration camps – a label most commonly associated with the Nazi extermination of Jews, Romanies, homosexuals and other proscribed groups in the 1930s and 40s.

One cannot help but feel that this was an intended aim of Tory immigration policy; they did not have to let the issue of refugees migrating across the English Channel happen at all – it used to be well under control but successive legislative changes by the Tories changed that.

Is it a sinister message to the people of the UK? “Do as you’re told or you will be next?”

The Conservatives themselves have been strident in their support of a policy that imprisons people who have done nothing wrong, with a view to deporting them to a foreign country with a highly-questionable human rights record.

But they have (deliberately?) got the tone all wrong. Their party’s deputy chairman, “30p Lee” Anderson, actually used obscene language when referring to asylum-seekers – which implies that he considers them to be a form of life that is below him (this is impossible; as a Tory, Lee Anderson is already lower than vermin).

The associations with other far-right political organisations were quickly identified, but Anderson has been defended by other high-ranking Tories:

And public opinion has judged them all:

In fairness, the attitude is being challenged – and you can judge the pitiful response from Justice Secretary Alex Chalk for yourself:

There isn’t a queue to jump, of course. The UK government picks and chooses who it allows in and, if you are from a wide array of countries that includes territory the UK has bombed within the last 13 years, there is no legal route for asylum open to you.

People who believe they must seek sanctuary in the UK – and remember, France takes three times as many refugees as this country has; German takes 10 times as many – have no choice but to do as they have.

Here’s Chalk again, showing that he shares Anderson’s fascist views about foreigners:

His claim that people should stop at the first “safe” country has long-since been debunked; international law does not demand that and never has.

Fortunately the rest of us aren’t putting up with any of this Tory/Fascist/racist nonsense:

Now brace yourself for a bombshell:

If asylum-seekers and/or refugees refuse to take places on the Bibby Stockholm floating concentration camp, they won’t be sent back to France but they will lose financial support from the UK government, which will not provide accommodation for them.

So let’s be clear on this: they’ll still be in the UK, but out on the streets, unmonitored? Isn’t that what they want?

So the Tory plan to deal with these asylum-seekers and refugees is either to make them put up with conditions similar to those faced by concentration camp victims in Nazi Germany or to flood the UK’s streets with them – something politicians like Lee Anderson and Alex Chalk have been strenuously opposing for a long time.

Where’s the sense in that?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the House of Commons, we see no opposition at all:

So Keir Starmer agrees with the Tories yet again. No surprises there.

Indeed, the rhetoric of Starmer’s STP (Substitute Tory Party – formerly Labour) is identical to that of the Conservatives on this matter:

£6 million a day adds up to £2,190,000,000 a year for hotel accommodation. The barges cost – well, see for yourself:

So: £800 million per year. But that’s not instead of the cost of hotels – it is in addition to that cost.

And what are we – and asylum seekers/refugees – getting for that cost? Edwin Hayward has researched it:

He had a highly-pertinent response to a correspondent who thought this didn’t seem too bad:

The best word on this whole sorry affair has come – as it usually does – from the most unfairly-vilified politician in Westminster: Jeremy Corbyn. He reminds us that the UK used to have a human immigration and asylum system, before the fascists and racists who currently call themselves Conservatives (and their counterpart cuckoos in Keir Starmer’s party) came along.

And look at the comment on his words, below:

We have come full circle.

UK policy on refugees and asylum-seekers is not only vile and inhumane; it reflects that of the Nazis to the minorities they persecuted.

Lee Anderson, Alex Chalk, Keir Starmer and Stephen Kinnock (it seems clear) would have put Jewish refugees from the Nazis in concentration camps, if they had been alive and in Parliament at that time. And how many of those currently aboard Bibby Stockholm are Jewish, anyway?

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