Tories mark third anniversary of the Grenfell tragedy with a staggering display of hypocrisy

What a strange mob these Conservative brutes are turning out to be! It seems they think everyone can be fooled by a bit of public relations jiggery-pokery. So on the third anniversary of the Grenfell Tower blaze, they lit up 10 Downing Street in green, took a photo of it and gave us some flowery words about a commitment to uncover the causes of the disaster and ensure it never happens again. Did it work? Don’t make me laugh… Fuck me but this is hypocricy on steroids with hundreds of…

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Johnson humiliated again as woman he appointed to Grenfell inquiry resigns over corrupt link to cladding firm

Remember Benita Mehra? This Site tagged her up as a sign of Boris Johnson’s corruption when it was revealed that he had appointed her to sit on the panel of the Grenfell Tower inquiry. She has links to the company which made the cladding blamed for accelerating the blaze. I said her appointment was a sign that Boris Johnson, who now has a huge Parliamentary majority and may impose any changes to the structure of the United Kingdom that he sees fit, is rubbing our collective nose in it. And…

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This election, for all those who no longer have the chance to vote, please make yours count

Those are strong words from the Wear Red – Stand Up and Be Counted Facebook page (above). For those who can’t read image files, it says: “Up to 130,000 people have died because of austerity who aren’t able to vote on December 12. “Hundreds of homeless people have died on the streets who aren’t able to vote either. “Those from the Windrush generation who were unjustly deported aren’t able to vote. “The sick people who died in hospital corridors waiting for medical treatment aren’t able to vote. “The victims of…

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Former Tory triggers row by trying to blame Labour for the Grenfell Tower inferno

As ‘Third Sector Workhouse’ suggested on Twitter: “There is no sewer the Lib Dems will not crawl through.” And what could we expect, after Yellow Tory Jo Swinson allowed so many Conservatives into her party? Tories thrive on lies, perversity and falsehood. So we have already seen the London Fire Brigade burdened with the blame for the deaths of 72 people in Grenfell Tower, after its officers followed safety procedures ordered by the Conservative-run local authority. Meanwhile we know the main cause of the deaths was the flammable cladding that…

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Barking fire blamed on cladding – and safety fears were downplayed. Grenfell Mk 2?

The conflagration in De Pass Gardens, Barking, was due to cladding breaking fire while safety concerns were ignored, it seems. According to the Guardian‘s report (link below), it is believed the fire spread after someone lit a barbecue on a balcony. The flames reached the wooden cladding that covered the building and, despite claims that it was flame-retardant and perfectly safe, spread across the whole building rapidly. Apparently the sprinkler system did not work. Concerns had been raised about possible fire safety problems in early May, after the BBC’s Watchdog programme had…

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Huge fire in NEWLY-BUILT block of flats. Is this how the Tory government learned the lessons of Grenfell?

As I type these words, around 100 firefighters are battling a blaze in a tower block on De Pass Gardens, Barking, in London. The cause is not known. There are no known injuries, and evacuation procedures are in place. But there is no avoiding the obvious question: Why has this happened after the Tory government promised to learn the lessons of Grenfell? Look at the strength of this fire, as shown in the following footage: The speed in which this fire in #barking spread was crazy! Nothing learned from #Grenfell #barkingfire…

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Sickening: ‘vile’ group burns effigy of Grenfell Tower on Bonfire Night – in mockery of the dead

Do you know these men? The images above were taken from a video in which an effigy of Grenfell Tower is burned, in mockery of the residents who died, were injured, or had their lives irreversibly harmed when the tower block was destroyed by fire last year. Police have launched an investigation, as this report states: “Scotland Yard have launched an investigation into a “vile” video of a model of Grenfell Tower being burned on a bonfire. “Party-goers … laughed and joked as they mocked the Grenfell tragedy. “The Metropolitan…

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Grenfell Tower: Theresa May’s face tells us all what her mouth won’t

Theresa May can be false in many places – but not, it seems, in the expression on her face. When artist Damel Carayol presented her with his painting of Grenfell Tower, captioned “Eyesore!! Final Straw”, she could not hide her distaste. The 55-year-old artist from north London lost family members in the fire, including his niece Khadija Saye, a fellow artist who died shortly before her work was to be exhibited for the first time. After hearing reports a few days after the fire that the flammable cladding that turned…

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Remember when Tories scolded us for bringing politics into the Grenfell Tower fire? Now they are trying to ‘spin’ it for votes

Conservatives have no shame – especially when they’re trying to con you into voting for them. At the moment, with the local elections approaching, it seems they have decided that it is a good time to politicise the inferno at Grenfell Tower – despite having deplored those of us who did so at the time. According to the Mirror, “Tory canvassers were allegedly heard discussing how to spin the Grenfell blaze for political gain a mile from the scene of the tragedy. “Local council candidate Maxwell Woodger is said to…

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Grenfell housing boss finally quits – more than six months after the fire

He took his time – and we can all see why, can’t we? It’s a lot of work, helping the police investigation and public inquiry… The housing boss responsible for running Grenfell Tower has finally stepped down more than six months after the tragedy. Robert Black, former chief executive of the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation, quit just before New Year despite being under intense pressure to go since the fire. Although he stepped aside from the top job in August he had remained on the company’s books on…

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