Who will Labour choose to follow Gordon Brown?

It seems Gordon Brown is to retire from his career as a member of Parliament at the 2015 general election. This presents a challenging dilemma for the current Labour leadership, which has announced that it wants to take over the selection process for replacement Parliamentary candidates if MPs stand down late. You see, Mr Brown is MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath – in Scotland. Labour is extremely unpopular in Scotland at the moment, where the SNP has whipped up a belief (rightly or wrongly) that the party betrayed the people by…

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Middleton & Heywood means nothing like the media/UKIP are saying – Skwawkbox Blog

BBC News, Radio 4 and others have been giving plenty of airtime and oxygen – as they did for years without justification in featuring Farage on every possible occasion – to the UKIP ‘near-triumph’ of UKIP in the Middleton and Heywood by-election, writes Steve Walker in his too-rarely-updated Skwawkbox Blog. The claim, in pseudo-rational analysis by pundits and near-histrionic terms by UKIP spokespeople, has been that the result is a scare for Labour and a clear demonstration of UKIP’s supposed threat to Labour in its heartlands. Here comes the sting…

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We have met the enemy and he is us… – Paul Bernal’s blog

Vox Political is not the only website to have run a post-mortem on yesterday’s (October 9) by-elections – its the latest mass-media darling, as Paul Bernal makes clear in his latest article. What makes his different is his conclusion as to why people voted UKIP in such large proportions in both elections. You should visit his site and read most of the article for yourself, but here’s the part that seems most relevant: “The blame game is an easy one to play – which is part of the reason for…

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UKIP wins in Clacton – but what does it mean?

It means people in Clacton actually like Douglas Carswell and Lord Ashcroft was right in his tweeted appraisal of him: Of course, that’s not what David Cameron has been saying. His mantra is – as many of you will be aware: “Vote UKIP – get Labour.” He’s wrong, of course. People aren’t thinking in those terms at all. They’re thinking: “Vote UKIP – get rid of the Conservatives.” It’s just a shame that they are also wrong; Carswell is still a Conservative – all he has done is swap a conservative party…

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