This grandmother DIED weighing just three stone because the Tories LIED about reviewing benefits for the terminally ill

Christine McCluskey did not have to die in the humiliating way your Conservative government demanded. The 61-year-old grandmother had suffered long-term health problems most of her adult life including Crohn’s disease – which left her with a colostomy bag – osteoporosis, arthritis, a stroke and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This housebound lady had a feeding tube and a painful fistula that leaked through her abdominal wall, she was severely malnourished and was being investigated for a worrying cough at the time the Department for Work and Pensions assessed her for…

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Parents are having to re-use ventilator parts for their sick children because of Tory Covid-19 failures

Children are suffering again because the Conservative government is incompetent. Back at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis we learned that, despite having been warned that a flu or flu-like pandemic was on its way and they should stock up on ventilator equipment, successive Tory governments under David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson ignored the advice. They didn’t buy ventilators, causing a crippling shortage of equipment when the inevitable happened and the virus hit us. Then, when the EU generously offered Boris Johnson a chance to join a bulk-buying scheme…

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Did 3,000 people HAVE to die penniless while the Tories fought court case over PIP for the terminally-ill?

It is one year since the Tories pledged to review their rules on which terminally-ill people could claim Personal Independence Payment – and it seems more than 3,000 would-be PIP claimants had to die before they were forced to do it by a court ruling. They died without receiving PIP, because they could not predict when they were likely to die. This Site celebrated like many others when Lorraine Cox won her case demanding a judicial review of the rules that said only people with particular terminal illness could claim PIP…

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Terminally ill woman forced to fight for benefits as it’s uncertain if she’ll die in six months

A woman from Derrylin, in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, has challenged the legal definition of a terminal illness after she was refused access to benefits due to uncertainty over her lifespan. Lorraine Cox has Motor Neurone Disease. Lorraine was required to still look for work months after she medically retired because of her condition. The 40-year-old then underwent a medical assessment for both ‘Universal Credit’ and ‘Personal Independence Payment’ (PIP) due to a rule which states that those who qualify for payment are expected to die within a period of six…

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MP falls ill in Commons, days after lockdown eased. What if it’s Covid-19?

The Conservative Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, has fallen ill after contributing to debates in the House of Commons – with symptoms that resemble Covid-19. His illness occurs just days after MPs were forced to return to the House of Commons rather than participate in online debates, in a plan devised by Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg, who claimed that online voting slowed debates unduly. Apparently queuing 2km around the Parliamentary precincts and down the road to vote causes no delay at all. Nobody can say that Sharma caught his…

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DWP accused of ‘discriminating’ against ESA-claiming disabled people in coronavirus pandemic

This is probably what the UN poverty rapporteur, Philip Alston, has been talking about recently. He said the Tories spent 10 years insisting that austerity was vital when it only harmed the poor, but when the coronavirus put the country into lockdown they suddenly turned on the taps and had cash flowing like water. But he said countries like the UK were still finding ways to harm the poorest – and this seems to be one of them: Tory ministers raised Universal Credit by £20 a week in 2020/21 to…

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Tories have not improved benefit support for people with terminal illnesses BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO

Charities including Marie Curie Cancer Care are calling on the Conservative government to pull its collective finger out and speed up a promised review of benefit support for people with terminal illnesses. They haven’t got a hope. Current benefit rules state that claimants can get their benefits fast-tracked if a doctor says they have less than six months to live, but campaigners argue this is too restrictive, and want benefits to be accessible as soon as a terminal illness diagnosis is made. Then-Work and Pensions secretary Amber Rudd promised in…

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Charity report highlights how Tories have pushed benefit claimants into poverty

Food bank charity the Trussell Trust has published research showing how the Conservative government has pushed people into extreme poverty, when it should have been helping them avoid it. It states that the Tory benefit system, ill health, and a lack of support from local authorities are the three main causes of hunger and destitution in the UK. Tory cuts to benefit payments, being turned down for disability benefits, being sanctioned, and delays in payments like the five week wait for Universal Credit are cited as key problems with benefits…

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£10m fund to help vulnerable people claim Universal Credit – but doesn’t it exclude those who need it most?

Disabled people, care leaves and people with mental illnesses will soon be able to get help from a £10 million fund to help them with Universal Credit claims. But there is a condition – it seems they can only take advantage of the funding as a route into work. So it seems people with more serious conditions will be excluded from the new fund. As announced by Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey, the Universal Credit Transition Fund will bankroll outreach programmes to help vulnerable people claim the widely-discredited so-called benefit.…

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Universal Credit: Mentally ill man asked how often he changes his underwear

Tory Britain. And they’re trying to claim Boris Johnson is the “People’s Prime Minister”? Pull the other one. A 35-year-old benefit claimant claims he was asked how often he changes his underwear during a humiliating face-to-face ‘fit for work’ assessment. The unnamed individual is said to suffer from mental health problems which affect his ability to hold down a job. He was told to attend a ‘Work Capability Assessment’ as part of a new claim for Universal Credit, despite being told by a doctor that he was unfit for work…

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