Lower than sewage: liar Johnson is still making poorest NHS workers pay ‘immigrant surcharge’

Could there be a better demonstration of what a detestable liar Boris Johnson is? He said his government would end a £624 “surcharge” it demanded from immigrant NHS workers for their own healthcare treatment. He lied. In fact, the charge has continued to be applied – to the poorest workers; those least able to afford it. The fee is still levied on staff who take a different job within six months – lower-paid cleaners, porters and carers, especially those on the zero-hours contracts the Tories have been keen to force into the workplace.…

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The Tories crippled their own border controls. Don’t let them use their own stupidity to boost racism

This Tory hypocrisy is a little too rich for our taste. Boris Johnson’s government is whipping up jingoism against refugees secretly crossing the Channel to get into the UK: Katie Hopkins: "I would use gunships against migrants boats" Priti Patel: pic.twitter.com/MUmWp3GmOb — Lowkey (@Lowkey0nline) August 8, 2020 Patel and the Tories are engaging in blatant racist dog-whistle rhetoric I hope the leader of the Opposition will speak up loudly and clearly for decency, humanity and the Rule of Law — Tom London (@TomLondon6) August 9, 2020 This hideous creature is…

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Patel’s policies would deport her own mother. Why believe her when she says Johnson isn’t racist?

Is Priti Patel a person of colour who hates her own race? The evidence seems to indicate this. Consider the reaction to rapper Dave’s decision to change the lyrics to his song Black at the Brit Awards. He sang – well, hear for yourself what he sang: Dave: "The truth is the Prime Minister is a real racist."#Brits2020 pic.twitter.com/XXeqiSAt66 — Scott Bryan (@scottygb) February 18, 2020 Some commentators – like those at Spiked – criticised the performance, but were shot down by others. Look at this from Twitter: Considering what the…

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Tory treatment of migrant families exposes the racism they are trying to hide

The Tories are exposed yet again – this time over their continuing ‘hostile environment’ to immigrants policy. It links several threads of racism in the Conservative Party: Not only does it show that the legacy of the Windrush Scandal is no change in policy – exactly as This Site stated immediately after the scandal broke – but it reminds us that racism is institutionalised among the Tories, as we see with Boris Johnson’s recent comments about burqa-wearing Muslim women. We are left with information that should be devastating to Conservative…

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Toxic Theresa May’s “hostile environment” is the worst scandal of recent years. She must resign or be removed

As long as Theresa May remains in the government, the wrong that has been done to the Windrush Generation is not going to be corrected. Theresa May must go. She can resign, or she can be forced out – I don’t mind which – but she cannot be allowed to stay. The appointment of Sajid Javid – a BAME minister who Mrs May doesn’t like, let’s not forget (she demoted him when she became PM) – seems to be a token gesture: “Let’s put a second-generation migrant, son-of-a-Pakistani-bus-driver in as…

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The road to genocide starts with divisive words – the kind that are all around us today

I’m drawing attention to the article quoted below because it’s the right time. The controversy over Jeremy Corbyn’s words to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day shows that evil-minded people will use lies and propaganda to twist the minds of others. And consider attitudes to the long-term sick and disabled. How often have we heard the lie that they are parasites who could work for a living but prefer to leech money from the rest of us? It’s a lie, of course. But ordinary people have been encouraged to scapegoat the sick…

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NHS-hater Paul Nuttall elected to lead UKIP. How long will this one last?

The only piece of information you really need about Paul Nuttall is that he wants to privatise the NHS completely. He published this information on his website a few years ago, then took it down when he realised it was unpopular with the general public. Fortunately, some of us made screen grabs so it could be kept for posterity. The campaigning group HOPE Not Hate has published 10 reasons to oppose Mr Nuttall. His opposition to the NHS comes in at number five, and here are the others: 1. Has…

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Censoring Marine Le Pen would be hypocritical when the BBC doesn’t gag UKIP or the Tories

Courting controversy shouldn’t be taboo – although I think the Marr Show producers really should have thought twice about having an interview with a fascist on Remembrance Sunday. Oh, does Marine Le Pen not call herself that? This Writer calls ’em as I see ’em. I wasn’t taking detailed notes but what I got from the interview was that she doesn’t like the European Union, does like Russia, and both hates and likes Muslims, depending on whether they’re immigrants or not. I think she may have been economical with the…

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Migrant in-work benefit ban is about cutting your money – didn’t you know?

David Cameron has found another excuse to cut benefits for the poorest in the UK. Apparently, a manifesto promise to reduce the number of immigrants coming to the UK by ensuring they could not claim tax credits or child benefit for four years is illegal under EU law – unless he inflicts the same cut on UK citizens aged 18-22. Cameron and his ministers must have known about the EU restrictions before including the promise in the Conservative manifesto. The alternative is that he and his government are incompetent, and they’re…

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