MPs get above-inflation pay rise to £82,000 after creating massive increase in in-work poverty

Doesn’t it make you proud to be British? The so-called Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has given MPs an enormous pay rise. They’ll now receive £82,000 as their basic salary, with ministers receiving much more. That’s a 3.1 per cent increase – much higher than the 1.8 per cent inflation rate. And they’ll also get increased expenses – ostensibly to cover staffing costs. Meanwhile, eight million working-age people are in poverty, with people in work totalling nearly 60 per cent of those in poverty. So the Tories are rewarding themselves hugely…

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Family can’t afford one-bedroom flat despite full-time work in Tory Britain. Time for a change

The Conservatives keep telling us work is the way out of poverty, but in the run-up to the election, let’s remember that they have put an end to all that. Consider the plight of Penny Sterling, who lives with her husband Garrett and 8 month old baby, Daniel in a one-bedroom flat in Richmond. They privately rent a one bedroom flat but struggle to cover the rent and have had to borrow from family members, despite Garrett’s full time job at a major UK airport. She says the rent takes…

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Food bank use has soared by 3,800% and child poverty is up 38% under Conservative rule

As Boris Johnson tried to woo business leaders, the Mirror has revealed shocking figures condemning the way the Conservatives have attacked working families. Figures quoted by the paper show that child poverty in working families – that’s families where one or more parent has a job, remember – rose to 2.9 million cases last year. That’s an increase of 38 per cent since 2010. Research by the TUC shows the number of children in poverty-hit homes has risen by 800,000 in that time. Bear in mind that this increase involved children…

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More working people than ever are struggling to survive

Terrifying new information from the Trade Union Congress has shown that millions of working people are struggling to survive due to poverty. The TUC poll suggests 20 per cent of working people – one-fifth of the more-than-30-million-strong working population – skip meals because they can’t afford the food. One in five workers go without heating during cold weather. One in 10 fall into rent or mortgage arrears because they can’t pay on time. And one in five have pawned or sold belongings because they needed the money. Asked how they would…

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The Tories’ big ‘unemployment rate’ lie – SHOT DOWN AGAIN

Once again, the Tories adopt the tactics of Goebbels. Once again, they fail. The Nazi propaganda minister famously said: “The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.” Well, Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd and the rest of the Tories look ridiculous for spreading this lie again. But they don’t care because they know that their puppies in the mainstream press will repeat it and that will be enough to convince a…

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Food bank opens AT SCHOOL after famished children start stealing from lunchboxes

Now even children are being forced into crime by repressive Conservative government policies. Think it through: Schoolchildren are almost entirely dependent on their parents for nutrition and Conservative policies have pushed 14 million UK citizens below the poverty line. This figure includes four million people who are in work. We may conclude that this is because the Tories have deliberately pushed wages through the floor. Only last week, Tory ex-minister Dominic Raab was ridiculed after he claimed wages were rising at their fastest rate in eight years. They weren’t; and…

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This graph shows up the Tory ‘making work pay’ lie for what it is

The graph is self-explanatory – as is the comment from fellow social media website author Sue Jones: She wrote: “Dear Conservatives, “What I want to know is, “making work pay” for whom? “Yours sincerely, the disenfranchised of Durham.” For more information, see articles by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, such as this. Here are four ways to be sure you’re among the first to know what’s going on. 1) Register with us by clicking on ‘Subscribe’ (in the left margin). You can then receive notifications of every new article that is posted here.…

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Migrant in-work benefit ban is about cutting your money – didn’t you know?

David Cameron has found another excuse to cut benefits for the poorest in the UK. Apparently, a manifesto promise to reduce the number of immigrants coming to the UK by ensuring they could not claim tax credits or child benefit for four years is illegal under EU law – unless he inflicts the same cut on UK citizens aged 18-22. Cameron and his ministers must have known about the EU restrictions before including the promise in the Conservative manifesto. The alternative is that he and his government are incompetent, and they’re…

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Osborne’s biggest lie: ‘Conservatives are competent’

Georgie Orgy, nose puddings and lies Starved the poor – some of them died. When the voters have their say George Osborne will run away. It would be impossible to take George Osborne seriously, if not for the fact that his plans threaten the livelihood, health, and indeed the lives – not only of British citizens, but of the nation itself. His words yesterday (Monday), during the row with the Liberal Democrats over economic policy, certainly do not deserve any respect after the absolute nonsense he spouted to Parliament last…

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Is Iain Duncan Smith legalising breach of contract?

Here’s something mentioned during Iain Duncan Smith’s session before the Commons Work and Pensions committee last week, that doesn’t seem to have enjoyed enough attention: It seems Daftie Duncan Smith wants to legalise breach of contract. He reckons part-time workers should be sanctioned off their top-up benefits if they refuse extra hours offered by their employer. The sanctions would apply under the Universal Credit system – which is never going to work anyway – so perhaps this is an inconsequential matter, but it is disturbing that the Secretary of State for…

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