Never mind Typhoid Mary – is this Covid Boris? School Johnson visited joins those suffering outbreaks

Before any of his few remaining supporters write in to whinge, the headline is largely frivolous and I don’t think Boris Johnson is actually responsible for the Covid-19 outbreak at Castle Rock School in Coalville. Johnson visited the school less than two weeks ago, touting his message that children would be perfectly safe there and adults did not have to worry about catching the virus either. But a staff member has now tested positive for Covid-19 and pupils in certain classes have been told to stay home for an indefinite…

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If Grant Shapps wants us to go back to work, why is HE still working from home?

Tories just don’t get it, do they? Leadership demands that you give people something to follow. Example: Grant Shapps trying to get people to go back to all that time-wasting travelling to and from their places of work when they can do the job just as easily from home (and nine out of 10 people say they prefer it). Here he is, being interviewed at his home, telling us to go to work: "Get back to the office, peasants" says Tory minister giving an interview, which is part of his…

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‘R’ rate speculation show how even ‘experts’ say what suits them rather than what you need to know

Using an ad-blocker? PLEASE SWITCH IT OFF My ads don’t cost you anything but they do provide me the money I need to live. Using an ad-blocker on this site is as bad as stealing. So, are Covid-19 infections about to rise exponentially again, now that the ‘R’ rate has risen above 1 for the first time on record? Apparently not. The so-called ‘experts’ are telling us outbreaks in a few “hotspots” are pushing the average up. But wasn’t that always the case? Here in This Writer’s part of Mid…

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Was the scheme to rehouse the homeless during the Covid lockdown another big Tory dud?

It seems homeless people really are invisible – to the media, at least. The Tories told us they were putting people who sleep on the streets into temporary accommodation – with a scheme called “Everyone In”. Except it turns out that everyone wasn’t in. Even by the Tories’ own estimation they only managed to bring 90 per cent of then-existing homeless people out of the open air and behind closed doors. And that estimation comes from Robert Jenrick. What are his words worth? Not a lot, it seems: In June, the Office…

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Pensions set for 18 per cent increase after being omitted from Sunak’s summer statement – or are they?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak dodged a major headache in his summer statement – failing to address a burning issue affecting pensions. He has a choice between giving senior citizens a massive increase in their pensions next year, or breaking a long-standing promise to them. Here’s the problem, according to the Mirror: Current rules mean the Government will need to find enough money to raise the state pension by an estimated 18.3% when we can least afford it. It’s because of an old promise to make sure pensions rise by at least as…

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Coronavirus transmission rate is increasing, so why all this talk of easing lockdown?

Covid-19’s reproduction rate must be decreasing if the UK’s lockdown is to be lifted – and this critical ‘R’ rate is actually rising. So why is all the talk about lifting the lockdown? We’re told the speed of coronavirus infections is rising because of the epidemic that has been revealed in care homes… … and what about the deaths in mental health hospitals and among people with learning disabilities? These are places that may be reasonably expected to have the proper procedures in place if a pandemic sweeps the UK –…

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The deadliest day: 980 coronavirus deaths in UK hospitals – and it’s only getting worse

The United Kingdom has broken a record – but it isn’t one that should make Boris Johnson proud. Yesterday’s (April 10) total of 980 deaths in UK hospitals means this country has recorded the highest number of coronavirus fatalities in a single day than any other European nation. Even Spain and Italy didn’t get near that on their worst days. And, if the Office for National Statistics is right, the underlying figure – including people who died at home or in care homes – is 1,744. And the underlying total…

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Coronavirus: Tories threaten tax increase on self-employed after non-offer of help

Typical Tories: they make a long list of promises that get broken within a week and then try to charge us a fortune for them. So, with the self-employed, they’ve offered to pay 80 per cent of normal profits (not wages, as with employees). But they won’t even start providing this until some time in June. And self-employed people will be taxed for receiving that money. And in the meantime, they want any of us whose income stream dries up to claim Universal Credit, joining an online/telephone queue of tens of…

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Coronavirus: the Tories have LIED about the daily death toll – INCREASING fears. Why?

Take a look at this headline: Is it working? UK records 43 coronavirus deaths in past 24 hours compared to 87 yesterday You can see it in situ by following the link at the bottom of the article. It was a Daily Mail headline on March 25. It’s a lie, of course – but this time the Mail doesn’t seem to be to blame. No, this time it’s the Tory government who seem to be at fault. It wasn’t realistic for the government to claim that the number of deaths had halved,…

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Surge in support gives Vox Political nearly 750,000 hits in a month

This is just a note of thanks to readers of This Site for their support – which surged to 743,652 hits in January. Nearly three-quarters of a million in a month! This is a huge vote of confidence in the site and in This Writer and I am extremely grateful. Keep reading – the more support I get, the better the site can be. Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding appeal, raising funds to fight false libel claims by TV celebrities who should know better? These court cases cost a…

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