Amber Rudd is right and people have been using food banks who didn’t need to: TORY MPs

The minister responsible for making sure everybody who is entitled to state benefits knows what benefits they should have has claimed that people are using food banks because they don’t know what benefits they should be getting. Amber Rudd, who had to resign as Home Secretary over the racist Windrush scandal, appears to be trying to prove she can’t function as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions either. She told BBC Five Live: “Sometimes I discover when I go to visit the food banks there are people in there…

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Tories put Labour’s cart before their horse in budget row

This writer is a big fan of The Critique Archives. Martin Odoni has no problem saying what he means and backing it up with facts – and the latest piece, In a democratic process you are supposed to tell us what your own damned budgets are before you insult someone else’s, is a prime example. “Well, that was a blundering start to the Election campaign, even by the standards of the modern Conservative Party,” he writes. “According to [Iain] Duncan Smith, the Conservatives have not yet made decisions on exactly how…

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Will the government really penalise GPs whose patients opt out of data sharing?

It seems the government has found a way to dissuade GPs from letting patients opt out of having their medical records sold to private firms – the threat of penalties or even an investigation into the way they run their practice. Vox Political revealed earlier this month that the government is planning to make a profit from selling the private records of NHS patients in England to healthcare and pharmaceutical firms. The records are said to be ‘anonymised’, but in fact anyone buying your details will be able to identify…

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Those of us who are lucky enough not to live in London have yet to see the amazing advertising vans that have been conveying instructions to Conservative-leaning voters, to treat with hatred, suspicion and contempt anybody who is not a white, Anglo-Saxon protestant. It seems clear that these vehicles are intended to promote racism and heighten racial tension, setting British citizens against each other – because the aim is to encourage the suspicion that another person may be an illegal immigrant – in the same way Coalition policy on social security…

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