Cameron aide charged over child abuse images – at long last

Patrick Rock, a former aide of David Cameron and protege of Margaret Thatcher, has been charged with three counts of making an indecent photograph of a child, and with possession of 59 indecent images of children – more than four months after he was arrested on suspicion of child pornography offences. Crown Prosecution Service lawyers assessed the images as Level C, meaning they showed sexual activity between adults and children. This is the man who, as deputy head of 10 Downing Street’s policy unit, had been working on policies that…

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Labour demands clarity over the Patrick Rock allegations

Credit where it’s due: Whatever you think of the Labour Party, its leaders deserve praise for asking the right questions about the Patrick Rock affair. Mr Rock was arrested on February 13, suspected of possessing child abuse imagery – shortly after he resigned his position working on policies that we all thought were intended to make it harder to find such images on the Internet. Details of his resignation and arrest were not released to the public, but the media sprang into action and in a matter of days, the…

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Child abuse imagery arrest raises questions about newspaper timing

Today’s (March 4) papers and Internet news sites will be full of the arrest of Patrick Rock, until recently an aide of David Cameron (and a former protege of Margaret Thatcher) on suspicion of possessing child abuse imagery. The BBC News article is one of a deluge covering the story of the 62-year-old former deputy head of 10 Downing Street’s policy unit – who had been working on policies that are allegedly intended to make it harder to find images of child abuse on the Internet. The arrest took place…

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Modern politics: Give the other fellow hell – and the country nothing at all

Politics is perception. It isn’t about government any more. It seems none of the main parties are interested in gaining Parliamentary dominance in order to improve British citizens’ chances of leading successful lives, serving their needs by creating the best conditions in which they can prosper. Quite the opposite – it seems clear that the intention is to crush those very citizens beneath the heel of the State (most hypocritically in the case of the Conservatives), forcing the people to serve the interests of the elected members. What a sad…

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