Whistleblowers’ bid to blackmail Labour into expelling Corbyn should come to nothing

I use “blackmail” in the headline advisedly. This may very well be a criminal offence. For those who are unaware, blackmail occurs when a person (or several) make a demand of another person (or indeed organisation), accompanied by the threat of a particular consequence if they don’t comply. (For example, if a group of so-called anti-Semitism “whistleblowers” threaten the Labour Party with bankruptcy either fighting or settling legal claims, unless it expels Jeremy Corbyn.) The intent must be to make a gain for someone (not necessarily themselves) – or a…

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Tories and ‘centrist’ hypocrites call for closure of fund to help Jeremy Corbyn fight legal battle

Fantasists who have spent years pretending Jeremy Corbyn was an anti-Semite are wailing in protest after a fund was set up to help him fight a legal battle. The broadcaster John Ware, who was responsible for last year’s risible Panorama ‘documentary’, Is Labour Antisemitic, is suing Corbyn over comments made by the former Labour leader and the official party line on the film at the time. In response – and after current Labour leader Keir Starmer went against legal advice provided to the party in order to reward former Labour apparatchiks who…

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If Keir Starmer thinks he’s calming the rage over Labour anti-Semitism, he’s only made it worse

It is worth pointing out, on the day Keir Starmer paid out around £600,000 and apologised to so-called anti-Semitism “whistleblowers”, that his actions are only perpetuating the saga – prolonging the agony. Take his sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey from the Labour front bench a few weeks ago: on Monday, Labour Party members, supported by Salford TUC, made a formal complaint – I take it to the party’s National Executive Committee – about Starmer’s conduct. The group points out that Ms Long-Bailey’s sacking on the pretext of her having shared a…

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Grossly distorted report by Starmer supporters predictably blames Corbyn for Labour election defeat

Why are the media making such a fuss about a right-wing report that blames Labour’s defeat in the last general election on the party’s then – lefty – leader? It makes the blood boil to read the distortions in this so-called report, put together by a cabal of Starmer-supporting right-wingers with an anti-Corbyn chip on their collective shoulder who have the cheek to brand themselves “Labour Together”! Labour backstabbers, more like! It should be no surprise that all the major members of Labour Together now have prominent roles in the…

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Racist coward Home Secretary uses Parliamentary privilege to label Jeremy Corbyn a racist

Priti Patel: what a nasty piece of work she is! This Writer feels comfortable in calling her a racist; she supported – by which I mean she voted for – the racist legislation that created the “hostile environment” policy at the Home Office, leading to the Windrush scandal. And of course she is a close ally of Boris Johnson, who has proved himself to be a racist on many occasions. Perhaps, then, she was trying to deflect attention away from her party’s, her government’s, and her own racism when she…

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Keir betrayal: Starmer rejects policies that made him Labour leader

If the secret to great comedy is timing, then Keir Starmer must be one of the biggest clowns in the United Kingdom. And the joke is on the party members who supported him. Having won the leadership of the Labour Party on a “continuity” platform that promised to continue the work of former leader Jeremy Corbyn in restoring the organisation to its historic values, Mr Starmer has now decided to reject those policies and claim that Mr Corbyn’s leadership is the reason Labour lost dozens of northern English constituencies that…

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Duff Sunday Times investigation has everyone thinking we need a new leader. Who should it be? [POLL]

It’s a stupid premise for a leadership challenge but people seem to be getting behind it (because they’re easily-led) so let’s do the same. The claim is that Boris Johnson should not be the prime minister of the UK because he missed a few meetings that happened to take place in Cabinet Office Briefing Room ‘A’. He wasn’t required to attend them. It would have been advisable for him to accept the advice that came from them, but it seems that he may have been given bad advice by those…

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Labour anti-Semitism report: Starmer acts – to cover his supporters’ arses

Labour leader Keir Starmer has issued a statement on the leaked Labour report that shows evidence that right-wing party staff members actively campaigned to undermine previous leader Jeremy Corbyn – by promising to protect the members implicated in wrongdoing, and investigate how the public got to find out about them. Or so it seems to me. In a joint statement with deputy leader Angela Rayner, he said the following. I’ll comment on his words [in bold] as we go through it: “We have seen a copy of an apparently [apparently? It…

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Starmer stumbles on anti-Semitism: will he kick out Corbyn & make Labour a haven for racists?

Keir Starmer’s hard line on anti-Semitism could make him the most unpopular leader in Labour Party history, haemorrhaging members from his first full day. He has written a letter to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, following up on his pledge to “tear out this poison by its roots”, offering a meeting with groups representing the select group of British Jews who claim there is a problem: He offers a video conference with the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Leadership Council, the Community Security Trust and the Jewish Labour…

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After five years of hate, tributes for Jeremy Corbyn on his last day as Labour leader

For those of us who supported his leadership from the moment he declared his candidacy, the praise Jeremy Corbyn has received for his time as Labour Party leader is nothing more than he was due. He took a floundering political party that had badly lost its way after being hijacked by right-wing neoliberals and steered it back to its socialist roots. It was exactly the right thing to do, triggering a massive membership boost that made Corbyn’s Labour the largest political organisation in western Europe. Sadly, elements on the right…

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