Refusal to condemn Trump’s racist tweets highlights where the problem lies in BRITISH politics

Right-wing, and so-called ‘centrist’, politicians in the UK have validated misogyny and racism – and fake claims of anti-Semitism – by failing to condemn the racist tweets in which Donald Trump attacked four US Congresswomen. All are from ethnic minorities although three were born in the United States, but Mr Trump suggested they should all “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came”. It’s as bad as Theresa May’s racist advertising lorries from 2013, which bore the legend, “Go home.” Here’s what…

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Tax and spend pledges show neither Johnson nor Hunt can be trusted with our money

Has the Tory leadership election degenerated into a contest about who can lie the most blatantly and get away with it? If their tax-and-spend pledges are any yardstick, it has. Jeremy Hunt wants to spend £20 billion from Brexit “war chest” that will only exist if the UK manages an exit deal with the EU – and that would only be available for a year. That’s not enough for permanent changes. And Boris Johnson promised public sector pay rises that were coming anyway as the years-long Tory-imposed pay freeze finally…

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Former Tory leader attacks Johnson’s Brexit plan. Is it because he hadn’t heard Hunt’s?

It could be argued that an endorsement from a failed ex-Conservative leader and former schoolboy politician may do Jeremy Hunt more harm than good – but the fact is that neither he nor Boris Johnson have covered themselves in glory. Business leaders have described both candidates’ willingness to offer a hard ‘no deal’ Brexit in order to leave the EU no later than October 31 as the “height of irresponsibility”, pointing out that manufacturing output has suffered its sharpest fall in six and a half years. It is possible that…

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Jeremy Hunt doesn’t care about your job because he thinks Brexit will win him more votes

If you thought the UK would be ruined by a Boris Johnson premiership, try to remember that Jeremy Hunt will be just as bad. Here he is, promising to destroy 350 jobs in Kidderminster for the sake of a few Brexit-supporting votes – because getting Brexiteers to support the Tories is far more important than actually doing anything supportive of the UK, its people and economy. Right? Jeremy Hunt says he will "sacrifice jobs for a No-Deal Brexit" — The Left Bible (@theleftbible) June 24, 2019 I find myself in…

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This rural Mid Wales constituency is now the focus of UK politics. Here are the reasons

Isn’t it frightening that both remaining candidates in the Tory leadership contest have names that can be perverted into terms for genital organs? We have Boris Johnson on one side – a ‘johnson’ being a slang term for male parts; and on the other side, Jeremy C… Hunt, whose surname has been mispronounced so many times that no further elaboration should be necessary. Does this mean that, no matter who wins, the UK is f***ed? It may not make much difference, if current developments in This Writer’s home constituency of…

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From this showing, ‘Our Next Prime Minister’ will be a worse embarrassment than the last one

What the hell was Emily Maitlis doing, agreeing with Michael Gove that Jeremy Corbyn indulges anti-Semitism when he so obviously does not? She came out with her extraordinary outburst during the BBC televised Conservative leadership debate, in which Michael Gove responded appallingly to concerns over Islamophobia raised by a Bristolian imam. Here’s that gentleman, explaining himself on Twitter: Yes he did. Here it is – Michael Gove is so proud of his defamatory statement that he turned it into an infographic: “If there are Islamophobes in our Party…

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Stewart surge knocks Raab out of Tory leader race – and threatens even Johnson

Surprise results from the second round of the Conservative Party leadership election show a big leap in support for Rory Stewart. Mr Stewart, who scraped into the second round of the election in bottom place, has doubled his support, leapfrogging both Dominic Raab and Sajid Javid. Mr Raab is out now; Mr Javid may be out next time. Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove will be disappointed; their support base has hardly changed since the first round. Neither has Boris Johnson’s. And he will have been hoping to dodge having to…

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Hypocrites challenge Corbyn’s call for evidence in tanker controversy

Isn’t it childish that, in this age of climate change and environmental catastrophe caused by fossil fuels, our leaders are squabbling over oil again? The Conservative government has supported claims by the United States that attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman – on one of the world’s most important tanker routes – were caused by Iran. Apparently the removal of a mine from one of the tankers by Iranian special forces was portrayed as proof of that country’s guilt by the US government under Donald Trump.…

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POLL: Does anybody care about all these Tory leadership hopefuls and their druggie pasts?

Can somebody please tell me how having taken drugs in the past makes someone a better candidate to be the leader of the Conservative Party – let alone prime minister? Jeremy Hunt was the first; he admitted taking a cannabis lassi (it’s a kind of drink made in India). Then Rory Stewart said he took opium at a wedding in Iran, prompting speculation in some quarters that he was pre-empting a revelation – possibly by a rival. And then the floodgates opened. Boris Johnson took cocaine and cannabis at college.…

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Legal aid decision for Shamima Begum allows the Tories to give free rein to their hypocrisy

I can’t say I’m happy that the UK is likely to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on legal aid for Shamima Begum’s bid to regain her citizenship. As you know if you read my previous work on this subject, I subscribe to the belief that Ms Begum knew exactly what she was doing when she left the UK to join a terrorist organisation (Islamic State) that wants to end the way of life enjoyed by citizens of this country, and I think her plea to be…

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