Labour campaigner slams ‘cliquey’ misrepresentation on BBC’s Daily Politics

Crispin Flintoff runs Stand Up for Labour, a touring stand-up comedy show that aims to raise support for the Labour Party. He states in his blog that “Stand up for Labour travels all over the country with the aim of energising people who support the Labour Party, promoting political activity and a sense of community”. So when he was invited to appear on the BBC’s Daily Politics, a show he now says is “firmly based in Westminster and promotes division between political parties and within political parties; makes politics seem cliquey…

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In the Labour anti-Semitism debate, Daily Politics hosts a genuine Tory racist

What a shocking display of racism on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme today (January 23)! George Freeman’s outrageous claim that it isn’t racist to call black people “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles” went unchallenged by host Jo Coburn. He made his comments in defence of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, while attacking the Labour Party, alleging that it tolerates anti-Semites in its ranks. The outburst was condemned by Jackie Walker, a Labour member and former vice-chair of Momentum who, like This Writer, is facing disciplinary action by party authorities over alleged – and…

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This is how you beat tricky BBC interviewers: Straight talking, honest politics

This site has already shown you the joyful spectacle of Dennis Skinner taking down a TV interviewer: Dennis Skinner running rings around journalists at Labour conference. — Richard 4 Deputy (@RB4Deputy) September 26, 2017 I also wanted to feature Ken Loach’s words on the Department for Work and Pensions and social security as a whole. Questioned by a schoolmarmish Jo Coburn, who presented the claim that the DWP helps people into work (which isn’t even worthy of sarcastic laughter), the venerable film-maker knocked her flat by saying it exactly…

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