Tories withdraw illegal leaflet telling disabled jobseekers to downplay their conditions

A “well-intentioned” leaflet urging people with disabilities to mislead employers about their conditions has been withdrawn by the Department for Work and Pensions, after questions were asked in Parliament. The official DWP leaflet, issued by a Job Centre in Dorset, told jobseekers to avoid using words like “chronic” or “depression” when applying for work. They were told to use “more general terms” and to avoid making things “sound worse than they are”. It stated: “Avoid words that sound worse than they are, eg: chronic, degenerating, etc. “You may find it helpful…

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DWP inappropriately lists – then drops – ‘striptease artist’ as career for jobseekers

On the day this year’s GCSE results came out, no doubt you can picture the scene yourself. “Gosh!” says young Virginia. “I’m so lucky! I got just the right grades to be a stripper! My careers teacher told me a might. “And it’s so handy because I’ll probably see him, along with lots of my other teachers, down at the club! “Not only that, but if I work really hard, I might be able to move on into prostitution, like that nice Liberal Democrat councillor suggested! “That will give me…

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Poundland implicated in work experience scandal – again

Poundland seems to be turning into a serial abuser of jobseekers. It is now five years since Cait Reilly (remember her?) took the DWP to court for forcing her to stack shelves at one of the discount retail chain’s stores. It was forced labour, not voluntary, the company paid her nothing (she only received benefit money) and pocketed all the profits. In May 2013, This Writer worked out that companies using jobseekers in this way were making profits of almost £1 billion per year – and were being funded by…

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People with mental health problems ARE vulnerable and the DWP has lied AGAIN

A claim by the Department for Work and Pensions that jobseekers with mental health problems are not classed as vulnerable and may be sanctioned with impunity is false, documentary evidence has shown. Welfare Weekly revealed last week that JSA claimants with even the most serious mental health illnesses are not considered vulnerable by DWP. This has a knock-on effect when their Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) is reduced or stopped. In that circumstance, everyone can apply for a hardship payment totallying up to 60 per cent of their JSA, to help cover the cost of…

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Cameron promises to protect pensioners’ benefits. Do you believe him?

Why should you believe a word David Cameron says? He has repeated a pledge not to introduce means testing for benefits such as bus passes, TV licences and the winter fuel allowance, if elected (not re-elected; he didn’t get enough support for that in 2010) in May. This is the man who “looked down the barrel of a camera” (as he describes it) in 2010, promised to protect the NHS, and to tell any cabinet minister proposing cuts to frontline services that they should go away and think again. He…

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Company breaches employee’s contract so DWP threatens to sanction HIM

Here’s a fine wheeze being practised by a hotel here in Mid Wales: It advertised a job in its kitchens – washing and cleaning. A friend of Yr Obdt Srvt applied but was refused; the manager offered it to a younger applicant because this meant paying lower wages. The younger applicant very swiftly delivered ample proof that he wasn’t willing to get up in the morning, so the friend was offered the job instead, working 22 hours per week. Before he actually started, he was advised that the job was…

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McVey’s latest Psycho-babble project is a Ploy to divert Public money to Private Sector? – Jayne Linney

The articles debunking myths about the Labour Party, published on Friday and yesterday (Saturday), have stirred up the Tory-supporting trolls into a frenzy of misinformation and the Vox Political blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed have all been straining under the weight. For this reason, the blog has not had a chance to address the latest evil plot to scapegoat the unemployed for their own joblessness while funnelling cash to undeserving private firms like there’s no tomorrow. Fortunately, here’s Jayne Linney with her take on the government’s new psychological test…

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Fall in unemployment = number of people on sanctions

Has anybody else noticed the eerie similarity between the drop in unemployment over the last three months, recorded by the Office for National Statistics (132,000), and the number of jobseekers put on sanction by the Department for Work and Pensions every month (170,000)? According to a Guardian report, the Lib Dems said the number of sanction referrals has increased from around 60,000 a month in the early part of the last decade to around 170,000 today – and went on to state that around 15 per cent of these sanctions…

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Keep talking, Iain – your idiot ideas will run your party right out of office

Iain Duncan Smith typifies the classical definition of an idiot – and his latest speech will prove it by ignoring Britain’s real problems in favour of self-centred, ideologically-motivated foolishness. The Greeks used to believe idiots were ignorant people, incapable of ordinary reasoning, whose judgement in public and political matters was poor – but who refused to change their minds. If you don’t think that’s Iain Duncan Smith, take a look at parts of his speech, as quoted in today’s (Monday) Daily Torygraph. First off, take a look at the headline:…

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The self-employment deception will leave Osborne wrong-footed over tax returns

It seems a surge in the number of people who say they are self-employed is not (solely) due to a DWP wheeze that gets people off the unemployment statistics after all. Instead, Flip Chart Fairy Tales warns that a lot of people are staying in self-employment rather than becoming employees again or retiring. This suggests that either they have not been able to reach their target in terms of pensions, or there are no jobs available for people of their particular expertise or experience. The latter seems likely to Yr Obdt…

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