Will Jeremy Corbyn really step down as leader if Labour loses a general election?

The Independent is running a disturbing report that claims Jeremy Corbyn will quit as Labour leader if the party loses at the expected general election later this year. The claim is from an interview between former New Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell and shadow chancellor John McDonnell, in GQ magazine. Mr McDonnell is quoted as follows, after being asked if Mr Corbyn would “stay on”: “I can’t see so. What we’d do is as the tradition, which is have an election for a new leader.” He added: “I think it is the same…

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Inquiry demanded into claims Boris Johnson backers will profit from ‘no deal’ – and it can’t come soon enough

The Labour Party has demanded an independent “conflict of interest” inquiry into Boris Johnson, over claims that the prime minister’s backers will profit hugely from a “no deal” Brexit. John McDonnell, shadow chancellor, has written to the UK’s most senior civil servant, Cabinet Office secretary Mark Sedwill, calling for an investigation into alleged collusion with currency speculators. The demand is based on comments by Mr Johnson’s sister Rachel and claims by former chancellor – now an Independent MP – Philip Hammond that speculators were investing in “short” positions – betting…

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Labour lays down the green energy gauntlet with interest-free loan plan for electric cars

While the Tories – and other right-wingers around the globe – are still messing up the planet with fossil fuels, Labour has announced a game-changing plan to democratise ownership of electric cars. A Labour government will offer loans of up to £33,000 to low- and middle-income households, people in rural areas, independent contractors and small-to-medium-sized businesses, to buy electric cars. The intention is to provide clean transport for everyone, with 2.5 million interest-free loans; the government would cover the cost of interest. And the scheme would boost the national grid,…

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Back Labour’s ‘caretaker’ government after Johnson loses confidence vote – demand

Opposition parties will be challenged to put the good of the nation before their own ambitions if Labour wins a ‘no confidence’ vote against Boris Johnson’s government next month. Political opponents of Mr Corbyn have suggested that a so-called ‘Government of National Unity’ could be formed if BoJob loses such a vote, but shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said Labour would not support it. This means the plan should fail, as too few MPs would support it. Instead, Mr McDonnell said Labour would demand the keys to 10 Downing Street…

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Want to know what was wrong with Labour’s Euro election campaign? Here’s your answer

It seems there have been a few recriminations – inside and outside the Labour Party – over its performance in the European Parliamentary elections. Many people are saying the party came a distant third behind the Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party because the message from the leadership wasn’t clear enough. Silly, silly people. I can show you the problem in a short sequence of tweets: So people are absolutely clear what I am saying.Of course I want a general election. But I realise how difficult this is to secure.I…

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Confront your MP – PERSONALLY – about Tory abuse of people on benefits, says McDonnell

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is calling for voters to force their MPs – particularly Tory MPs – to admit the brutality of Universal Credit, benefit sanctions and disability benefit assessments that he says are now unchallengably linked to people’s deaths. But will it do any good?  He wants us all to speak personally to MPs because they refuse to face the facts when discussing it in a Parliamentary debate. It’s an optimistic view, in This Writer’s opinion, because it assumes that Conservative MPs don’t understand that people are dying as…

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History lesson for Peston (and backstabbers) on Labour anti-Semitism

A bid to backstab Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell backfired in the faces of Lisa Nandy and Wes Streeting after all three appeared on Robert Peston’s ITV chat show yesterday (February 27). Ms Nandy and Mr Streeting were keen to suggest their own party had failed to act appropriately in the early days of anti-Semitism accusation against members, citing the case of their colleague Naz Shah as an example. But Mr McDonnell contradicted them, saying he had intimate knowledge of that matter as Ms Shah was his Personal Private Secretary (PPS)…

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Winston Churchill was not a paragon of humanity. Why are Tories pretending to be shocked?

Here’s more fake outrage from Conservatives – this time at John McDonnell’s, entirely accurate, assertion that Sir Winston Churchill was a wrong ‘un. I’m glad my brother, Doctor of History David Sivier (also known as Beastrabban), is around to give a learned historical perspective on this matter. Mr McDonnell was answering quick-fire questions on the Politico website, including: “Winston Churchill. Hero or villain?” McDonnell replied: “Tonypandy – villain.” Here’s the Beast: This referred to the Tonypandy riots of 1910, when striking miners were shot down by the army after clashing…

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Cox’s credibility catastrophe: TV professor’s logic fails him over ‘friends with Tories’ debate

I suppose it was only logical that one of the minds behind D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better – also known as Tony Blair’s theme song in the 1997 general election – should hold a centrist worldview that absolves Conservative MPs of guilt for their many crimes against the UK’s population. So it should be no surprise that Professor Brian Cox would take issue with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s statement that he could not be friends with a Conservative politician after the cruelty of their austerity policies over the last eight…

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‘Vote the Budget down to stop people being forced into poverty’

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has appealed for MPs of all parties to vote down Philip Hammond’s Budget when he announces it tomorrow (October 29) – if it fails to stop Universal Credit forcing people into poverty. Mr McDonnell’s words came on the day The Observer published a report exposing how Universal Credit is forcing people out of their homes. “The rollout of universal credit and freezes to local housing allowance rates put even basic accommodation beyond the means of many. One shelter said universal credit was a factor in a third of…

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