Whistleblowers’ bid to blackmail Labour into expelling Corbyn should come to nothing

I use “blackmail” in the headline advisedly. This may very well be a criminal offence. For those who are unaware, blackmail occurs when a person (or several) make a demand of another person (or indeed organisation), accompanied by the threat of a particular consequence if they don’t comply. (For example, if a group of so-called anti-Semitism “whistleblowers” threaten the Labour Party with bankruptcy either fighting or settling legal claims, unless it expels Jeremy Corbyn.) The intent must be to make a gain for someone (not necessarily themselves) – or a…

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If Keir Starmer thinks he’s calming the rage over Labour anti-Semitism, he’s only made it worse

It is worth pointing out, on the day Keir Starmer paid out around £600,000 and apologised to so-called anti-Semitism “whistleblowers”, that his actions are only perpetuating the saga – prolonging the agony. Take his sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey from the Labour front bench a few weeks ago: on Monday, Labour Party members, supported by Salford TUC, made a formal complaint – I take it to the party’s National Executive Committee – about Starmer’s conduct. The group points out that Ms Long-Bailey’s sacking on the pretext of her having shared a…

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Cowardly Keir pays huge damages to so-called anti-Semitism whistleblowers – rather than win in court

It should come as no surprise that new New Labour leader Keir Starmer would rather pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to so-called anti-Semitism whistleblowers than contest their claims in court – and perhaps win. We know that the party had received advice that it had a strong defence against the claims by a group who spoke out in last year’s Panorama documentary, Is Labour Antisemitic? Here’s former leader Jeremy Corbyn saying as much: Former Labour leader Mr Corbyn said the legal settlement “risks giving credibility to misleading and inaccurate allegations about…

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The Labour Party founded the National Health Service. Why are its inheritors so keen to let it die?

Read this: This is probably the most telling comment of the Starmer leadership. Faux patriotism counts more than stopping American corporations buying parts of the NHS. https://t.co/v5romZqLxU — Aaron Bastani (@AaronBastani) July 19, 2020 To This Writer, it is an act of shocking treachery for a senior member of the Labour Party – let alone its leader and Shadow Foreign Secretary – to hide evidence that a UK government is willing to sell the National Health Service, or at least all the parts of it that make it valuable to…

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Keir Starmer’s hypocrisy over Nelson Mandela – and why it matters

Let’s start this one with a tweet from Keir Starmer – and the acid reply it received from This Site’s friend Kerry-Anne Mendoza: You’d have expelled Mandela for standing against Apartheid Israel. You don’t get to invoke our leaders without having the courage or integrity to live their values. https://t.co/8Mfltbwp0i — Kerry-Anne Mendoza (@TheMendozaWoman) July 19, 2020 She is right and Starmer is a hypocrite. If Mandela really inspired Starmer, then he would not be giving Israel his wholehearted support as that country’s far-right-wing government prepares to invade huge tracts…

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Why is supine Starmer spending Labour money appeasing opponents in anti-Semitism case?

It seems Keir Starmer is set to pay out Labour members’ subscriptions and apologise to so-called anti-Semitism whistleblowers, in order to settle a court case that Labour would win – if he fought it. Why? What is the aim here, other than to humiliate the party and create a false impression that Labour was in the wrong? Here’s the story: Labour is poised to make a formal apology to antisemitism whistleblowers as part of a settlement designed to draw a line under allegations made during the Jeremy Corbyn era, the Guardian…

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TOO LATE, Clive Lewis – the two-faced politics of Starmer has already been very well defined

Labour’s Clive Lewis has warned that the politics of new party leader Keir Starmer needs to be defined quickly, before others do it. Too late! Commentators on the decline of Labour under Starmer already know perfectly well that he represents a backslide into two-faced Blairism and are making a public impact with their revelations. He said definition of ‘Keirism’, with “broad themes” and “red lines”, “needs to be done because if you don’t, other people begin to define you or try to define you, and that’s already happening.” It sure is…

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Black MP Dawn Butler forced to close office because of racist violence

Labour’s Dawn Butler has been forced to close her constituency office due to a torrent of racist abuse and vandalism that escalated after she voiced her support for Black Lives Matter. It seems bricks have been hurled through the windows of the office on High Road, Willesden, and staff have been attacked inside. She said the continual security risk, alongside spiralling rent costs, forced her to close the office. But she assured residents that her constituency work is continuing as normal. Quoted in the Evening Standard, she said: “I continue to…

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Starmer’s inaction over ‘Israeli billionaire’ tweet shows HE’S wrong, not Steve Reed

This is a bit of a tangled web. Keir Starmer has been criticised for failing to take action against his shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary, Steve Reed, over two tweets which have been said to be anti-Semitic. One suggested that property developer and former porn baron Richard Desmond, who is Jewish (who knew?) is “the puppet master for the entire Tory cabinet”. The other was a retweet of an article referring to an “Israeli billionaire” influencing Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick. Neither of these tweets are anti-Semitic in any way.…

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People are lining up to explain why they’re quitting Starmer’s excuse for a Labour Party

The resignations are coming thick and fast now – and publicly, thanks to the social media. Keir Starmer’s bid to fool Labour Party members into thinking that he was any kind of socialist has failed utterly and members who joined to support Jeremy Corbyn are fleeing as he imposes his undemocratic, red-Tory vision on the party they loved. People who served faithfully as party officers are advocating a new kind of “extra-Parliamentary Left” to fill the political void that Starmer is creating – at least until he and his cronies…

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