SICKENING bullying of innocents shows Riley won’t stop until she is made to

Take a look at this: The “friend to Holocaust deniers” is, according to Ms Riley, the film director Ken Loach. But he is nothing of the sort and there is no evidence showing otherwise. You’re probably familiar with the story. Mr Loach, along with Jewish poet Michael Rosen, was chosen to judge a children’s competition run by the anti-racism charity Show Racism The Red Card. Ms Riley tweeted, and then deleted, this criticism, calling both “deniers/proponents of anti-Jewish racism”: — The Tall Beardy One šŸŒ¹#Rejoin (@Snegreid) February 6, 2020…

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Anti-racism charity defies bigots like Riley – retains Loach and Rosen as competition judges

Anti-racism charity Show Racism The Red Card has delivered a blow to the credibility of bigots who have set themselves up as campaigners against anti-Semitism – including TV presenter Rachel Riley. When Ms Riley heard that the charity had invited Ken Loach and Michael Rosen to judge its Schools Competition this year, she posted – and then hastily removed – the tweet you can see below: — The Tall Beardy One šŸŒ¹#Rejoin (@Snegreid) February 6, 2020 Her action was in line with others of her ilk – see This…

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Riley attacks Jewish poet Rosen as anti-Semite Holocaust denier – weeks after he published book on the Holocaust

Countdown co-host Rachel Riley is continuing her private little war against anyone she doesn’t like: now she has attacked poet (and former children’s laureate) Michael Rosen as a Holocaust denier, months after he published a book about the family he lost in it. Also attacked was film director Ken Loach – not for the first time. It arises from a tweet by anti-racism organisation Show Racism the Red Card: Weā€™re really excited to have @MichaelRosenYes and Ken Loach @KenLoachSixteen on board as judges for our School Competition this year! Donā€™t…

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Loach heads campaigners calling for benefit assessment ban after job centre death

A campaign to ban benefit assessment interviews has been launched after a 65-year-old man with diabetes collapsed and died after being found ‘fit for work’. Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) has called on the DWP to halt assessments for Personal Independence Payment and Employment and Support Allowance after the man died while waiting for an interview to discuss his future benefit options. Discussing the death, This Site stated: “He would have been old enough to retire if the Conservatives had not decided to raise the retirement age for both men…

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Loach’s outburst over Labour MPs at anti-Semitism demo should provide food for thought – not knee-jerk reactions

It’s going to be hard to have a serious discussion about Ken Loach’s reported words because the rent-a-quote crowd have been all over it already. He says his suggestion that party members should “kick out” Labour MPs who attended the anti-Corbyn (not anti-Semitism – that was just a pretext) demonstration does “not reflect my position”. Of course, we know that the characterisation of Mr Corbyn as a leader who has done little about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party does not reflectĀ his position, either. Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has reduced…

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This is how you beat tricky BBC interviewers: Straight talking, honest politics

This site has already shown you the joyful spectacle of Dennis Skinner taking down a TV interviewer: Dennis Skinner running rings around journalists at Labour conference. — Richard 4 Deputy (@RB4Deputy) September 26, 2017 I also wanted to feature Ken Loach’s words on the Department for Work and Pensions and social security as a whole. Questioned by a schoolmarmish Jo Coburn, who presented the claim that the DWP helps people into work (which isn’t even worthy of sarcastic laughter), the venerable film-maker knocked her flat by saying it exactly…

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The sickening facts behind the Tory lie that they are helping people with long-term illnesses

It took a while, but Greg Clark, Tory minister for de-industrialisation, eventually had to resort to his party’s agreed line on the film I, Daniel Blake, in the face of a barrage of fact-based analysis from the film’s director, Ken Loach. “It is a fictional film,” he told a BBC Question Time audience in Gloucester. “People… should not think these are the ways people are behaving.” I beg to differ – and so do members of the great British public who have actually experienced the benefit system. People are terrified…

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Driven to fury by DWP’s attitude to the deaths it has caused

A commenter on the blog sent me a link to Jack Monroe’s Facebook page today. I’m probably as familiar withĀ Jack as you are, but no more so – perhaps mainstream success givesĀ that personĀ more validity in some way than mine in the social media. But Phil’s “Have you seen this?” intrigued me. The link was to a post following up on an Observer article published over the weekend, and read as follows: “I would like to publicly apologise to the Department of Work And Pensions for an inaccurate statistic in my…

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‘Conscious cruelty’: Ken Loach’s shock at benefit sanctions and food banks

Here’s another of Vox Political‘s heroes: Ken Loach has said there needs to be more public outrage around benefit sanctions and the reliance on food banks, with the situation much worse for working people than when he made his seminal film Cathy Come Home, in 1966. The veteran film-maker rarely speaks while developing a project but is so deeply concerned about government policy on benefits and the sanctions regime that he gave an interview to the Guardian on the set of his latest film. Loach, 79, is shooting what may…

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Local election campaigns begin – but where are the NEW contenders?

Hard though it may be to believe, in the midst of all the ‘Mrs T’ drivel, but life goes on and there are elections on the way. The Liberal Democrats have launched their bid for seats on 34 councils in England and one in Wales, predictably, with a smear campaign. Apparently, both their Coalition partners the Conservatives, and Labour, are inefficient and waste money on “vanity projects”. This will be a hard criticism for the Tories to counter, considering they are about to waste up to Ā£10 million of taxpayers’…

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