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If Labour gets another right-wing leader the party will be unelectable for a generation

Poser: this image of Keir Starmer suggests that he supports the right-wing idea that it is better to present the appearance of a leader than to actually be one.

At long last, the Labour leadership election is about to end.

Members have been voting since long before now, so This Writer won’t be influencing the result by pointing out:

If a right-winger like Keir Starmer or Lisa Nandy is elected, the party will be unelectable – and here’s why: It’s attitude will be wrong.

You see, right-wing Labour is small-minded and vindictive, and also unimaginative.

In policy it is too close to the Conservatives – and we already have them, so Labour won’t win more votes from that party than it will lose by alienating, or driving out, socialists who came back when Jeremy Corbyn took the leadership.

And the right-wingers have already made it perfectly clear that they intend to expel as many socialists – the people who carry the torch for the party’s original mission – as they possibly can.

Consider this:

Do not be sentimental. This is the time to purge the party machine and put your own people in charge. Sack the general secretary and all the place people immediately. Don’t believe them if they pledge allegiance – either they are being duplicitous or, worse, they mean it: if they rat now, won’t they re-rat in the future? As we said when we expelled Militant, there’s no problem with a witchhunt when there really are witches to hunt.

It’s part of an article claiming to be a Memo to Keir Starmer from John McTernan, in the expectation that Starmer will win.

McTernan was very much yesterday’s man during the Corbyn years – a right-wing loony with views that were rightly considered certain to drive the electorate out the door.

Now here he is, trying to ingratiate himself with his preferred candidate for the leadership by urging him to follow Hitler’s example and have his own Night of the Long Knives, to consolidate his victory and paint it – as Hitler did – as a way of preventing a future coup.

Look at the way he suggests that it would be worse if the people in place at the moment mean it when they pledge allegiance than if they were being duplicitous. He thinks it would be wrong to be loyal to the Labour Party. For McTernan a leader must stand at the head of his own cadre of cronies. No doubt McTernan expects himself to be a member of that gang.

The lack of belief in the honesty of the current Labour party officers says much about McTernan’s own trustworthiness. Isn’t there a song that tells us “It’s no secret that a liar won’t believe anyone else”?

How about this part, which is subtitled “Punish the losers”:

There’s an old saying in the Australian Labor Party: “magnanimity in defeat, vengeance in victory.” Make it your motto. Continuity Corbynistas like Rebecca Long Bailey and Richard Burgon must be exiled to the back benches for the rest of their parliamentary careers, which should be as brief as possible. Victory has to be absolute.

This is duplicitous in itself. The Labour Right was never magnanimous in defeat! Backstabbers like McTernan (and many others) did their level best to undermine the Corbyn project at every opportunity.

And the desperation to remove socialists from any position of authority denies the possibility that the public might consider them to have opinions worth sharing.

Abraham Lincoln had a “team of rivals” running his government, and he was one of the most successful US presidents of them all.

Most importantly, though, McTernan is urging Starmer to alienate a vast number of loyal party members by abandoning their politics. He states:

Punishing Burgon and Long Bailey will alienate a portion of the membership. Good. Let them return in disgust to the fringe parties where they should have been all along… Restore party conference to its proper role — a loyal leadership rally.

This will certainly reduce Labour’s national vote to below eight million – and keep it there for many years to come if loonies like McTernan get a chance to take, and consolidate, power.

His comment about the party conference suggests that he wants to reduce the membership to a tiny core of mindless, obedient Nazis – and the Parliamentary party to a club of pseudo-Tories, grinning encouragingly at the real thing as they vote through law after law to elevate themselves and stamp the rest of the population into the dirt.

That’s McTernan’s vision of the Labour Party’s future. And I don’t think you can trust either Starmer or Nandy to reject it.

Tories caught doctoring video footage in flat-out lie to the electorate

This is intolerable. Never mind it being irresponsible for a political party to mislead the public – it would be utterly irresponsible for anybody to give such an organisation their vote.

The Conservatives took video footage of an interview between Labour’s Keir Starmer and the Good Morning Britain team – about Brexit – and edited it to make it seem that he hesitated over a question.

The intention is clear: to lie to the electorate about Labour’s policy on Brexit, and to lie about the abilities of Labour’s leading members.

Fortunately, Full Fact was on the case:

The Full Fact article states:

“The Conservative Party today shared footage of Labour MP and shadow Brexit minister Keir Starmer on Good Morning Britain, which had been edited by the Conservative party to make him seem unable to answer a question posed about Brexit. The clip has been retweeted hundreds of times at the time of writing.

“In the video shared by the party’s Twitter account, Mr Starmer appears to be unable to respond at the end of the clip when asked by Piers Morgan “Why would the EU give you a good deal if they know that you’re going to actively campaign against it?

“However, this is not what actually happened in the interview. When asked the question by Mr Morgan, Mr Starmer replied immediately.

“The footage seemingly showing Mr Starmer apparently being unable to answer the question seems to be taken from earlier in the interview, when he is actually listening to a question.

“By editing the clip in this way, the Conservatives have created a false narrative. It is irresponsible for a political party to mislead the public like this. We’ve previously fact checked the Conservative party when it ran a Facebook ad with a misleadingly edited headline and will keep fact checking all political parties throughout the election.

“Everyone deserves clear and accurate information from campaigns so they can make their own minds up about who to vote for.

“The Conservative party press office subsequently replied to criticism about the video by saying “this car crash interview did really take place”, and sharing a clip of it from the Good Morning Britain Twitter account. However, this clip cuts before Mr Morgan finishes asking the full question so Mr Starmer’s response can’t be seen.”

So, even after being shown up as liars, the Tories still doctored their clip.

This episode has even led Piers Morgan to stand up for the Labour Party – criticising the Tories openly on Twitter:

And Paul Shilly’s comment is the most revealing of all.

While Labour offers new ideas, new policies and a vision for the nation, the Conservatives have nothing but self-serving lies.

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