Nigel Farage and UKIP forge closer ties with extremist US Tea Party – Pride’s Purge

Deny this, Kippers: Rand Paul is extremely controversial. He’s author of ‘The Tea Party Goes to Washington‘ and one of the leading lights of the extreme right-wing Tea Party movement in the US, writes Tom Pride in Pride’s Purge. Farage’s most recent cosying up to the militant Tea Party comes just a year after Nigel had some very friendly meetings with Rand Paul’s father – US presidential candidate Ron Paul – who is known as the ‘Godfather of the Tea Party Movement’: Nigel Farage and the man who trashed the pound. Twice.…

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Why are we giving UKIP’s Hitler speech plan the bum’s rush?

It is with great disappointment that this blog acknowledges reports of a UKIP member who – we are told – advised prospective party candidates to learn from the speaking style of Adolf Hitler. Let there be no mistake, though – my disappointment originates not in the fact that Bill Etheridge MEP allegedly made the remarks in the first place, but in the universal disparagement of this as a Bad Thing. According to the Mail on Sunday (so take this with a pinch of salt), Mr Etheridge told UKIP Youth Conference…

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The Poison Pen Letter

Praise is due to the Royal Mail employees who delivered a missive to VP Mansion, despite the fact that the top line of the address was missing. It was a poison pen letter from a supporter of UKIP, clearly incensed that Yr Obdt Srvt has dared to use the letter pages of the local papers to question the actions of its elected MEPs. “Dear Sir,” it began. “Are you some kind of a nutcase of have you caught a member of UKIP shaging your wife. However, I am voting UKIP next…

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Let’s give these Kippers a chance to come clean

Back in 2006, UKIP’s then-Members of the European Parliament voted against a resolution calling on member states to legislate against violence on women, including marital rape. According to at least one UKIP supporter, this was done “simply because of their opposition to the EU and all its works”. How unfortunate for UKIP, to be seen to support the continuation of domestic violence – including marital rape – simply because the idea of making laws against it was put forward by the wrong people. That isn’t statesmanlike – it’s childish. Now…

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It’s time to smoke a Kipper

Shortly after Vox Political posted Embarrassment for UKIP as hypocrisy is exposed in the local press, the blog’s Facebook page received a message from one Thomas Evans. It isn’t VP policy to name names usually, but this gentleman’s tone was so aggressive that he deserves to be identified. On his own FB page he describes himself as ‘Belligerent Ruler of the Planet Earth’. You are encouraged to visit if you want to enjoy more of his pearls of wisdom, such as: “Mental. Thankyou very much to the lefty anti-UKIP article someone posted the…

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UKIP: They don’t like it up ’em!

Was anybody else astonished to read, on Facebook this afternoon (May 12), that police had visited a person who had posted a version of the above meme on Twitter, and told said person to remove it as UKIP had made a formal complaint? The truth of the matter became irrelevant very shortly after, when the image was merrily shared and re-shared across the social media by those of us (let’s face it; a version is directly above these words. VP is as much a part of this act as anyone)…

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