Did you know about this consultation on unqualified people giving you unlicensed vaccines?

I’m willing to bet you didn’t. Boris Johnson’s government is consulting on a plan to allow unqualified non-medical staff to administer unlicensed – and therefore possibly dangerous – vaccines to us. Covid-19 is the reason provided for the change but it would not be restricted to treatments for that disease. If these unlicensed vaccines damage our health, the plan is that we will not have the right to seek compensation if we did not object to the plan. In other words, this change would allow the government to pump us…

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Conservative Party People Prime Minister's Questions 

‘Desperate’? Boris Johnson is clutching at straws as his party loses faith

Boris Johnson’s colleagues in the Conservative Party will be doing what they always do when they see a leader sinking; they’re sharpening their knives.

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U-turn and u-turn again as Boris Johnson first agrees, then refuses to meet bereaved Covid campaigners

How galling for the 14 million who voted for him to realise that Boris Johnson is such a craven coward. He can’t even bear to meet people who have lost family members due to his mistakes – so he has made up a succession of reasons not to. Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK may not have a snappy name but they do have a good reason for existence – they want an inquiry into the Johnson government’s decisions on the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK. The organisation wisely distrusts…

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Whistleblowers’ bid to blackmail Labour into expelling Corbyn should come to nothing

I use “blackmail” in the headline advisedly. This may very well be a criminal offence. For those who are unaware, blackmail occurs when a person (or several) make a demand of another person (or indeed organisation), accompanied by the threat of a particular consequence if they don’t comply. (For example, if a group of so-called anti-Semitism “whistleblowers” threaten the Labour Party with bankruptcy either fighting or settling legal claims, unless it expels Jeremy Corbyn.) The intent must be to make a gain for someone (not necessarily themselves) – or a…

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Tories and ‘centrist’ hypocrites call for closure of fund to help Jeremy Corbyn fight legal battle

Fantasists who have spent years pretending Jeremy Corbyn was an anti-Semite are wailing in protest after a fund was set up to help him fight a legal battle. The broadcaster John Ware, who was responsible for last year’s risible Panorama ‘documentary’, Is Labour Antisemitic, is suing Corbyn over comments made by the former Labour leader and the official party line on the film at the time. In response – and after current Labour leader Keir Starmer went against legal advice provided to the party in order to reward former Labour apparatchiks who…

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Why is supine Starmer spending Labour money appeasing opponents in anti-Semitism case?

It seems Keir Starmer is set to pay out Labour members’ subscriptions and apologise to so-called anti-Semitism whistleblowers, in order to settle a court case that Labour would win – if he fought it. Why? What is the aim here, other than to humiliate the party and create a false impression that Labour was in the wrong? Here’s the story: Labour is poised to make a formal apology to antisemitism whistleblowers as part of a settlement designed to draw a line under allegations made during the Jeremy Corbyn era, the Guardian…

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Boris’s Brexit border plans could make UK a laughing-stock, says MP best-known for obsession with cheese

Boris Johnson’s Brexit border plans could break international trading rules, risk the UK’s international credibility, and lead to smuggling from the European Union, it has been alleged. And just so you know this is a serious matter, the warning comes in a leaked letter written by the minister best-known – and ridiculed – for her own unnatural obsession with cheese. Liz Truss – for it was she – outlined four “key areas of concerns” [sic] about the government’s plans to leave EU trading and custom rules at the end of 2020,…

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Court threat for Matt Hancock over whether ‘test and trace’ system keeps your personal information safe

Health Secretary Matt Hancock could be dragged into court after the Tory government failed to show that its Covid-19 ‘test and trace’ system protects people’s personal information. More than 150,000 people have had their personal information handled by the scheme since it was rushed into service on May 28, but the government has failed to conduct a risk assessment showing how these details will be protected from falling into the wrong hands. This is required in accordance with a law that the Conservative government passed. Now Matt Hancock has until…

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Terminally ill woman forced to fight for benefits as it’s uncertain if she’ll die in six months

A woman from Derrylin, in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, has challenged the legal definition of a terminal illness after she was refused access to benefits due to uncertainty over her lifespan. Lorraine Cox has Motor Neurone Disease. Lorraine was required to still look for work months after she medically retired because of her condition. The 40-year-old then underwent a medical assessment for both ‘Universal Credit’ and ‘Personal Independence Payment’ (PIP) due to a rule which states that those who qualify for payment are expected to die within a period of six…

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Civil disobedience: would parents be irresponsible to send their children back to school now?

If English parents send their children back to school on Monday (June 1), they will carry responsibility if their child catches Covid-19 as a result. It seems the Tory government isn’t telling anybody about that part of the law on parental responsibility. This Writer is grateful to one such parent, who writes: You have a legal obligation to not send your child anywhere you believe to be unsafe. If you suspect your child is going to be harmed and you send them anyway and they get harmed, you are legally…

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