Johnson must seek Brexit extension as MPs vote for Letwin amendment

It does not matter whether Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal – which is worse than Theresa May’s, don’t forget – is passed by Parliament. He will still have to write to the EU to seek a delay after MPs supported the so-called ‘Letwin amendment’. The vote took place on what has been described as ‘Super Saturday’ – an extraordinary sitting of Parliament today (Saturday, October 19). The vote was won by 322 votes in favour, with 306 against. Under the amendment, the House of Commons would withhold support for Mr Johnson’s…

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Royal Assent for Bill to delay Brexit means May can’t blame Labour if her compromise talks fail

What do you think? Were Theresa May’s talks with Jeremy Corbyn a sham, intended to run down the clock on the extension to Article 50 that was established after she failed to persuade Parliament to pass her dire withdrawal deal? Was it part of a plan to shift the blame for a bad Brexit onto Labour? Was she hoping to present the nation with a fait accompli – of leaving the EU with no deal at all, because she has made it perfectly clear that she won’t cancel Brexit? That…

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