Hypocrite Theresa May pretends she’s not a racist – but we must judge her by her actions

Some of you are going to find this hard to take. Watch this, if you have the stomach for it: "I fundamentally believe that you should not be stopped on the streets of our country simply because of the colour of your skin" Former Prime Minister @Theresa_May tells @Sarah_Montague. "Sadly, we're seeing some of the figures go back up again" https://t.co/Hk1GDUCMM4 | pic.twitter.com/MDkhyFTwhH — The World at One (@BBCWorldatOne) July 9, 2020 You’re probably thinking of the Windrush scandal, that demonstrated ample evidence that this two-faced Tory had no interest…

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Care home deaths cover-up suggests Johnson and Hancock are guilty as sin

Suppose a disaster happens and people die. The authorities in charge say they failed to anticipate it, take responsibility, someone resigns and we all say: fair enough – they made a mistake and they admitted it. Right? Now suppose people die but the authorities pretend they had taken precautions to prevent it – and we find out that they were lying. That looks far more serious, doesn’t it? It makes it seem that the authorities concerned intended that the disaster would happen. Why else would they lie? Now let’s consider the fact…

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Boris Johnson: don’t let the media make a messiah out of this racist, sexist, cowardly liar

You may have seen some news reports suggesting that contingency plans were made for Boris Johnson’s death of coronavirus – suggesting that his recovery may have been miraculous in some way. In other words, the Tories and their supine media were trying to cook up a “back from the dead” story for Johnson, painting him as a Messiah-figure who has returned from the brink of the grave to bring strong leadership to a country desperately in need of it. In other words, they’re trying to feed us another load of…

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This puts the seal on Hancock’s coronavirus testing lie

Has Matt Hancock not resigned yet? No? Shame. He should have gone, just for wasting up to 40,000 coronavirus testing kits by posting them out – sometimes multiple kits to the same homes – with no return address. Recipients were told to bin them. This is at a time when people are dying of this disease. So to the commenter on This Site who wrote: “I have heard, but cannot corroborate, that some tests have arrived with no return envelope nor address. When people have contacted the help centre they have been…

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Matt Hancock LIED about hitting 100,000 coronavirus tests target. Why does he still have a job?

If you were ever going to give the Tory government the benefit of the doubt, now is the time to abandon it. You see, at around 5pm on May 1, Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock told the world that he had not only hit his target of 100,000 coronavirus tests a day by April 30 – but exceeded it by 22,347. He was lying through his teeth. After his announcement, we learned that 40,369 test kits – delivered to homes, hospitals or other NHS sites – were included in…

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It’s civil servants v Boris Johnson over Priti Patel’s bullying. Who’s going to believe the known liar?

Civil servants are now lining up to condemn Home Secretary Priti Patel, while she has support from liars like Boris Johnson and other former – disgraced – ministers like Liam Fox. A civil servant writing in The Guardian tells us: “Civil servants are supposed to silently get on with it while ministers take the flak… But this very British convention of public life… is now being shredded by an emboldened administration still flexing its muscular majority. “More colleagues are now coming forward with further allegations against Patel during her time as an employment minister in…

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See the way people stop supporting Boris Johnson when they realise what he’s like

Isn’t it interesting? "One person said all these?" "One person said all these?" Posted by Jeremy Corbyn on Sunday, 8 December 2019 He has been nailed yet again over his lies – this time by a local TV news reporter: Johnson flees Neil – but regional reporter nails him on a football pitch. When your dishonesty and cowardice are this big, you'll be found out by any decent journalism.For more, see: https://t.co/JZ2KKp5yxw pic.twitter.com/aDohUbicsH — The SKWAWKBOX (@skwawkbox) December 7, 2019 Make sure people see this – it represents the current Conservative mindset:…

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Even Phillip and Holly are knocking holes in Boris Johnson’s lies

Did you think it was all soppiness and selfies when Boris Johnson was interview by the This Morning team? Think again. Because when Johnson tried to lie that he hasn’t been selling off the NHS piecemeal to private companies, many of them American, this happened: Watch this 👇 Posted by Mark McGowan on Thursday, 5 December 2019 Earlier in the week, This Writer complained to Phillip Schofield about his inappropriate attempt to extort an apology from Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Mr Corbyn ended up saying that of…

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Diplomat’s searing resignation over Brexit confirms Corbyn’s claims about Johnson’s lies

It’s couched in diplomatic language, but when a diplomat quits over “misleading” arguments and a “reluctance to address honestly” Brexit, you know she’s calling Boris Johnson a liar. Alexandra Hall Hall’s unequivocal statement that she can no longer “peddle half-truths”, coinciding so closely with Jeremy Corbyn’s release of Treasury documents showing that Mr Johnson has misled the UK on the substance of his Brexit deal, can only confirm it. Revealed as a liar, his Brexit deal simply the latest permutation of the old story about the “Emperor’s new clothes”, Mr…

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Boris Johnson lied about his Brexit deal, leaked document reveals. Why would you vote for a liar?

How very awkward! When your entire election campaign hinges on a promise to “get Brexit done”, the last thing you want is for embarrassing documents to turn up saying you were lying about it. But that is what has happened to Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party today. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has revealed details from a leaked Treasury document showing that Mr Johnson has misled the public. Mr Johnson promised there would be no new customs checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland but the Treasury paper says there will…

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