#DavidCameron says austerity made us better-prepared to tackle #Covid19. Phew, what a loony!

Can somebody please put David Cameron back in his box? He turned up out of nowhere to criticise Boris Johnson for planning to break international law – something that Cameron himself did on a regular basis – and now he seems to think he can run around pronouncing judgements on all and sundry as if he still matters. He wants us to think that his austerity policies made us better-prepared to tackle Covid-19, when in fact they crippled the UK’s response. Worse still, he personally presided over the dismantling of all…

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#ToryLawBreakers launch membership drive based on their lie about a fake threat from the EU. Isn’t this fraud?

Boris Johnson is swiping whole chapters from the Goebbels playbook with his new Conservative Party membership drive. Just take a gander at the following nonsense, from a genuine recruitment campaign started in Johnson’s name on Tuesday (September 15): “Last night I voted to protect the United Kingdom, as any prime minister would do.” Any PM ought to vote to protect the UK; this is true. Boris Johnson did not. He voted to support his Internal Market Bill which endangers the union by undermining the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern…

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Straight from the Nazi playbook: #ToryLawBreakers resort to propaganda to justify themselves

After the Tories in the House of Commons voted en masse to break international law and turn the UK into a rogue state – with which nobody is likely to want to trade, did they show an ounce of remorse? Not a bit of it! They tweeted this: 🥀👎 Tonight Labour voted against the UK Internal Market Bill – which will guarantee seamless trade between the home nations of the UK. 💬 "Labour just followed their instinct to side with Brussels again. We'll always work to ensure the UK continues to…

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Hancock lied yet again: if anything, suicides have INCREASED during the Covid-19 pandemic

There was a time when lying to Parliament meant immediate expulsion but don’t expect to see deceitful health secretary Matt Hancock thrown out on his ear. When the whole government is corrupt, he is merely one liar among many. His latest attempt to mislead us is in the number of people committing suicide. He told the Commons that figures for England showed a decrease but this is not true. Here’s Full Fact: “Some cautiously positive news announced today ​by the Office for National Statistics shows that the number of suicides during the…

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Johnson lies again: he said ‘huge numbers’ were returning to work to make a news headline

How does Boris know ‘huge numbers’ of people are returning to their workplaces and offices? He doesn’t. But that’s what he said at a cabinet meeting yesterday (Tuesday) – and the only reason This Writer can find for it is that he wanted to get some optimistic words on the TV news so badly that he made them up. It worked, too. Here‘s the BBC: Mr Johnson was addressing ministerial colleagues at the start of the first Cabinet meeting since the Parliamentary summer break. He said people were going back to…

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You can’t trust the Tories. But did their lies manage to convince you at the election?

The Tories lied blatantly to win the 2019 general election, according to research from King’s College, London. Tactics to mislead the public included  altering a video of Sir Keir Starmer and posing as a fact-checker on Twitter during a leaders’ debate. The clip was edited to show the current Labour leader, then shadow Brexit secretary, failing to answer a question on the EU when in fact he had responded to it in a live television interview. The report said the Tories also deliberately shared “poorly formatted and low-quality” posts on social media, including…

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Williamson was warned of exam chaos in July, and did nothing. Why has he not been sacked?

Using an ad-blocker? PLEASE SWITCH IT OFF My ads don’t cost you anything but they do provide me the money I need to live. Using an ad-blocker on this site is as bad as stealing. There can be no sympathy for the Johnson government over its ‘A’ level and GCSE exam failures now we know Education Secretary Gavin Williamson was warned in good time – and couldn’t be bothered to do anything. Former Department for Education Director-General Sir Jon Coles raised concerns in July, and actually had a meeting with…

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Boris Johnson has committed contempt of Parliament and should be expelled

Why is Boris Johnson still a member of Parliament? There is an offence, here in the UK, known as Contempt of Parliament (I’ve mentioned it before). An MP is guilty of this if he or she deliberately misleads Parliament, and any MP accused of the offence may be suspended or expelled. Our odious prime minister is a repeat offender. It is one thing to be “economical with the truth”, as the euphemism goes; it is entirely different to present known falsehoods to the House of Commons as though they were…

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Boris Johnson lied when he said all Covid-19 tests were carried out within 24 hours

One day soon, a Mastermind contestant will do a round on “the life and lies of Boris Johnson”. There will be a lot of material from which to choose questions. This Writer is thinking of running a daily column. I’ve already got another piece lined up. This case concerns the following claim, made on June 3: “We already turn around 90% of tests within 48 hours. The tests conducted at the 199 testing centres, as well as the mobile test centres, are all done within 24 hours, and I can undertake…

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Johnson lies again: claim ‘no one knew’ Covid was spread without symptoms is false

By now it should be common knowledge that Boris Johnson’s relationship with factual accuracy is based entirely on his mood. And his mood at the moment is more cavalier than normal. Already this week he has blamed the enormous number of Covid-19 deaths at care homes on their bosses, when we all know his government was responsible. Now he’s trying to pretend we didn’t know that the virus could be spread by people who didn’t display any obvious symptoms. He’s wrong – as he would have known if he had…

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