Did Matt Hancock axe Fat Boris’s national anti-obesity fight after just one month?

Apparently so. Boris Johnson launched a new strategy to tackle obesity in the UK – claiming it was crucial in the fight against Covid-19 – only for Matt Hancock to close the organisation running it. It was unlikely ever to come to anything, because the scheme was being run by Tories and they are ideologically opposed to changing the systemic poverty that forces people to buy unhealthy (but cheap) food. But nobody expected Health Secretary Hancock to axe the organisation that was running it – Public Health England – while…

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Covid-19: Tories admit their own incompetence as ‘test and trace’ app is unlawful

Isn’t this criminal stupidity? The Tories have been telling us their ‘test and trace’ app for finding people who’ve had Covid-19, in order to isolate those they’ve contacted, is vital to prevent the spread of the disease – and therefore stop unnecessary deaths. But now we learn that it breaches privacy laws, with Sky News reporting that the programme’s staff have been sharing private information about patients on the social media. What a Hobson’s Choice we’ve had – refuse to use the app and Tory twits like Matt Hancock accuse us…

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Court threat for Matt Hancock over whether ‘test and trace’ system keeps your personal information safe

Health Secretary Matt Hancock could be dragged into court after the Tory government failed to show that its Covid-19 ‘test and trace’ system protects people’s personal information. More than 150,000 people have had their personal information handled by the scheme since it was rushed into service on May 28, but the government has failed to conduct a risk assessment showing how these details will be protected from falling into the wrong hands. This is required in accordance with a law that the Conservative government passed. Now Matt Hancock has until…

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‘Our plan is working’ says Hancock as thousands of NHS doctors plan to quit

Almost one in seven NHS doctors are planning to quit the service or retire when the current wave of Covid-19 is seen to have subsided, leaving a huge gap in care when the second wave rises. Many more are planning to cut back the hours they work – and almost one-third are saying the four months of constant struggle to contain the virus has left them with mental health problems. Meanwhile, the result of Brexit is that the UK will not be able to import medical help from abroad. “Our…

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Why are the Tories refusing to tell us how many people they are testing for Covid-19?

You know it has to be a big fail when the Tories have spent more than a month adding to it, every day. This story goes back to April 5, when Boris Johnson promised that 100,000 people would be tested for Covid-19 every day by the end of the month. On April 30, the Tories duly lied to the nation – and their claim was instantly debunked by, among others, This Site. The claim was that nearly 130,000 tests were carried out; in fact the total was only slightly more…

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Leicester’s local lockdown was triggered by Tory rush to reopen schools

What a silly gang of Tories! Matt Hancock has had to humiliate himself – and his government – by admitting that the spike in Covid-19 cases that triggered a decision to put Leicester back in lockdown was a result of the Tory decision to reopen schools. In their haste to get adults back to work by removing their need to stay at home and care for their children, the Tories have worsened the situation. We should keep a close eye on Leicester’s death statistics, as any that happen as a…

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Fear over Asda bacon after Covid-19 outbreak confirmed in Yorkshire meat factory

Bacon rashers and joints sold to Asda may have been contaminated with Covid-19 after an outbreak was discovered at a Yorkshire meat factory. Mobile testing tents have been set up outside Kober Ltd near Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, which supplies Asda. Health Secretary Matt Hancock revealed the information at the daily Covid-19 briefing on Thursday (June 18). He has spouted a lot of nonsense over the past few weeks, but it seems likely we can take this information as accurate, because it indicates an increased threat of Covid-19 – and he…

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Humiliation for Hancock as Apple denies talking with Tories over contact tracing app

How did Matt Hancock think he would get away with this one? It seems he has tried to hide the failure of the Tory government’s attempt to create a Covid-19 contact tracing app for mobile phones by saying the government was merging its app with one already created by Apple and Google. Apple has said it is unaware of any such agreement and the government has not held any discussions with the firm. In other words: Hancock was lying. That’s the only logical conclusion. Right? Apple says it did not…

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Tory stupidity over Covid-19 is monumental – and increasing all the time. Would you like some examples?

I’ve been compiling a little file. It’s marked “Tory Covid-19 stupidity”. When I say it’s little, I mean it is huge – and getting bigger all the time. Would you like to read some of the examples I’ve found over the last week or so? Let’s have a look: Possibly the stupidest idea the Tories had was to remove England’s chief nurse, Ruth May, from Downing Street press conferences after she refused to support government advisor Dominic Cummings. The incident happened on June 1, two days after England’s deputy chief…

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Matt Hancock wanted to celebrate reduced Covid-19 deaths. Here’s why he was wrong

Open mouth, insert foot. Matt Hancock thought it would be a good idea to say that “only” 36 people died of Covid-19 in the UK on Sunday (June 14). Yesterday, across the UK, only 36 deaths were recorded with coronavirus – the lowest since 21 March. We are winning the battle against this horrible disease — Matt Hancock (@MattHancock) June 14, 2020 What an insensitive buffoon. Or… Only 36 dead says an emotionless Matt Hancock. Textbook psychopath. — Damo (@Cornish_Damo) June 14, 2020 Or maybe… Matt Hancock is bragging that…

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