Anti-racism charity defies bigots like Riley – retains Loach and Rosen as competition judges

Anti-racism charity Show Racism The Red Card has delivered a blow to the credibility of bigots who have set themselves up as campaigners against anti-Semitism – including TV presenter Rachel Riley. When Ms Riley heard that the charity had invited Ken Loach and Michael Rosen to judge its Schools Competition this year, she posted – and then hastily removed – the tweet you can see below: — The Tall Beardy One 🌹#Rejoin (@Snegreid) February 6, 2020 Her action was in line with others of her ilk – see This…

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Riley attacks Jewish poet Rosen as anti-Semite Holocaust denier – weeks after he published book on the Holocaust

Countdown co-host Rachel Riley is continuing her private little war against anyone she doesn’t like: now she has attacked poet (and former children’s laureate) Michael Rosen as a Holocaust denier, months after he published a book about the family he lost in it. Also attacked was film director Ken Loach – not for the first time. It arises from a tweet by anti-racism organisation Show Racism the Red Card: We’re really excited to have @MichaelRosenYes and Ken Loach @KenLoachSixteen on board as judges for our School Competition this year! Don’t…

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Government advisor on anti-Semitism won’t listen to Jews

Former Labour MP John Mann seems to have got the hang of working for the Tories very quickly: like them, he has adopted a strategy of talking at us, but refusing to listen to what we have to say. In other words, as the government’s advisor on anti-Semitism, he’s no damn good at all. Michael Rosen – who, let’s be honest, has had a lot to say about anti-Semitism and the way accusations of the same have been weaponised as a political tool by Conservatives – tried to contact Lord…

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Jewish former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen is voting Labour. Here he explains why

Once again there is a huge amount of activity in the right-wing media, with more attempts to claim that Jeremy Corbyn has done too little to end anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen is a Jew, and will be voting for Labour in the general election. In a Facebook post that I include in full below, he explains his reasons for ignoring the – increasingly desperate, in my opinion – protestations of the witch-hunters. For me, the standout point is this [boldings mine]: “The minimum requirements for…

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Ian Austin: Jumping on the anti-Semitism bandwagon

Ian Austin’s attempt to take the moral high ground after being notified of disciplinary action against him suggests he is a very cynical individual. He says he is angry about anti-Semitism – but then why did he verbally attack the poet Michael Rosen at a committee meeting examining Holocaust education? Mr Rosen tweets about the experience here: No, no, no. There was a sub-committee of the Education Committee looking at Holocaust Education. A wide range of people were invited to give submissions an talk to them. For some reason, @IanAustinMP…

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George Galloway and Prof. Michael Rosen Attack Margaret Hodge’s Anti-Semitism Smear against Corbyn | Beastrabban\’s Weblog

Reblogged because you should read it – and then see the rest of the article on The Beast’s own website, which also has the link to the full interview. A few days ago, Dame Margaret Hodge stood up in Parliament to denounce Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite, who didn’t ‘want people like me in the party’ because the Labour leader had failed to bow to the pressure of the Israel lobby and adopt the full definition of anti-Semitism now being foisted on everyone by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. This…

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Anti-Semitism debate: Michael Rosen on Israel’s ‘right to exist’

Does Israel have a right to exist, as many Zionists have claimed – stridently, whilst demanding that anybody who argues otherwise is an anti-Semite? It’s an interesting question – and the alleged anti-Semitism being hung around its metaphorical neck makes it worthy of discussion. Here‘s Michael Rosen’s view – and he makes some excellent points. Is he an anti-Semite (or, considering his heritage, a “self-hating Jew”)? Of course not. He’s a rational, thinking human being. So consider his arguments and – when faced with opposing points of view – ask…

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