Universal Credit isn’t the reason 1,000 more people a day are in work – no matter what McVey says

You need to keep this article handy for the next time Esther McVey falsely claims Universal Credit has put 1,000 people a day into work since mid-2010. On October 17, she said: “We know that [Universal Credit] is working and getting people into work because our employment figures that came out yesterday show over 3.3 million more people in work since 2010.” Shame Universal Credit only started to be inflicted on claimants in 2013 – and still has not been fully implemented across the UK. On October 12, she said: “What…

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People with disabilities SHOULD fear losing benefits because they’re too active. Even cancer patients can’t get them

If this information is accurate, you can’t blame people with disabilities. Only days ago, we learned about a woman with stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a very serious form of cancer – who was denied Personal Independence Payment because she was considered not to be sick enough. The problem is that failure to exercise, even in a rudimentary way, may affect the life expectancy of a person with a long-term illness or disability. We’re often told exercise is good for us, after all. So it is possible that, by doing…

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Once we were a ‘nation of shopkeepers’. Now Gove wants us to be a ‘nation of bin-divers’

We owe a debt of thanks to nincompoops like Michael Gove; they make the Conservative government’s attitude to the rest of us crystal clear. His high-handed view is that those who don’t own as much as his ilk should root around in other people’s dustbins because, in his opinion, that’s all we’re good for. He’ll probably try to make it sound patriotic, like Theresa May did in her conference speech. “Bin-diving for Britain!” or some such stupidity. It is an insult to everybody the Tories have impoverished with their silly…

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Kiss doctor-patient confidentiality goodbye in the Tories’ latest NHS cash-saving scheme

If you can’t afford private medicine, you don’t deserve to discuss your medical conditions in privacy, according to the latest crackpot Tory scheme for our cash-strapped NHS. Having starved the service of funding and staff with a series of stupid or selfish policy decisions, they have left it incapable of coping with the demand for GP time. So patients are to be deprived of their dignity with consultations organised for groups of up to 15 patients at a time. The fact that people don’t want the intimate details of their…

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McDonnell says Labour would scrap Universal Credit – and it won’t be a moment too soon

Bravo to John McDonnell for coming out and saying that a Labour government would kill Universal Credit before it could kill any more people than it already has. The idea of combining the six main state benefits into a single payment may have looked good in theory, but in practice it has been a long, expensive disaster. The plan to make it entirely computerised had to be shelved after a series of technical problems that pushed the budget through the roof. In the end, the rollout was only achieved by…

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Tories say claims they are cutting funding for vital services are ‘fake news’ – but they’re lying [VIDEO]

Esther McVey made a big splash when she told the Conservative Party Conference talk of Tory cuts was “fake news”. She was lying – we know that anyway because that’s pretty much all she ever does. But she isn’t the only Tory to do so, and you need to understand the scope of the problem. Here’s Peter Stefanovic: We’ve just seen a SHOCKING RISE IN LIES, SPIN & COMPLETELY FALSE STATEMENTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT! If BBC1 is not going to report this its up to us! WATCH/BE ANGRY & PLEASE…

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Crisp maker’s recycling concession to campaigners is like a red rag to a bull

Walkers crisp company is to be commended for launching a scheme to recycle its plastic packets – if not for the way it came about. The firm only gave in to pressure from campaigners after Royal Mail stepped in, sick of people posting empty crisp packets back to the Leicester factory without envelopes. Walkers reckons it had been in negotiations with recycling firm TerraCycle since the start of the year, after 38 Degrees raised a 330,000-signature petition. But campaigners say the manufacturer still has a long way to go before…

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Theresa May asked Labour supporters to look at her government afresh. They found a stain on their country

“We’ve had a so-called ‘Iron Lady’, but this one’s brass is tarnished beyond control.” That was just one of the responses to Theresa May’s brazen (see what I did there?) bid to entice disenchanted Labour voters into the clutches of the Conservatives, with the complicity of the formerly left-wing Guardian/Observer. I’m guessing she thought people who believe those papers are still left-wing would be fooled. That doesn’t seem to have worked out too well for her! In her begging letter published by the paper, she wrote (reproduced from May’s Facebook page…

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Why are the media so quiet about genuine anti-Semitism in the Conservative Party?

See the gang of buffoons in the picture directly above these words? Much has been made of the slogans this group of young Conservatives from the University of Plymouth daubed on themselves – particularly “F*** the NHS” and the Hitler-style moustache on the man at the far left. Owen Jones commented on it… Oh wow. Several of these Tory activists have "🔯 JUDE" scrawled on their skin. This is straightforward vile anti-Semitism. @theresa_may has to condemn this, now, or everything she's said about anti-Semitism means nothing. (ht @tommundaycs) — Owen…

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Benefits assessor told woman with stage 4 cancer: ‘You’re not sick enough’

Paige Garratt may very well be the one that got away, as far as the Department for Work and Pensions is concerned. Diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma – advanced cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes and lungs – the 22-year-old from Flintshire found herself fighting for her life. Her fight was made much more difficult by the DWP – which, as regular readers of This Site will know, exists to make life as difficult as possible for the sick and vulnerable. Advised that she would be entitled…

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