Voting with the Tories on ‘welfare’ will end any credibility Labour has left

What an amazing piece in The Guardian about George Osborne’s call for “progressive” Labour MPs to support his entirely regressive changes to social security (the only people who call it “welfare” are Tories)! Will people believe this pack of lies? The article starts by saying he has urged “progressive” MPs in the Labour party to back his cuts in a major Commons vote today (Monday) on the Tories’ Welfare Reform and Work Bill. He wants Labour MPs – but more importantly, the electorate, to think that the plan to cut child tax credits…

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What’s missing from this party’s campaign launch? The GREEN

Environmental issues were startlingly absent from the Green Party’s election campaign launch today (February 24). Instead, party leader Natalie Bennett concentrated on policies that encroach into traditional Labour territory – a wealth tax; increasing the minimum wage to £10 by 2020; half a million new social rented homes; nationalising the railways; scrapping tuition fees; and a people’s constitutional convention “with the aim of achieving democracy for everyone”. Of course, Labour has already announced plans for a wealth (mansion) tax; would increase the minimum wage (although not as high as £10…

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Labour’s new policies show it has been listening

The Labour Party has announced a series of new policies intended to improve conditions for both small and large industries in the UK. They are the latest in an apparently-unending flood of new policies to be placed before the public since the ‘long campaign’ began in earnest at the beginning of the year. It seems likely that they follow on from a series of in-depth public consultations, such as ‘Your Britain’, that the party has always said would contribute to the shape of its 2015 manifesto. For once, it seems,…

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Minimum wage: 37 firms shamed for failing to pay

Retail giant H&M and service station operator Welcome Break have been named and shamed for failing to pay the minimum wage – along with 35 other employers. The firms were exposed after investigation by HM Revenue and Customs. They will be fined a total of £51,000 and must also pay affected staff the £177,000 they were underpaid. This is not an example of extraordinary work by the Coalition Government, though. It is an example of HMRC actually managing to do its job properly, despite huge cuts to its staff and…

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Do you agree with VP that the government has earned our disrespect?

Keith Lindsay-Cameron writes the popular ‘A Letter A Day To Number 10’ and is a friend of Vox Political. His latest missive to David Cameron takes a similar attitude to that adopted by VP yesterday, regarding the respect we should accord to a prime minister – and a government – like David Cameron’s: Dear Mr Cameron, No party has ever brought politics into such disrepute as yours, the disrespect you heap on the nation on a daily basis is outrageous! Such statements as – “people who are poorer should be…

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Whoops! DWP caught out posting fake tweets

What do you make of this? The tweet seems to have been deleted by a DWP Press Office that should be deeply embarrassed (but probably isn’t). The tweeter quoted above is a person who is known to this blog and who may be trusted. It did appear; the DWP did send it. It seems clear that the intention was, as Tentacle Sixteen sarcastically denies, to put this out from a fake account, complete with fake spelling mistake, to coincide with the barrage of pro-Universal Credit propaganda currently streaming from the…

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Deluded Tory MP says sex education increases teen pregnancies

Right-wing loonie Philip Davies is at it again, according to The Independent. The Tory MP for Shipley, who came to prominence a few years ago as the original Tory who suggested disabled people should work for less than the minimum wage, has now claimed that sex education is fueling an increase in teenage pregnancies. If he had bothered to check the figures, Davies might have known that teen pregnancies are at their lowest in 40 years. And that is only to be expected. Under Conservative governments, sex slumps while suicides…

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Labour calls Commons vote over Lord Freud comments on disabled workers – The Guardian

Labour will force a Commons vote on Lord Freud’s future after David Cameron refused to dismiss him as welfare minister for his suggestion that some disabled workers are not worth the minimum wage, according to The Guardian. The Conservative peer has been allowed to remain in his job after apologising for the comment, but Labour will table a motion of no confidence to be voted on later this month. Separately, the Independent on Sunday reported that a second government minister had made contentious comments over the role of disabled people…

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With so many unemployed who do not deserve it, why does Freud still have a job?

Let’s answer the headline question straight away – because Tories think he’s right. David Cameron might have said the words spoken by David Freud were not government policy but they certainly seem to be the policy of Jackie Doyle-Price, Conservative MP for Thurrock, who tweeted: As a social Darwinist (along with all Tories these days, it seems), it is to be hoped that she appreciated the justice of what happened to her next, as the Twitterverse tore her comment to shreds and then started picking the bones of the carcass.…

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POLL: Lord Freud has apologised – should he keep his job?

Lord Freud has apologised for suggesting that disabled people were not ‘worth’ the minimum wage. According to The Spectator, he has said: “I would like to offer a full and unreserved apology. I was foolish to accept the premise of the question. To be clear, all disabled people should be paid at least the minimum wage, without exception, and I accept that it is offensive to suggest anything else. “I care passionately about disabled people. I am proud to have played a full part in a government that is fully…

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