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‘Desperate’? Boris Johnson is clutching at straws as his party loses faith

Boris Johnson’s colleagues in the Conservative Party will be doing what they always do when they see a leader sinking; they’re sharpening their knives.

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PMQs: here’s how Badmouther Boris got from his exams failure to accusing Keir Starmer of IRA sympathy

Prime ministerial failure Boris Johnson showed us all he had no answers about the ‘A’ level results scandal when he wandered off in the middle of PMQs and started accusing Keir Starmer of sympathising with the IRA – by proxy. The Labour leader had asked a reasonable question – when did Johnson know that there was a problem with the algorithm used by Ofqual and the Department for Education to produce results, as exams hadn’t taken place? Johnson’s response was not only an insult to everybody whose results were tainted…

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‘Care’ minister who helped kill off 20,000 people is now shooing nurses out of the NHS

Helen Whately is a vacuous, propaganda-spewing incompetent – in other words, she is typical of the UK’s current Tory government. Not satisfied with having presided over the Covid-19 deaths of more than 20,000 care home residents in her role as minister for social care, she has now turned her sights on nurses. In a car-crash breakfast interview, she tried to tell the nation that nurses don’t deserve a pay rise after all the good work they have done keeping people alive in spite of her own, and her colleagues’, incompetence…

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Tory Universal Credit minister says he’s seen no evidence it puts people in debt. Because he’s not looking?

What has Will Quince been doing? Spending every working day with his eyes closed? He’s the minister in charge of Universal Credit – and when told research showed people on it were 70 per cent more likely to be in rent arrears than people on old-style Housing Benefit, he said he’d seen no evidence of it. It’s a clear admission of incompetence. Here’s the Mirror: The research was from Citizens Advice, which helps run the Help to Claim service, chair Stephen Timms said. Mr Quince said he would need to see…

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Scientists: stick it on the Tories before they stick it on you

We should thank Tory Care Minister Helen Whately for admitting that the government is planning to “stick” responsibility for the Covid-19 massacre in the UK “on the scientists”. It’s a strange thing to say, as Tories like Ms Whately – who, as Care Minister, must be personally responsible for the deaths of more than 20,000 people in care homes across the country, after her government ordered that people with the virus should be shipped from hospitals to those homes, rather than to the “Nightingale” hospitals where they might at least…

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Ministers STILL won’t assess impact of benefit sanctions – in case it PROVES a link to suicide?

This isn’t the first time the Department for Work and Pensions and the Tory ministers running it have turned down a demand to assess the impact of benefit sanctions on claimants. They’ve been doing it for years. But it’s nice to see that public disgust with the implication behind it is growing. Employment minister Mims Davies responded to a Parliamentary question on the subject, said no assessment has been made of any link between benefit sanctions and mental health problems in claimants, including suicidal tendencies. But look at the reactions…

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Window-lickin’ bad: Disability ‘hate tweet’ MP appointed mental health minister

Boris Johnson really does seem to have gone out of his way to offend the nation with his government appointments. Disability campaigners are furious at his decision to make Nadine Dorries as the new minister for mental health after she published a disability hate tweet two years ago. It stated: A petition, calling for her to be removed, awaits your signature: Boris Johnson MP: Replace Nadine Dorries as Minister for Mental Health – Sign the Petition! via @UKChange Made a derogatory tweet about disabled peopled calling them "window licking…

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Ministers line their pockets as landlords while claiming public money to pay their own rent

Eight of Boris Johnson’s cabinet ministers are leeching money from the public to pay their own rent while acting as landlords themselves, renting out properties to others. Last year they claimed a total of £145,838 back from taxpayers for ­properties they live in while in London. While there is nothing illegal in what these people are doing, let us remember that they belong to a party that has consistently filibustered attempts to reform the private accommodation rental sector. So, for example, Tories talked out a private members’ bill to prevent…

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Lack of a minister for disabled people means Tories are AGAIN failing those who’ll be harmed by Brexit

How kind of the usually-right-wing Sky News to let an expert onto a news programme to discuss the devastating effect on people with disabilities of the Tory government’s decision not to appoint a new minister to replace Sarah Newton until after the Brexit crisis is over. Ms Newton was a catastrophically rubbish representative of people with disabilities – really bad. On a level with all the others since the Conservatives took office in 2010, I would say. But at least she was there; someone at whom we could all aim…

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The Tory riders of the apocalypse may soon be complete

We may laugh because it’s funny – but we should weep, because it’s true. Conservative government policies have necessitated the appointment of: A Minister for Loneliness. A Minister for Suicide (prevention). And now we have calls for a Minister for Hunger. Tory Britain A Minister for Loneliness A Minister for Suicide And now calls for a Minister for Hunger Good God what a time to be alive. — The Scarperer (@padraig48) January 10, 2019 Put them together with Iain Duncan Smith, who will always be the Minister for Death after…

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