After betraying black party members, Starmer begs them not to quit Labour – but he won’t change his ways

[This is one of three connected articles. This Site is also examining the responses of Boris Johnson and Dr David Starkey to Black Lives Matter; none of them come out smelling of roses.] Keir Starmer is running scared after people from black and minority ethnic groups gave his credibility a double-hit. He exposed his own staggering ignorance – as a former Director of Public Prosecutions – in rejecting the Black Lives Matter call for the police to be de-funded. There is a serious point to it, which is that expansion…

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Appalling police brutality in the UK, but was it racism – or disablism?

This is not an incident from the demonstrations against police violence against black and minority ethnic people over the last week or so. It happened last year – in London. James McAsh explains it perfectly well in his Twitter thread so I’ll hand over to him: This happened last year. It’s rare for these things to be caught on film, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Police brutality is not an American issue, we need change here too. — James McAsh (@mcash) June 6, 2020 Some have replied here…

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Review of harmful impact of Covid-19 crisis on BAME people delayed twice – because it shows RACISM?

When the Tories delay a review of the impact of Covid-19 on black and minority ethnic communities because of “worries” around “current global events”, you know the result can’t be good. Considering “current global events” include escalating riots in the United States over the way the authorities treat black people, you can expect it to be scandalous. Demonstrations against the attitudes that caused George Floyd’s death have taken place in the UK and it seems logical that the Tory government – already well-known for its racist policies and racist prime minister…

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Research shows ethnic minorities more likely to die of the coronavirus in the UK

It should come as no surprise that in a country riven with class division in which ethnic minorities are often among the worst-off… In a country where the government has been caught pursuing racist policies time and again… People from ethnic minority groups are more likely to die during the coronavirus pandemic. Simply put: The system is rigged to ensure it. The government has been urged to recognise that race and racial inequalities are a risk factor for Covid-19 after Guardian research which has revealed that ethnic minorities in England are…

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The UN says austerity has fuelled UK racial inequality. Will the Tories call THIS a lie, too?

Prepare for a new outbreak of outrage against a United Nations rapporteur. The Tory government likes to pour scorn on UN reports, and I reckon this will be no different. Note that Tendayi Achiume managed all her research in 11 days. The Tories pilloried Phillip Alston, the poverty rapporteur, for carrying out his own research in less than two weeks, and there’s no reason this would be different. Of course, it turned out that the facts on which Mr Alston based his findings were accurate and the Tories rubbished his…

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The Tories are delaying Universal Credit rollout – but they won’t stop its burning injustices

Yes, I used the words “burning injustices” in my headline to remind you that Theresa May said she would end them. Universal Credit is clear evidence that she intends to make them worse. In a previous article, I explained why the planned changes to alleviate the hardships of the change from the so-called “legacy” benefits to Universal Credit are no good. The Labour Party has created a video clip showing why Universal Credit – as administrated by the Conservatives – is a force for harm. You need to see it,…

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Both Labour and the Tories have offended ethnic minorities. What will this mean for the local elections?

Labour will beat the Conservatives in the local elections on Thursday, retaining most of their seats and taking even more. Sure, the party offended black and ethnic minority citizens when an all-white panel, on the demands of a white MP, found a black anti-racist campaigner guilty of racism and expelled him. But the Conservatives have presided over a policy of persecution against black and ethnic minority citizens that has lasted eight years and deported possibly thousands of legitimate British citizens. Weigh them up and you can see who has done…

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Gwynne seeks to ‘lower expectations’ for Labour in local elections – because of Wadsworth expulsion?

Shadow Communities Secretary Andrew Gwynne has tried to reduce expectations of a Labour landslide at the local elections on Thursday, in the wake of a decision to expel a prominent black anti-racist campaign – for racism. This Site reported that black and ethnic minority representatives had responded with outrage after Labour’s National Constitutional Committee expelled Marc Wadsworth – apparently on the flimsier-than-tissue-paper basis that anti-Semitic intent could be inferred if someone hearing what he said at the launch of the Chakrabarti Report in June 2016 felt that it was. The…

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Wadsworth expulsion: Did Labour just throw away its chance to take London?

Labour made a huge mistake on Friday. After 40 white people escorted another white person to the hearing in what looked like a lynch mob, a panel composed entirely of white people found an innocent anti-racism campaigner – who happened to be black – guilty of a form of racism. Just on the face of it, that makes Labour look like the racist party. We are told the verdict on the allegations of anti-Semitism facing Marc Wadsworth went against the evidence. According to Grassroots Black Left, “The panel … ruled the case…

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Lammy Review lifts the lid on institutionalised racism in the justice system

Is anybody surprised? While the justice system remains dominated by white, middle-class people, young people from ethnic minorities will face an uphill struggle for fairness. The Lammy Review took 18 months to reach its conclusions, and showed that the number of young offenders from black and minority ethnic groups rose from 25 per cent to 41 per cent between 2006 and 2016, despite the overall number of young offenders falling to record lows. Isn’t this an indication of bias? Meanwhile, evidence shows the rate of black defendants pleading not guilty…

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