Straight from the Nazi playbook: #ToryLawBreakers resort to propaganda to justify themselves

After the Tories in the House of Commons voted en masse to break international law and turn the UK into a rogue state – with which nobody is likely to want to trade, did they show an ounce of remorse? Not a bit of it! They tweeted this: 🥀👎 Tonight Labour voted against the UK Internal Market Bill – which will guarantee seamless trade between the home nations of the UK. 💬 "Labour just followed their instinct to side with Brussels again. We'll always work to ensure the UK continues to…

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Home Office ‘migrants’ clip: “It’s like Dad’s Army but WE’RE the fascists”

[Note: The Home Office has taken down the offending tweet. However, that’s no reason not to know what was in it. Let’s discuss:] Priti Patel’s Home Office has taken a (goose) step too far with it’s latest anti-migrant video. It says – well, see for yourself: It’s like the opening to Dad’s Army but we’re the fascists. — Pete Redfern (@fatpete_86) August 27, 2020 Wow. The graphic really is like the opening titles of Dad’s Army, but the message is perverse. Behind graphics reminiscent of the old TV sit-com, that…

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People only sprayed ‘Nazi’ on Nancy Astor’s statue because she was one

The statue of Nancy Astor at Plymouth Hoe – that was only unveiled last year by Theresa May – has been sprayed with the word “Nazi”. This Writer can’t understand why that word wasn’t included on the plaque. I wrote about it when former prime minister Theresa May unveiled the statue, quoting from Joseph Kennedy and the Jews: “Despite her anti-Catholicism, Nancy Astor was friends with US Ambassador to Britain Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. Their correspondence is reportedly filled with anti-Semitic language. Edward J. Renehan, Jr. notes: “As fiercely anti-Communist as…

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Blue Peter – better on racism than BBC News?

When is a Nazi salute not a Nazi salute? When it’s reported on the BBC! Seriously: this is how BBC news was reporting the Nazi salutes we all saw at the far-right rally in London on Saturday (June 13) – Nazi salutes are now being described by the BBC as " raising their arms"🤦‍♀️ — Mrs Czapla (@ms_czapla) June 13, 2020 The rally – which crossed the line into rioting very early in the proceedings – was held to oppose a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration planned for that day,…

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Violence in London as NAZIS march in SUPPORT of CHURCHILL. The reasons may shock you

This story will be full of apparent contradictions. It is, in fact, about betrayal. It features Nazis making stiff-armed salutes next to the Cenotaph, and claiming to be supporting Churchill. The same people, who say they love the rule of law, have attacked police. And while claiming to deplore violence at the Black Lives Matter demonstration in London last week, they flew to it within minutes of starting their own demonstration. There is sense to it – although it’s hard to see because people in authority would prefer you to remain…

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As ministers distance themselves from Johnson, he’s not even denying he’s as racist as Sabisky

Senior Tories have been working hard to repair the damage Andrew Sabisky has done to their credibility – but it’s hard when their own prime minister is refusing to deny that he holds the same racist opinions. Grant Shapps was the first to claim that Sabisky did not speak for the Conservative government. He said over the weekend that Sabisky’s reported opinions were views that “neither I or the government share in any shape or form”. But when a Downing Street spokesperson was asked whether Mr Shapps was speaking on behalf…

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This fascist is Boris Johnson’s latest employee. If anyone complains, remind them who voted for him

Dominic Cummings did ask for “weirdos” – and that’s exactly what he’s giving us in the former of his fascist advisor Andrew Sabisky. This maniac was handed a job by Boris Johnson, and has been sitting in on government briefings for a week already. His known beliefs, preferences and pronouncements should tell you everything you need to know about the direction of Mr Cummings’s government. (Let’s be honest: Boris Johnson is just a figurehead and has been completely sidelined from policy management. The UK is being run by an unelected…

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The new Tory government has imposed Nazi-style persecution of disabled people – on its very first day

This is how it’s going to be. The Conservative government has started as it means to go on – by smashing the right of sick and disabled people to have sick notes signed by their doctors. Claimants of sickness and disability benefits are now no longer permitted to decide for themselves whether the outcome of Work Capability Assessments should be shared with their doctor. The DWP can now send letters to doctors, telling them not to sign patients’ sick notes if they have been found “fit for work”. The new…

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Former Conservative PM Theresa May unveils statue to ‘rabid anti-Semite’ and Nazi supporter

“Our country and our democracy were changed for the better” when Nancy Astor was elected to Parliament, according to Theresa May after she unveiled a statue in her honour. How surprising to see Mrs May giving such glowing praise to a staunch anti-Semite who supported the Nazis as a “solution” to “world problems” including Judaism as well as Communism. For the record: — BandieraRossa #FreeAssange #StarmerOut (@fran_b__) November 29, 2019 For those who have trouble reading images, the text says: “Despite her anti-Catholicism, Nancy Astor was friends with US…

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Nazi murders of disabled people are highlighted in TV drama. Does it remind you of something?

All art is quite useless, according to Oscar Wilde. But sometimes it reflects life – uncomfortably, for some. That may have been the case today (October 13) with the broadcast of this week’s episode of World on Fire by the BBC. One of the main themes of the episode was Nazi Germany’s bureaucratic programme to engineer the murder of that nation’s disabled people – most particularly children – in a huge, and hugely immoral, experiment in eugenics (removing elements the government considers to be undesirable from the human gene pool). In…

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