Andrew Bridgen destroys his government’s credibility on EU trade talks

Everyone with any political nous in the UK has been laughing at eurosceptic Andrew Bridgen after he swallowed both feet (metaphorically) in a Channel 4 News interview. Discussing his Fuhrer Boris Johnson’s plan to renege on the EU withdrawal agreement that he signed in January, Bridgen said – well, see for yourself: The reaction on Twitter has been universal: The preposterous Andrew Bridgen on #c4news telling us all that the EU are crumbling under the pressure. Also purports to know about the Irish border issues. Remember this was the man…

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High Court takes next step in Riley libel case – but why hasn’t she tried negotiation?

The High Court has ordered the legal teams acting for myself and Rachel Riley to move onto the next stage of her libel action against me. This means we have to fill out a ‘directions questionnaire’ containing details including, for example, the names of any witnesses we wish to call. More interesting, though, is the possibility of “alternative dispute resolution” – meeting with Ms Riley’s legal team in order to end the case without going to trial. Courts take the view that litigation should be a last resort, and that…

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Now we know Boris Johnson is selling the NHS to America, who gets your vote?

This is conclusive: the 2019 general election is now a fight for the survival of the National Health Service. In a press conference, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn brandished 451 pages of government papers detailing trade talks between the Conservative government and the Trump administration in the USA. They make it clear that Mr Johnson will sell the NHS to US-based private companies if he wins the election on December 12: "We've now got evidence that under Boris Johnson the NHS is on the table and will be up for sale."…

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Boris Johnson’s big NHS meltdown

After their campaign on law and order dissolved into chaos, the Tories tried to take the moral high ground on health. It didn’t work. Most particularly, it didn’t work for Boris Johnson, who was challenged on the subject by prime minister-in-waiting Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Questions. Mr Corbyn was keen for Mr Johnson to explain why his government had held secret trade talks with US firms that would nearly triple the price of medicines bought by the NHS, creating serious pressure on the service at a time when it…

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Shock revelation: Liar Boris Johnson has been secretly selling out the NHS

Boris Johnson has been selling out the National Health Service in negotiations on a trade deal that would allow US companies to set drug prices, it has been claimed. The revelation about these secret talks could not come at a worse time for the Tory government, as it prepares to dissolve Parliament and launch a general election campaign. This is electoral poison for the Conservatives as Boris Johnson, health secretary Matt Hancock and international trade secretary Liz Truss have all insisted that the NHS is “off the table” in talks with the…

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Did the EU just reject TWO Boris Johnson requests – only one of which involved Ireland?

The European Union has refused to entertain a call by Boris Johnson for a Brexit deal without the so-called Northern Irish border “backstop”. In so doing, one may conclude that the EU has also rejected Mr Johnson’s call for Brexit negotiations to be carried out in secret. And quite right too. The man This Site calls BoJob has been trying to hoodwink the British people left, right and centre since he was hired as Tory leader (and PM by default) back in July. His latest gambit was for negotiations on…

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Labour-Tory Brexit talks have failed. Now for the recriminations

Labour has announced that attempts to find an acceptable compromise that will allow Parliament to deliver Brexit have failed, and This Writer is relieved. Any government trying to act on the result of the EU referendum – as designed by David Cameron – can only fail to satisfy the voting public. Remainers will be alienated by attempts to decouple from the EU on the basis of a plebiscite that could only – legally – be advisory. Leavers are so divided over the manner of the UK’s departure that a majority…

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Ex-defence secretary attacks May’s Brexit talks with Labour – and it’s not just sour grapes

This is a reasonable argument – easily discredited because of the source. Gavin Williamson was ousted as Defence Secretary after it was alleged that he leaked concerns about national security about Huawei’s contract to help build the UK’s 5G communications network. He has made it clear that he does not accept the claims about him, and that he considers himself to be a scapegoat for someone else. So now he has criticised Theresa May’s attempt to build a consensus Brexit deal with Labour, it is easy to dismiss his argument…

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McKee murder prompts politicians to re-start NI power sharing talks

How welcome to see that Theresa May has finally got off her thumbs and made a start towards restoring the devolved government in Northern Ireland, after pressure from This Site and the general public. I wrote after Lyra McKee’s murder last weekend: “It is now 21 years since the Good Friday Agreement heralded the end of the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Such an anniversary is a time to reaffirm the commitment to friendship – not to open up opportunities for a return to hate. “Northern Ireland needs the restoration of…

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Brexit talks are stalling because May wants to sell the NHS to Donald Trump

What’s left of it, anyway. Jeremy Corbyn has said Brexit talks with the Conservative government are stalling because the Tories want deregulation, partly to ensure a US trade deal. Deregulation, for those of you who aren’t in the know, means a lowering of standards – in this case to allow American firms to trade their lower-quality goods with the UK – chlorine-washed chicken being the most-quoted example. It would allow the Tory government to sell off the remains of the National Health Service to American profit-making interests. And it would…

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